NHL 24 Hybrid Controls Back After Long Await

By Abhay Acharya / 5 October 2023 09:23 AM

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NHL 24 will have Hybrid Controls after the community playtest feedback. Skill Stick and Total Control Scheme are the other two controls.

The controls of the ice hockey simulation video game have been reconditioned in numerous sections to bring forth the best and unique era of gameplay. Several complex moves can be performed across the game using any of the three control options. 

The Hybrid Controls and Skill Stick options have been available since NHL 23 and previous installments, offering players the ease to matchup in the highly awaited franchise game.

In contrast, the Total Control scheme is newly launched in the NHL 24. It features the players with the ability to perform skills by pressing a button.

Skill Stick is the most intricate control setting to master in the EA Sports NHL franchise. However, once conquered, you will have superior control over your players' actions. 

With the addition of the Total Control scheme, EA primarily removed the Hybrid Controls and the NHL 94 controls from the upcoming edition.

Following the community playtest on 29 August 2023, the developers announced the addition of Hybrid Controls in the post-release update of the game.

EA took this initiative as per the post-playtest feedback from several disabled players. However, there is no official statement regarding the return of the NHL 94 control scheme by the franchise. 

NHL 24 Offensive Controls

The offensive controls for NHL 24 are deke modifier, skate, shoot/reverse hit/deke, skill moves, and pass. The left stick moves the player. 

The upcoming video game offers real offensive shots and play. A variety of these can be performed by combining two or more actions in the controller. Furthermore, each control might vary per the console used. 

For instance, to make a fake shot in the NHL 24, you can hold an LB and press the right stick in an Xbox controller. However, a fake shot on a PlayStation can be achieved by pressing L2 and R3 together in a Total Control scheme. 

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In a Hybrid Control scheme, moving the right stick down and releasing it makes the fake shot in both the NHL controller types. Pressing R3 in both controllers activates the fake shot in the Skill Stick control scheme. 

Following is the list of some control settings per the Total Controls scheme in NHL 24.

  • Vision Control (hold): Xbox (LT), Sony (L2)
  • Deker Modifier (hold): Xbox (LB), Sony (L1)
  • Move player/Skate/Pass and Shot Aim: Move Left Stick (Both Controllers)
  • Pass (hold for more strength): Sony (R2), Xbox (RT)
  • Saucer Pass: Xbox (RB), Sony (R1)
  • Defense Line Change: Sony (Hold R2 + Square), Xbox (Hold RT + X)
  • Offense Line Change: Xbox (Hold RT + B), Sony (Hold R2 + Circle)
  • Protect Puck (hold): Xbox (Left Stick + Move Right Stick to the Right or Left), Sony (L3 + Move Right Stick to the Right or Left)
  • Shoot/Deke/Reverse Hit: Move Right Stick (Both Controllers)
  • Hustle: Xbox (Press Left Stick), Sony (Press L3)
  • Glide: Release the Left Stick (Both Controllers)
  • Icon Passing (hold): Xbox (RT), Sony (R2)
  • Wrist Shot: Move the Right Stick Down and then Roll it up (Both Controllers)
  • Slap Shot: Move the Right Stick Down and Up (Both Controllers)
  • Desperation Shot: Double Tap the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Reverse Hit/Brake (while in a glide): Sony (Press R3), Xbox (Press Right Stick)
  • Wind Up/Shoot: Right Stick (Down/Up) (Both Controllers)
  • Fake Shot: Sony (L2 + R3), Xbox (LB + Right Stick Press)
  • Win Faceoff: Move the Right Stick (Both Controllers)
  • On-Touch Dekes: Sony (Left Stick + L1), Xbox (Left Stick + LB)
  • Spin: Sony (L2), Xbox (LT)
  • Dump Puck: Xbox (Right Stick Up + RB), Sony (Right Stick Up + R1)
  • Toe Drag: After Moving the Stick Downward Left between the 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock Positions, Rotate the Right Stick Anti-clockwise (Both Controllers)
  • Lacrosse Deke: Sony (Hold and Release Triangle), Xbox (Hold and Release Y)

NHL 24 Defense Controls

NHL 24 defense controls are skate, hit stick, stick lift, shoulder check, hip check, and poke check. The controls vary with the controller. 

As the Hybrid Controls scheme is set for a post-game release addition and the Skill Stick and Hybrid Control schemes have been practiced in NHL 23, we will focus on the defensive settings per the Total Control scheme. 

