Where Is Kevin Bieksa Tonight? Hockey Night In Canada

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Kevin Is An Analyst Of Hockey Night In Canada That Is Filmed In Ontario
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Where Is Kevin Bieksa Tonight? Kevin Bieksa from Hockey Night in Canada is in Newport Beach and Muskoka.

Kevin Bieksa is a Canadian-born former ice hockey defenseman. Bieksa is the co-founder of West Coast Academy and a hockey analyst for Sportsnet and CBC.

Bieksa was enrolled in the Jr. Peach Kings program when he was a child. He then represented Stoney Creek Warriors in the 1997-98 season.

Kevin got a breakthrough when he was booked by Mississauga IceDogs in the OHL. However, he opted to play with the NCAA scholarship instead.

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Bieksa joined the Bowling Green Falcons where he was awarded Falcons' Howard Brown Award. The athlete then signed a contract with Manitoba Moose of the AHL.

Kevin was picked by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2001 NHL draft. He debuted in the National Hockey League on 19 December 2005 against Los Angeles Kings.

Bieksa played 10 seasons with the Canucks before he was traded to the Anaheim Ducks. Throughout his career, he appeared in 808 regular and 86 postseason games of the NHL.

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Why Did Kevin Bieksa Retire?

Kevin Bieksa retired because he wanted closure for his family and himself. He departed from the NHL as a Canuck on 3 November 2022.

As per Bieska's interview with The Athletic, he was going to depart from the league on 28 March 2020. He had set everything up and booked his flight as well.

Kevin did not want to retire officially and secure the limelight for himself. However, his father insisted that he depart from the league by signing a one-day contract with the Canucks.

Bieksa's dad told him that it was good for the organization as well as his legacy. Agreeing with his father, the athlete talked to the Canucks executive team.

When everything was in place, COVID-19 hit and the lockdown began on 15 March. Meanwhile, the former General Manager Jim Benning was fired and Kevin was unsure whether he will retire as a Canuck or a Duck.

Canucks Celebrated Kevin's Departure

Kevin was able to convince the new executive of his one-day contract. He signed the deal on 3 November 2022 and retired from the NHL as a Canuck.

Bieksa was with the franchise for 11 years and represented them in 10 seasons. The only other club that he represented in his playing career was Anaheim Ducks.

Since Kevin began his professional career with the Canucks, he wanted to end it being a part of the club. The organization threw him a fete for his continuous contribution.

According to the NHL, the special night organized for Bieksa included a pregame tribute, limited merch collections, and so on.

Where Does Kevin Bieksa Live Now?

Kevin Bieksa lives in Newport Beach in California and Muskoka in Ontario. He spends a fair amount of time in both places.

Bieksa co-founded the ice hockey academy in 2019. Kevin along with his friend Dean Caban owns the West Coast Academy based in Irvine.

They knew that the young and aspiring athletes from California had to move to East or Minnesota for hockey preparations. Understanding the market condition, they established their academy.

Kevin and Katie During Their Vacation At Santorini, Greece On 9 August 2021
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Kevin coaches the youngsters and gets to spend time on the ice as well. Besides, he serves as an ice hockey analyst at Sportsnet and CBC's Hockey Night In Canada.

Bieksa has his academy as well as family in the United States. However, he works both in Canada and the States which is why he can be seen on a call during some episodes of HNIC.

To balance his work and family life, Kevin juggles between the two countries.

Kevin Bieksa Salary On Sportsnet

Kevin Bieksa salary on Sportsnet is $66,122 per year on average. He serves as the ice hockey analyst and bags a decent income.

Bieksa is also the analyst of a show under Hockey Nights In Canada aka HNIC of the Canadian Broadcasting Channel(CBC). He appears as an ice hockey pundit in Hockey Central Saturday hosted by Ron MacLean.

Kevin's estimated career earning is $31,207,600 as per Spotrac. He earned $23,207,600 for playing 10 seasons with Canucks and $8,00,000 for representing Ducks in 2 seasons.

Kevin Earns A Heavy Income Serving As An Analyst And A Coach At His Academy
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Bieksa received a salary of $457,600 during his inaugural season in the NHL. For 2008-09, he was handed an annual paycheck of $4,250,000 which was the highest in his career. 

Kevin was offered scouting jobs by the NHL franchises following his retirement. However, he established his own academy which generates a decent return on his investment.

How much does Kevin Bieksa Make on Sportsnet? As mentioned earlier, he makes roughly $66,122 in a year on Sportsnet. 

Kevin Bieksa Family

Kevin Bieksa family includes four members. Kevin has a wife named Katie Bieksa and two children named Cole Bieksa and Reese Bieksa.

The athlete was born to his parents Al Bieksa and Angela Lombardo. Al served at the Ontario Federation of Labour(OFL) and coached ice hockey to his sons during minor hockey.

Bieksa was brought up alongside his brothers Marty and Bryan. Moreover, Terri Lynn and Jennifer accompanied them during childhood since they were his stepsisters.

Katie Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa wife Katie Bieksa is an award-winning author. She is known for her bestseller novels titled Newport Jane and Cedar.

Katie was raised in Ontario, Canada, and is based in Newport Beach, California. She studied English Literature and Women's Studies at Brock University.

Kevin and Katie are married for over 16 years. They tied the knot on 24 July 2006 and they can often be seen travelling with their children.

Katie has a verified account on Instagram where she garners 5.7K followers. Moreover, she is also followed by the official Instagram account of the National Hockey League.

Kevin And Katie With Their Children Cole and Reese At Muskoka, Ontario On 24 December 2021
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Cole Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa son Cole Bieksa has followed in the footsteps of his father. He is an aspiring ice hockey player who plays as a forward.

Cole was born on 24 October 2007 in British Columbia, Canada. He is trained by Kevin and he formerly represented Anaheim Jr. Ducks and California Patriots.

Bieksa is on the roster of Fairmont Prep Warriors for the 2022-23 season. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, he played 18 games each in USHS-CA and 15U AAA leagues.

Reese Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa daughter Reese Bieksa is a child model. She is managed by her mother Katie and is currently 14 years of age.

Reese was born in 2009 and has represented multiple labels so far. She has close links with the clothing brands Oomla and Frankie's On The Park.

Bieksa has also promoted the sustainable and accessible fashion brand, Princess Polly. Her career is just taking off and she already has over 2.4K followers on her Instagram handle.

Some FAQs

Why Is Kevin Bieksa Not On The Sportsnet Panel Tonight?

Kevin Beiksa is not on the Sportsnet panel tonight because either he is spending time with his family or looking after his academy in California.

Is Kevin Bieksa Still On Sportsnet?

Yes, Kevin Bieksa is still on Sportsnet.

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