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Why Do St Louis Blues Fans Sing 'Country Roads'? Reason Explained!

By Swikriti Kandel / 1 June 2023 10:26 AM

Founded In 1967, The Team Is Based In Missouri Of The United States
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Why do St Louis Blues fans sing country roads? St Louis Blues fans sing 'Country Roads' because they are close to West Virginia and the lyrics itself is very catchy.

Country Roads or Take Me Home, Country Roads is an outstanding creation by John Denver, Bill Danoff, and Taffy Nivert. Released in 1971, the song was a great success.

The creation describes West Virginia and it became one of the anthems of the state. However, people do not get how and why it was adopted by the Blues as their home game song.

Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Blues' game operations director, Jason Pippi introduced the song to the audience. He formerly tried the Pitt Panther's favorite Sweet Caroline but it did not work.

Though Jason hated Country Roads, he was sure that the song was worth a try. In February 2019, he mistimed the song and played it in the third period of the game against the Predators.

When the chorus began and play resumed, Pippi cut the tune. However, fans picked up the song and sang it till the end. The tactic was tried for the second time during the NHL playoffs.

John played the all-time classic and fans were humming the song. Since then, the song has been hijacked by the Blues as their home-game and fan song.

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Why Do The St Louis Blues Play Gloria?

St Louis Blues plays 'Gloria' because it gives a happy and energetic vibe to the hockey players. It also reminds them of celebration.

The tradition began when Alexander Steen, Joel Edmundson, Robert Bortuzzo, Jaden Schwartz, and Robby Fabbri watched the Eagles and Bears Wild card game back in 2019.

They watched the match with some other guys born in Philadelphia. The DJ of the bar that they were in played Gloria a couple of times during the commercial breaks.

Every time the song would play, the crowd would sing and dance alongside it. The five of them leaned back and watched others performing and enjoying the music.

Right at that moment, they decided to play the song after their victory. They won their next game in a shutout and tuned the song for the players and fans to celebrate.

Blues used to play Dion Francis DiMucci's song, Runaround Sue before that. The song told the story of an unloyal lover. Dion got inducted to Grammy Hall Of Fame because of this tune.

What Is St Louis Blues' Goal Song?

St Louis Blues goal song is Let's Go Blues by The Urge. The team collaborated with a rock band in 2018 to make a new tune for the club.

Whenever the goal horn honks in the arena, the operators play the song. The spectators chant it in their voices encouraging the team to gain victory.

The 1-minute and 14 seconds long music keeps the fans engaged before the puck drops another time. The song incorporates the Let's Go Blues chant into the chorus.

The Franchise Earned Their First Playoff Title In 2019
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The music was contributed by Bill Reiter, keyboardist, and saxophonist of The Urge. Reiter initially sent a version of himself playing the team's former goal song.

'When the Blues go marching in' was the previous tune that was played after a goal was announced for the Blues. The song had become a tradition of the team for over 50 years.

However, it was used by many other sports teams around the globe. Blues decided to create their unique goal song and then team up with the rock band.

St Louis Blues Victory Song

St Louis Blues victory song is Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy. Runaround Sue followed by Gloria were the former tunes played after a win.

Released in 1985, Party All The Time is from the album titled How Could It Be. It peaked second on the Billboard Hot 100 list and remained there for three weeks.

The tune was revealed to be the victory anthem of the Blues in 2020. Defenseman Vince Dunn unveiled the details in his interview with the NHL.

Prior to that, Gloria smashed the locker room after the victories. The tradition started in the early 1800s and retired in 2019 when the team earned a victory over the Stanley Cup.

The cover version of Gloria by Laura Branigan was the locker room favorite for a few decades. The original song was voiced by Umberto Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi in 1979.

Jonathan King later translated the Italian love song. Following that, Laura recorded the English version in 1982 which placed second on US Billboard Hot 100. 

Before Gloria, Runaround Sue was the go-to locker room victory song for the Blues. Dion's compose peaked first on the Hot 100 Hit and fourth on the Hot R&B Chart.

Best Hockey Pump Up Songs

Best hockey pump up songs include:- Thunderstruck, Jungle, Lose Yourself, Big League, Hot Blood, Believer, and The Boys are Back In Town.

Other songs that fuel the fire among hockey players and spectators are listed below:

  • Believer: Imagine Dragons
  • Chelsea Dagger: Fratellis
  • The Hockey Song: Stompin' Tom Connors
  • Stronger: Kanye West
  • Feel It Still: Portugal. The Man
  • I Won't Back Down: Tom Petty
  • Panama: Van Halen
  • Be Who You Are: The Kooks
  • Enter Sandman: Mettalica
  • Fifty-Mission Cap: The Tragically Hip
  • Courage: The Tragically Hip
  • Seven Nation Army: The White Stripes
  • Fade: Kanye West
  • We Are The Champions: Queen

Most of the pumping-up songs are of the rock, rap, electric, metal, and hip-hop genres. Legendary artists like Eminem and bands like Imagine Dragons and Metallica have made the list.

The Team's Jersey Colors Comprise Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gold And White
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Thunderstruck is the lead single by the Australian rock band AC/DC. The song recorded in 1990 has been used in multiple movies and sports games to boost player's confidence.

X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons' tune Jungle was released in 2013. The rock tunes of the songs make the fans shake their feet and the games more enjoyable.

Rapper Eminem's soundtrack Lose Yourself was released in 2002. Since then, it has been played in athletic matches to heighten the excitement level. It remained in the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 for twelve consecutive weeks.

Big League was released in 1988 by the Canadian singers' Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. It ranked in 4th place on RPM Hot 100 and 9th place on the American Billboard Rock Tracks chart.

Kaleo's 2016 song Hot Blood works awesomely to uplift the ambiance. The tune is of the alternative and indie rock genre from the album titled A/B.

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