For the defensive mode, a hip check is undertaken by holding either X or Square in Total control, while the right stick is pressed along with LB or L1 in Hybrid and Skill Stick controls. 

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A list of defensive control settings in NHL 24 is presented below:

  • Switch Player: Sony (R2), Xbox (RT)
  • Hustle (While Moving Straight): Xbox (Press Left Stick), Sony (Press L3)
  • Push Check: Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Manual Player Switch: Sony (R2), Xbox (RT) + Move the Right Stick
  • Cancel Manual Player Switch: Xbox (Hold RT + Press LB), Sony (Hold R2 + Press L1)
  • Shoulder Check: Move the Right Stick Down and then Up (Both Controllers)
  • Hip Check (hold): Sony (Square), Xbox (X)
  • Board Pin (hold): Xbox (Y), Sony (Triangle)
  • Poke Check: Sony (R1), Xbox (RB)
  • Stick Lift: Xbox (A), Sony (X)
  • Sweep Stick (hold): Sony (R1), Xbox (RB) + Move the Right Stick
  • Block Pass: Sony (L1), Xbox (LB)
  • Chop Puck: Xbox (Press and Move the Right Stick), Sony (Press R3 and Move the Right Stick)
  • Dive/Block: Sony (L1 + R1), Xbox (LB + RB)
  • Initiate Net Battle (in open ice) (hold): Sony (Triangle), Xbox (Y)
  • Slash: Xbox (LT + Y after whistle), Sony (L2 + Triangle after whistle)

Realistic Sliders For NHL 24

NHL 24 Realistic sliders can be performed by tweaking the in-game sliders. The sliders can be adjusted to gain a realistic gaming experience. 

The community playtest of the NHL 24 briefly highlighted some improvements in the game, like realistic franchise mode, World of Chel, EASHL, etc. However, certain adjustments can still be made to achieve as practical as possible sliders within the game. 

The in-game sliders are categorized as general, skating, shooting, passing, and more sliders. Altering the stats in each slider hugely influences the overall gaming, delivering the most realistic experience ever in the EA Sports NHL franchise history. 

Before altering the sliders, it is essential to change the period length and difficulty to gain the most of the made changes within the sliders. 

NHL 24 is set to release on 6 October 2023, and detailed information on the most realistic sliders can only be attained with further updates.

However, with a playtest and pre-date release of the game to certain players, we have accumulated an estimated set of stats to be set in each slider to make the game as realistic as possible. 

The list of game sliders with estimated alterations in NHL 24 is presented below. Also, this list is prepared by referring to the most NHL 23 realistic sliders. 

Game Settings

  • Difficulty: All-Star or Superstar
  • Period Length: 6 to 8 minutes
  • Camera: Dynamic Medium
  • Shootout Camera: Medium
  • Away Line Changes: Auto
  • Home Line Changes: Auto
  • Away Shot Aim: Manual
  • Home Shot Aim: Manual

General Sliders

  • Attribute Effects: 5/10
  • Broken Stick Frequency: 30-35
  • Game Speed: 3/6
  • Fatigue Effect: 80/100
  • Fatigue Recovery: 40/100
  • Injury Occurrence: 50/100

Skating Sliders

  • Back Skating: 65-70
  • Puck Carrier Agility: 45
  • Puck Carrier Skating: 50
  • Player Acceleration: 55
  • Skating Speed: 50
  • Skating Agility: 50

Shooting Sliders

  • One-Timer Accuracy: 45
  • Shot Accuracy: 52
  • Shot Power: 50
  • Slap Shot Accuracy: 50
  • Slap Shot Power: 51

Passing Sliders

  • Manual Passing: On
  • Pass Assist: 45/100
  • Min Pass Speed: 30/100
  • Max Pass Speed: 60/100
  • Saucer Pass Speed: 47/100
  • Pass Accuracy: 50/100
  • Pass Interceptions: 80/100
  • Pass Reception Ease: 25/100
  • Reception Reaction Time: 50/100
  • Puck Control Rating Effect: 70/100
  • Puck Speed Reception Effect: 60/100
  • Pick-up Type Effect: 50/100
  • Bouncing Puck Receptions: 45/100

Puck Control Sliders

  • Stick in Physics: Stick, Legs, and Body
  • Incidental Contact Puck Loss: Stick, Legs, and Body
  • Incidental Stick Contact Immunity: 8/100
  • Puck Control: 50/100
  • Deking Impact: 25/100
  • Spin Deke Impact: 60/100
  • Skating Impact: 15/100

