Return Of NHL 24 Franchise Mode and Be A Pro

By Swikriti Kandel / 21 August 2023 02:14 AM

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NHL 24 Franchise Mode includes 1. World of Chel 2. Hockey Ultimate Team 3. Be A Pro Mode. They were also available in the NHL 23 version.

The modes remain untouched in the forthcoming series of the game. However, the developers have enhanced the features to provide a smooth gaming experience.

The franchise mode in esports is a feature that makes the players in charge of the team. The gamers can simulate the team's finances, trades, signings, branding, and other operations.

These modes are built to reflect upon real-world activities. It allows esports players to think critically. They can take strategic decisions taking the team's growth into consideration.

However, it poses a challenge for the developers since such modes are complex to build and require constant updates. The developers of the NHL video game are still working to perfect it. 

NHL 24 Franchise Mode Changes

NHL 24 modes have not been changed for the upcoming series. Instead, the existing modes are upgraded for a better play experience.

World of Chel (WC) and Hockey Ultimatum Team (HUT) will be improved to provide a better user experience. WC is a social hub that was first introduced in NHL 19.

This mode consists of a Creation Zone where players can customize their characters. There is an option for both paid and free versions. The players can compete in the games with the same characters.

WC is iterated by using the cross-play feature strategically. It allows the players to connect swiftly over the same console of the same generation.

In addition, improved matchmaking sessions and Creation Zone can be witnessed in the forthcoming series. EASHL playoff modes have also been enhanced for the better.

Player uniform customized in WC for the 2019 Christmas
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HUT is the most popular feature that came to life in NHL 11. In this mode, players can make teams without taking career length and salary caps into consideration.

Instead of that, the players are required to collect the hockey cards virtually. Esports athletes can partake in several challenges and tournaments to earn rewards.

The newest Moments mode is launched in this HUT of the 24 version. It allows the players to recreate some of the iconic moments in history and share them online.

Moreover, HUT comes with an improved auction house. The real-time objective-tracking system will also be added to keep track of the HUT objectives in the game.

NHL 24 Be A Pro

NHL 24 Be A Pro mode is a single-player mode. In it, the players can create their own athletes and control their career journey.

Originally, it was introduced to the NHL games in the 2009 version. It allows the athlete to guide a specific character in a structured career path.

The journey of the character begins in a junior league and ends in the NHL. The players are in control of tracking the character's statistics and customizing their appearance and playstyle.

As the character progress, the players earn XP which can be utilized to enhance their attributes. Multiple challenges are assigned to the character in this mode.

After completing each one, they can unlock new abilities including energy boost, accurate shots, deke, on-spot passes, and more. The strengths and weaknesses of the character can also be viewed.

The characters even receive virtual awards for their accomplishments. Moreover, they can attend practices, travel to games, and interact with the media like real professional players.

NHL 24 Additional Features

NHL 24 changes include realistic animations, interactive strips, constant pressure, and checks. The goaltenders are allowed to get tired in between the matches.

The video game company is building the game to reflect real-world NHL games. The on-ice gaming experience has been enhanced as per a technical tester of the series.

Goalies experience fatigue in the actual hockey games. To add a similar effect in the game, the goalie's reactions are slowed after a lateral activity.

 The interactive strips in NHL are used to play the commercials during the telecasts. The commercials are replaced by the players' statistics in the video game.

If the player takes a shot at the goal, scores a goal, or hits an opponent, it comes up on the strip. Though it might be distracting, you get habituated to it.

The offensive pressure in the hockey game is real. The opponents leave no stone unturned to snatch the puck away. The constant pressure feature of the video game mimics it. 

The pressure gauge appears on the ice while entering an opponent's zone. It fills up as you move forward and utilize your skills. When it reaches a maximum point, the opponents lose their skills for some time.

This provides an opportunity for the player to secure a goal. However, the constant pressure feature applies to your area as well. So, snatch the puck quickly whenever an opponent enters your defensive zone.

The checking mechanism in the upcoming series has been improved. In the game, you can swiftly destroy an opponent with the shoulders. It does not apply to real-hockey games.

Other features of the soon-to-be-launched game are as follows:

  • The opponents can be tackled over the boards and on the player's bench.
  • The bay window can be broken with a shot.
  • Animated spectators and crowds are more involved in the games.
  • Lots of new gear, celebrations, and challenges are added.
  • Players can purchase the required items directly with the in-game currency.
  • Teams can pick free agents for their roster.
  • Playoffs are adjusted to a bracket format.
  • One-period drop-in games are facilitated.

EA NHL Commentators

The play-by-play commentators of the NHL video game series are Jim Hughson, Gary Thorne, Mike Emrick, and James Cybulski.

Jim Hughson was the first broadcaster to give his voice to the game.  He is an experienced play-by-play announcer who began dubbing for the game in 1997.

Hughson was assisted by Daryl Reaugh, Bill Cement, Don Taylor, and Craig Simpson until 2008. Gary and Bill handled the operations for the next five years.

Cheryl holding the TSN mic on December 9, 2021
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Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Ray Ferraro voiced the commentaries from 2015 to 2019.  Following that, James Cybulski replaced Mike and Eddie as the play-by-play commentator.

Cybulski is the game announcer for the American Hockey League team Abbotsford Canucks. He is also the commentator for EA Sports NHL 24 alongside analyst Cheryl Pounder. 

Cheryl Pounder NHL 24

Cheryl Pounder replaced Ray Ferraro as the ice analyst in the NHL 24 series. She is the first female voice of the NHL video game series.

Pounder is an ice hockey defense and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Likewise, she is the six-time winner of the IIHF World Championships.

The lady lastly competed in the Canadian Women's Hockey League for Mississauga Chiefs. In 25 games, she recorded 3 goals, 15 assists, and 18 points.

Cheryl has had color commentating experiences prior. She covered the women's hockey tournament in the Winter Olympics of 2014 and 2018.

Pounder will join James at the EA Sports office to record the statements and commentaries. Hopefully, the two of them will contribute to exciting changes in the game.

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