Inside NHL 24 EASHL and World Of Chel Evolution

By Abhay Acharya / 3 October 2023 02:42 AM

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NHL 24 EASHL provides a cross-play feature, dynamic WOC experience and HUT update. EA Sports will release NHL 24 on 6th October 2023. 

The development of this hockey video game is done under the license of the NHL and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA).

This permits the EA to feature NHL team names, arenas, uniform designs, colors, and players' information like names, playing positions, style, etc. 

EA Sports has completed 32 installments since the first NHL video game was released in 1991. The game modes featured playoff and season. 

Avalanche defencemen Cale Maker will grace the cover of the NHL 24. The game will primarily be available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox, Play Station 4, and Play Station 5. 

The upcoming ice hockey video game will feature World of Chel, Hockey Ultimate Team, and Cross-Play in its game modes. The cross-play feature enhances the players' gaming experience by allowing them to match up with and against the same generation X-boxes and Playstations. 

NHL 24 World Of Chel Deep Dive

World of Chel is the most liked game mode allowing the players to build their hockey world. NHL 24 will deliver the stunning WOC experience.

The players can customize their character per their preference in the creation zone and team up with their friends in 3 v 3 or 6 v 6 matches.

Moreover, with EA Sports Hockey League playoffs updates, NHL 24 WOC offers a streamlined, authentic knock-out 16-game route to the title. 

The evolved cross-play feature aids the players in getting more connected with the game by featuring an online play mode where players across same-generation Microsoft and Sony consoles can match up against or with each other.

In addition, this season's WOC features a Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) update that will allow the players to play through some of the most historic hockey moments, along with complete moments from the upcoming season.

The NHL 24 HUT will allow access to the NHL's epic moments and drop the players to a specific scenario and time. Also, it provides customized rosters and players to fit that moment appropriately in the NHL. 

NHL 23 HUT featured the offline hut challenges from past games. The challenges were limited against the pre-set roster in the game, with vague objectives set. 

Gaming enthusiasts can now relish the most memorable moments in NHL history like the 5-goal game of Wayne Gretzky against the Flyers in 1981 and Mario's emotional return against the Leafs in December 2000.

On top of all that, some moments will mandatorily lock you to a specific player to complete that moment, including goaltenders. This allows the gamer to feel the player and connect with the moment.

A deep dive review of the World of Chel in NHL 24 is discussed by the NHL 24 HUT development team lead, Nicholas Shu Chuck in the official trailer of NHL 24 HUT, presented by EA Sports NHL.

Is There NHL 24 Battle Pass?

Yes, there is an NHL 24 Battle Pass. It will be featured as the World of Chel battle pass. It will reward the players by simply playing the game.

Players can choose between the premium level and the free level pass. Each selection offers special rewards that can be used to customize the character. 

You can unlock club gears, banners, celebrations, player classes, and vanity items using the 75 tier of rewards available each season with the pass.

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More importantly, the free-level battle pass comes with gameplay-centric unlocks, aiding to even out the choices and playing field. Players also get access to featured items and cosmetics in addition to premium packs of player banners, custom characters, etc., in the WOC storefront. 

One must either purchase the game currency or earn it through the gameplay, offering an alternative for those who don't want to spend money.

EASHL Playoffs Guide

EA Sports NHL 24, developed by EA Vancouver, has piqued the attention of ice hockey gamers. The game offers updated playoffs this season. 

The EA Sports Hockey League has been the most popular game mode since its addition to the franchise in NHL 09. This is an online gameplay feature that introduces the players to a highly interactive competitive hockey environment. 

NHL 24 brings a new update to the EASHL, resembling the real-world NHL playoffs. The players here should triumph 16 times with their EASHL club over a best-of-seven games series four times to be crowned the EASHL champions. 

EASHL allows you to join a team and collaborate with your clubmates or friends to be the best in the league. Primarily, you must decide on a position and be the best to take your club through the championship.

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Through each win, your team earns points and advances through the first best-of-seven games. You then compete against seven more clubs that triumphed in their 1st best-of-seven games.

Along with being crowned champions, EASHL rewards your team with arena items, uniforms, and hockey bags to augment the club escapade. 

Besides the league championship, EASHL features 3 v 3 or 6 v 6 ranked modes and a quickplay casual mode. The quickplay mode incorporates a 3 v 3 playoff where you can compete in an unranked 1-period game in EASHL style. 

Previously, the EASHL playoffs NHL 20 featured a division match between the clubs where you can earn the title by climbing up the division ladder in online seasons.

In addition, you could unlock and equip two traits at a time to enhance your player's puck skills, senses, shooting, etc., ultimately leading your team to victory.

The NHL 20, 21, 22, and 23 featured a similar EASHL playoffs guide with division matches deciding the EASHL champion. NHL 24 was predicted to have similar playoffs with slight updates before EA Sports' official feature release.

Best World Of Chel Build NHL 24

The most exciting trait of the World of Chel is that it allows the customization of player attributes like X-Factor, age, weight, height, and more.

These factors directly influence the performance and ability of the player. Hence, a thorough wisdom of the combination of these attributes is required to maximize the player's potential at the chosen position. 

For instance, if you want to build a player with higher defensive and shooting ability, it is best to use taller and heavier players. In addition, if you prefer an agile and swift play style, you should build your player lighter and shorter. 

Since the NHL 24 releases this October 6, we can't provide an accurate list of the NHL 24 best builds for World of Chel and EASHL. This article will be updated on obtaining further new information. 

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The following list is prepared concerning the Best World of Chel build NHL 23.


  • Class - Power Forward
  • Weight - 210 lbs
  • Height - 6 ft 2 in
  • Boost 1 - Charged Hits
  • Boost 2 - Booming Hits
  • X-Factor Zone - Truculence


  • Class - Dangler
  • Weight - 160 lbs
  • Height - 5 ft 7 in
  • Boost 1 - Durable Skater
  • Boost 2 - Power Skating


  • Class - Defensive Defenseman
  • Weight - 230 lbs
  • Height - 6 ft 4 in
  • Boost 1 - Charged Hits/Double Skater
  • Boost 2 - Boomiing Hits/Power Skating
  • X-Factor Zone - Truculence


  • Class - Sniper
  • Weight - 160 lbs
  • Height - 5 ft 7 in
  • Boost 1- Durable Skater
  • Boost 2 - Power Skating
  • X-Factor Zone - Close Quarters


  • Class - 2 Way Forward
  • Weight - 200 lbs
  • Height - 6 ft
  • Boost 1 - Double Skater
  • Boost 2 - Power Skater
  • X-Factor Zone - Heatseeker

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