NHL 24 Create A Team Franchise Mode and Expansion

By Abhay Acharya / 30 October 2023 08:25 AM

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NHL 24 Create a Team allows custom team creation with logos and branding types. Players can be drafted in the Expansion Draft or custom made. 

This ice hockey simulation platform offers top-notch reactions, graphics, and animations. While most gamers dive into World of Chel or Be A Pro, nothing beats creating an empire in the Franchise mode. 

While EA Sports has introduced several new features and controls in World of Chel (WOC), Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), and EASHL, there is little to no difference in NHL 24 Franchise mode compared to the previous installment. 

That said, this year's edition features substantial refinements to the prior editions with the all-new exhaust system and physic-based contact game. The sustained pressure and goalie fatigue features within the exhaust engine add extra depth to creating a team in NHL 24. 

Careful considerations of durability and endurance ratings should be taken while selecting a goalie in the new NHL 24 Career mode. The upgrade also features X-factor progression/regression system refinement for young players, assuming their attributes, playstyle, age, and potential. 

Create A Team NHL 23 vs 24

NHL 23 Create a Team features building a team from scratch or reigning over a club under the existing 32 NHL team names. The customization is similar in NHL 24

Creating a team in NHL 24 and NHL 23 are alike, with some additions and upgrades in the current edition to augment the user experience. The advancements in this year's edition focus on core gameplay mechanics, directing the need to focus on the players' stats while building a team. 

The additions might include the new exhaust system with sustained pressure and goalie fatigue features, while the upgrades might incorporate X-factor progression system refinement.

In addition, you can create a team in NHL 24 with players from an expansion draft option available with the new franchise mode upgrade.

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However, rosters can be created from scratch in the creation zone of NHL 23 and 24. Here, primarily, you must decide a name for your team with the available logos and customizable color options. You get both free and paid options for customizing your team.

To create a team in NHL 24, team name, city name, team nickname, play-by-play team name, abbreviation, arena name, and market size are some of the primary alterations in the creation zone. Local and national fan bases, along with team prestige, must be defined in this section. 

Following that, styles and colors of team equipment like helmets and gloves are determined per preference before determining the uniform for the team in the creation zone. Although the procedure is the same, the latest game offers a better user-friendly interface with more details. 

You can choose different styles and colors for each of your home, away, and alternate uniforms from the menu by switching the mode using the controller. The equipment styles and colors are also customizable per the uniform. 

EA Sports offers customization of the arena as well, where you can define its base architecture, seating pattern, boards and glass, scoreboards, netting color, center ice line, center ice logo, and layout.

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While NHL 23 does offer player creation, NHL 24 has a broader perspective of player attributes, skating style, shot style, power, and X-Factor to take into account while creating your dream team. 

You can create fully custom rosters for your team or select players from the existing NHL teams while building a team in NHL 24. Creating fully custom starters is a time-consuming setup. However, if done correctly, it might be worthwhile. 

NHL 24 Expansion on Franchise Mode

NHL 24 Franchise mode changes include an all-new exhaust system and X-Factor progression refinement. The mode puts you in charge of an entire NHL franchise. 

Like other career modes in NHL 24, franchise mode has been improved to deliver additional difficulties and choices. You are accountable for addressing your team's every aspect, like scouting, trading, drafting, coaching, signing, marketing, and budgeting. 

Gamers can create their team or reign over an existing club. The mode offers three drafting options, namely custom or authentic leagues and expansion draft.

The custom league is the most complex and time-consuming option but offers maximum flexibility to make any configuration imaginable. 

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The authentic league, however, is the most familiar option of all. You are provided to choose one among the existing 32 NHL teams to control and play under the authentic NHL rule set. Relocation can be made after the beginning of the season in this option. 

Last is the expansion draft, where a custom team can be created from scratch and entered as a new club under the 33-team NHL expansion draft. Here, you can draft players into your new club from teams across the league. Take caution not to overdraft, considering your budget. 

The procedure is more challenging than the authentic league, as careful considerations should be made while drafting a team that is hopefully affordable and viable. Your experience in franchise mode will be highly dependent on the option you choose and the drafts you make. 

NHL 24 Team Builder Guide

NHL 24 Team Builder is one of the best cards that can be used to build your Hockey Ultimate Team. X-Factor Card and Power-up Icons are others. 

Team Builder sets are required to be completed to attain a Team Builder card. For that, you need at least 25 players per team with ten 80+ and fifteen 74+ overalls. You must collect cards from each squad to attain the 84 overall team builder card for that team. 

Following that, you could then obtain an 87 overall team builder card after collecting and trading in six 84 overall cards. Unlike NHL 23, you are not limited to completing every single team to complete the set. 

Those six cards can be any of the 32 cards in the game such that you can complete the same team, again and again, to attain your set of six cards for a higher overall. That one 87-overall team builder card is equivalent to 150 NHL players with 90 74+ and 60 80+ overalls. 

You can complete your set of players for your 84 overall cards by purchasing player cards from the auction house per team. Be sure to select the league as NHL and set the buy-now range to less than 1000, preventing overspending. 

It is best advised to seize the team builder sets early in the game, as they are likely to cost more as time passes. Joe Nieuwendyk, Luc Robitaille, and Patrice Brisebois are currently the top three Team Builder cards to make in NHL 24. 

NHL 24 Be A Pro Changes

NHL 24 Be A Pro is a single-player career mode, permitting gamers to decide the team and archetype of their custom-built player. 

The mode takes the players on a journey of becoming a pro-NHL player and delivers an experience of the hardships and struggles faced by the player to realize that goal. Like the Franchise mode, it has little to no changes compared to NHL 23. 

The prime change in the mode is that, unlike NHL 23, you can now play as a goalie in NHL 24 Be A Pro. Previously, the game was limited to either a defenseman or an offense in this mode. 

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Moreover, you can try your luck in the NHL draft and end up in any of the 32 teams or choose to play for the team of your liking by clicking the Start in NHL option in the Be a Pro slider and selecting your club manually. 

In addition, not exclusive to Be a Pro career mode, players can now relive their scoring moments with the new full replay feature for offline modes in the latest game. Also, a change can be experienced while playing as a goalie with the new Goalie fatigue system. 

In contrast to the prior installments, it allows goalies to get tired and stressed like in real life, raising a scoring opportunity for the opposing team. Hence, the player's stamina and endurance are among the significant factors to contemplate before diving into Be a Pro as a goalie. 

This mode also offers extensive real-life challenges and conditions that mimic the escapades of a professional hockey player, incorporating trades, injuries, media pressures, and contracts. 

It is of utmost importance that you select or create a player that you are comfortable with and that matches your play style. Also, the hand and position of the player highly influence the controls and gameplay.

You can choose from a variety of player options available, like an enforcer, playmaker, two-way forward, sniper, power-forward, and grinder. 

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