Best Shot Style NHL 24 and Wrist Shot Power

By Abhay Acharya / 13 October 2023 06:31 AM

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Best Shot Style NHL 24 is the Shot Style 9 with a one-timer style of 9. The left stick of the controller aims the shot in any desired direction. 

NHL 24 is an ice hockey simulation platform that offers best-in-class graphics, animations, and reactions. Players can now feel the thrill of the game as if they were live on the ice with the new pressure system within the game. 

This game features all the NHL and most international teams, giving gamers a dynamic World of Chel experience. The game is available on Xbox and PlayStation.  

In addition, this simulation game features significant improvements to the previous editions with its physic-based contact game and the all-new exhaust system. The experience is more real than ever. 

The latest NHL video game developed by EA features a series of shooting and skating styles, keeping in mind its variety of consumers. Thus, defining the best shot style is a bit early.

The majority of the time, a shot style depends on the player. The Shot Style 9, with all ratings maxed out at 99, could be a perfect choice for some, but it might not work that well for you. 

With the arsenal of styles and techniques, you can master the skill of shooting and define the best style per your preference in NHL 24.

Shot Styles in NHL 24

There are 20 shooting styles in NHL 24, with Shot Style 1 being the standard mode. Other techniques are derived from specific NHL players. 

By far, the best NHL 24 shooting style is understood to be Shot Style 9, while Shot Style 1 serves as the standard shooting mode. 

As mentioned, this best shot style isn't the same for all. Ultimately, it comes down to individual experience, personal preference, and playing style. Since every player has distinct skill levels and preferences, it highly influences the choice of your shot style. 

Furthermore, you can make an exciting discovery by exploring several options and experimenting to define your team's best suitable shot style. Much like a target crosshair in an FPV shooter game, this option adds an extra dimension to the gameplay. 

Deciding the best shooting style injects an additional layer of immersion and personalization into the game, permitting gamers to shoot like their favorite NHL stars.

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However, this requires dedication and investment into the game, which isn't always feasible. Hence, when players seek a reliable go-to option or time is of the essence, Shot Style 9 is a steadfast option and a beneficial asset on ice. 

The game offers a variety of shot types that provide unique methods to hit the net and get your team ahead. The difficulty level for each is different, with shots like Slap shots being harder to master than the rest. 

Additionally, the game offers a snapshot, backhand shot, wrist shot, and drop pass aside from a slap shot. The slap shot requires holding the shoot button down for a longer duration before releasing, while the wrist shot is accurate and quick but less powerful. 

Likewise, a backhand shot has untraditional release and can catch the goaltenders off guard. Also, a snapshot balances the quickness of a wrist shot and the power of a slap shot. 

A drop pass is not necessarily a shot but is given to a tailing teammate by skating past the puck. RB in Xbox and R1 in Sony controller can be pressed to execute this pass. 

Below are some shots you can perform in NHL 24 with their control setting in the Total control scheme.

  • Desperation Shot: Double Tap the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Fake Shot: Xbox (LB + Right Stick Press), Sony (L2 + L3)
  • Snap Shot: Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Backhand Toe Drag Shot (hold and release): Xbox (X), Sony (Square)
  • One Handed Shot (hold and release): Sony (X), Xbox (A)
  • Between-the-legs Shot (hold and release): Xbox (B), Sony (Circle)
  • Faceoff Shot: Without Selecting a Grip, Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)

How to Take Wrist Shot NHL 24?

Move the controller's Right Stick down and Roll it up to take a wrist shot in NHL 24. The setting works on both Sony and Xbox controllers.

The shooting mechanism is quite simple. The most significant factor here is the aim and the timing. You can move the controller's left stick to aim your shots. 

The aiming mechanism in this year's edition has been refined to deliver a highly immersive and realistic experience in contrast to the previous versions. Hence, you might need some practice to adjust to the left stick's aiming mechanism's sensitivity. 

You can aim your shots by moving the left stick in the desired direction. The left or right movement of the bar aims accordingly, while for a low or high shot, you need to tilt the stick down or up. 

The most crucial factor to remember while making the shot is the position of the left stick when releasing it. That position defines the shooting direction and speed. 

Wrist shot power in NHL 24 recently is the highest at 95. Alex Ovechkin, captain of the Washington Capitals, ranks the highest in the game. Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers ranks second in EA Sports NHL 24 wrist shot power ranking. 

In addition to the wrist shot, you can perform the slap shot in NHL 24 by moving the controller's right stick down and up. The only major difference between these two shots is the degree of drag and contact duration of the puck and the blade.

The stick and puck are in contact throughout the shooting time in the wrist shot. It also has high drag, and the puck is dragged along the ice for a certain time before releasing it. 

The slap shot, on the other hand, momentarily touches the puck when imparting the forward motion after a golf-like swing. NHL slapshot speed can reach 100 miles per hour or more when struck. 

Besides the wrist and slap shots, the toe drag shot NHL 24 involves holding the puck primarily on the forehand and moving the controller's right stick below the left. The shaft is then held at 6'clock and 9'clock before rotating anti-clockwise to complete the shot. 

Best Skating Style NHL 24

The best skating style in NHL 24 is the Hustle Style 1, with all ratings maxed out at 99. You can skate faster using the speed boost.

As mentioned, the game has just been released, and not all the game settings and styles have been experimented with to define the ultimate best style.

However, with the reference from the previous edition, NHL 23, and the early gameplay of NHL 24, we have understood this style option to be the best currently. 

Skating style is also a personal preference, and factors like individual experience and playing style actually determine your best style choice. 

You can choose your preferred NHL 24 best skating style from the options given below.

  • Spine Angle
  • Spine Curve
  • Stride Gait
  • Stride Distance
  • Stride Height
  • Upper Body Twist
  • Hustle Style
  • Hustle Arm Swing Motion
  • Hustle Arm Snap
  • Handed Arm Swing
  • One-Handed Stick Swing
  • One-Handed stick Height
  • Two-Handed Stick Swing
  • Two-Handed Stick Angle
  • Two-Handed Stick Sweep

Despite some speculations regarding no concrete effect on the gameplay with NHL 24 best skating style, it is recommended to use the best shot style and skating style to acquire the best gameplay escapade. 

In addition to the skating style and shooting style combination, adding a high-speed-ranking player to your team can also be very beneficial.

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Dekeing also falls in the staking category, as it is a faking technique used to pass an opponent and create an opening inside the crease. There are several dekes in NHL 24, like loose puck deke, quick deke, finesse deke, jump deke, lacrosse deke, and more. 

You can perform the loose puck deke NHL 24 by holding the LB (Xbox) or L1 (Sony) on the controller and rotating the left stick anti-clockwise or clockwise. 

A lacrosse deke in NHL 24 can be performed by holding and releasing the 'Triangle' or 'Y' on the controller. Below are some skating options in the NHL 24 in the Hybrid Control option.

  • Skate: Move the left stick (Both Controllers)
  • Free Skate: Xbox (Press A), Sony (Press X)
  • Skate Kick Deke (hold): Sony (L1), Xbox (LB) + Move the Right Stick Down

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