Goalies Sliders

  • Goalie Cover Frequency: 75/100
  • Goalie Passing: 55/100
  • Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time: 50/100
  • Goalie Save Reaction Time: 50/100
  • Goalie Deflection Reaction Time: 56/100
  • Goalie Screen Effect: 55/100
  • Goalie Screen Persistence: 60/100

Checking Sliders

  • Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier: 14/100
  • Board Effect Puck Carrier: 20/100
  • Hitting Assistance: 40/100
  • Stumble Threshold: 45/100
  • Fall and Stumble Fall Ease: 38/100
  • Aggression: 55/100
  • Hitting Power: 55/100
  • Size Effect: 50/100
  • Speed Effect: 35/100
  • Checking/Balance Rating Effect: 80/100
  • Preparedness Effect: 50/100
  • Incidental Contact Effect: 65/100
  • Poke Checking Accuracy: 55/100
  • Poke Checking Power: 55/100
  • Stick Lift Effectiveness: 65/100

Penalties Sliders

  • CPU Penalties: 35/100
  • CPU Teammate Penalties: 38/100
  • Tripping: 30/100
  • Slashing: 35/100
  • Elbowing: 40/100
  • High Sticking: 40/100
  • Cross Checking: 45/100
  • Boarding: 100/100
  • Charging: 85/100
  • Delay of Game: 60/100
  • Holding: 60/100
  • Hooking: 85/100
  • Interference: 85/100

AI Sliders

  • AI Learning: 6/6
  • CPU Difficulty Adjustment: 2/6
  • CPU Faceoff Difficulty: 60/100
  • Fight Difficulty: 50/100
  • CPU Strategy Adjustment: 3/6

(Note: The sliders apply to both your Player and CPU)

NHL 24 Be A Pro Sliders

Be A Pro is a single-player career mode that allows gamers to choose the archetype and team. The player can be custom-built in WOC. 

The features and design of NHL 24 Be A Pro are similar to NHL 23. The sliders reflect the name, player details, archetype, draft, team, and overview. 

At first, you must create a custom-built pro that will be shared between the WOC and Be A Pro. Your NHL Be A Pro save will be ineffective to the player's name, gender, appearance, or other personal details. 

The position and the hand of your player highly influence the game and controls along with the entire Be A Pro save. Hence, we recommend selecting your comfort position for your custom player.

Source : ginx

If you are new to this game, try right-wing, left-wing, or center positions. They offer the highest excitement. For a new challenge, goalie and defense could be rewarding after you've mastered them. 

Following the player's build and position, you are faced with choosing the archetype. Once your journey begins, it can't be altered. Hence, make your choice per your gameplay preferences. New Players can select Playmaker as it is the easiest to adapt. 

Likewise, you are required to choose whether to try your luck in the NHL draft or play for your favorite team on the dot. If your start line is the CHL's Memorial Cup or in Europe, your performance and interview series with different clubs can influence your draft and team. 

However, if you choose to play for your favorite team, click the Start in NHL option in the NHL 24 Be A Pro slider and manually select your club. You can then kick off in the preseason. 

Other Franchise Mode Changes

Franchise mode in NHL 24 permits games to build their dynasty as a GM. This allows them to draft, grow, and trade players to their liking. 

With the ability to sign contracts, make trades, and scout prospects, you can build a lineup of skilled and reliable players to be your dynasty. In previous NHL series games, the franchise mode was formerly known as Dynasty or Be A GM mode. 

The NHL 24 Franchise mode is introduced with subtle updates that can be noticed across all game modes. The X-Factor progression/regression logic is the most significant change in this mode, where the players attain traits per their attributes, playstyle, age, and potential. 

Moreover, players drafted early in the NHL draft might come with the abilities, while the selections you make in the later rounds are required to develop more before earning traits. 

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Some of the NHL 24 Franchise mode changes introduced by EA Sports NHL are listed below:

  • Abilities can be earned by players under 27, while veteran 37-year-old players might lose their traits during the season. 
  • The generation of some traits might depend on the players' specific playstyles.
  • Players can develop qualities outside their archetypes per their attributes. 
  • The interface of the franchise mode is darkened, reflecting the alteration done across NHL 24. 
  • There will be an increased utilization of the players' secondary position while constructing the lineups by the coaches. 
  • Increased creating limits on PS5 and XBSX:
    • 200 extra max goalies
    • 1500 extra max skaters
    • 30 additional max teams.

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