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Why Is The Golden Knights Mascot A Gila Monster?

By / 26 May 2023 09:04 AM

Chance arriving at Game 2 of the Knights at T-Mobile Arena in April 2023
Source : instagram

Why Is The Golden Knights Mascot A Gila Monster? The Golden Knights Mascot is a Gila Monster because it represents the inclusive culture of hockey.

The monster is a venomous creature native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico. They live in seclusion and have little interaction with the outside world.

Chance encourages newcomers instead of being shy and not knowing about the rink.

Gila is one of the largest lizards in the world. It symbolizes good things off the ice as well. The amulet has a green and gold-themed dress code.

The Knights are not the only sports team representing their team with Gila's mascot. The Eastern Arizona College amulet Gila Hank and the state of Utah have it as the official state reptile.

NHL Teams Without a Mascot is the New York Rangers.

About Chance:

  • Height: 6 feet and 1 inch
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Age: 6 years (Since introduction)
  • Claim To Fame: 2022 NHL All-Star Mascot Showdown MVP and 2020 NHL Best Mascot
  • Introduction Year: 2017
  • Favorite Song: Viva Las Vegas
  • Social Media: @ChanceNHL (Twitter), @ChanceNHL (Instagram)

What Is The Golden Knights Mascot?

The Golden Knights Mascot is a Gila monster named Chance. He was introduced on 13 October 2017 during their second home game.

The Gila monsters who like to stay hidden have come to City National Arena in Summerlin from Red Rock Canyon. He learned about how welcoming the hockey community stayed there.

He was unveiled to the audience before the NHL team's inaugural season in 2017. He is one of the ringleaders of the field responsible for entertaining fans.

Chance often attends the team's charity events, youth hockey events, and community development programs and helps raise awareness. He reached a local maternity ward to give out Vegas Born onesies in May 2018.

The mascot also performs copyright-friendly versions of Chance the Rapper songs at halftime.

Chance is excellent friends with the MiLB team Las Vegas Aviators mascot, Spruce the Goose, and the WNBA Las Vegas Aces mascot, Bucket$.

What is a Gila Monster?

Chance the Gila monster is the NHL team Golden Vegas Knights' mascot. It represents the inclusive culture of hockey.

A Gila monster is a venomous beaded lizard from the Gila River in the southwestern US and Mexico. It spends 90% of its life living in burrows or rocky shelters.

The Gila monster picture captured by Bureau of Land Management in Tuscon
Source : facebook

The 56 centimeters long reptile is sluggish in nature. It is illegal to captivate them and its legal pet trade ownership is banned in Canada and most other countries.

Its venom can be toxic to some animals but not to healthy adult humans. If it bites you, you may rapidly drop blood pressure, vomiting, weakness, and excruciating pain.

The striking lizard is currently assumed near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Vegas Golden Knights Mascot Chance

Vegas Golden Knights mascot Chance was introduced to 17,645 spectators at T-Mobile Arena. The Knights unveiled him on 14 October 2017.

Most of the audience had no idea what Chance was. The Crocodile looking reptile creature was criticized as a joke or a prank at some point.

The mascot is often compared with Star Wars characters and the Fantastic Four's Thing. Even if it looks like a muscular giant lizard, it is friendly and approachable to kids.

The team had a funny response to the criticism and mixed reviews he received. They uploaded a video titled "Chance Reads Mean Tweets."

He has a Twitter handle under his name that has garnered 24.5k followers. His bio says he is a Vegas-born Gila Monster.

Chance standing in the T-Mobile Arena in the Knights jersey
Source : twitter

Who Is Behind The Mascot?

The face behind Vegas Golden Knights mascot Chance is Clint McComb. He previously served for the Arizona State Sun Devils, later with the Arizona Cardinals, then for the NFL's Rams and Cardinals.

McComb has a BA degree in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University. He attended Wheaton North High School.

Clint is also an actor who acted in the TV series Life In Pieces. He turned down a wrestling scholarship to pursue gymnastics.

He was in his gymnastics practice team when he was first called for the opportunity. Someone from the marketing department called him for his athletic body. 

McComb never regretted leaving a successful NHL franchise for an expansion hockey club. He was also the one to help the team with the mascot's name and costume selection.

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Vegas Golden Knights Mascot Salary

Vegas Golden Knights Mascot salary is estimated to be $60,000. In a game appearance, Chance gets around $250- $400 per hour.

NHL Mascot salary is estimated to be $68,000 annually. They get paid regular wages and bonuses on appearance and sponsorship.

His hard work from handling heavy costumes for hours to keep running around the stadium has a good cost from the team with an $80,037,484 cap hit.

The mascot industry has gymnastics enthusiasts with improv skills in acting and entertainment. They are paid less than esports gamers make these days.

The Philadelphia Flyers amulet Gritty bags $3000 per hour. The NJ Devil's NJ Devil gets paid Up to $800 per 40 minutes for appearances while Pittsburgh Penguins' Iceburgh gets $250 per hour.

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