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Top Figure Skating Attires To Buy In 2024

By Biraj Khanal / 30 January 2024 10:30 AM

Source : puckpath

Step onto the ice with confidence and grace, adorned in figure skating attire that blends athleticism and artistry.

From the shimmering embrace of sequined dresses to the sleek lines of performance wear, each outfit tells a story on the ice.

Imagine the spotlight catching the intricate beadwork on a competition dress, each glint amplifying the power of a jump or the fluidity of a spin.

Picture the wind whispering through the chiffon skirt of a practice outfit, as you perfect your routines with effortless elegance.

Figure skating attire transcends mere clothing; it's an extension of the skater's personality and passion.

1. Jerry's 106 Sequin Chasse Dress

Source : puckpath

Price: $199.98 on FigureSkating Store

The Jerry's 106 Sequin Chasse Dress is a figure skating dress that is designed to be both glamorous and functional.

The dress is made of a black velvet body that is fully covered in sequins. The bodice has a slim stiletto style keyhole at one shoulder and a pair of spaghetti straps at the other.

The back of the dress is designed with a crossed keyhole detail. The skirt of the dress is made of georgette fabric and is angled for ease of movement.

The dress is available in adult sizes small, medium, and large. It is also available in youth sizes 12-14.

2. Mondor 4423 Youth

Source : puckpath


The Mondor 4423 Youth is a figure skating dress designed for young athletes, offering both comfort and style.

Imagine cozying up in fleece while you pirouette! Its solid-color body keeps the core warm, while the printed skirt, collar, and cuffs add a playful touch.

Made from Polartec®, the dress boasts superior warmth and moisture-wicking properties, ideal for chilly practices. 

Young skaters will love the vibrant prints available, from cosmic shapes to ocean wonders, expressing their personalities with every glide.

3. Chloe Noel Jacket and Pant combination

Source : puckpath


  • $132.99 on Figure SkatingStore
  • $149.99 on Discountskatewear

ChloeNoel Figure Skating Spiral Outfit! Not the person, thankfully, but the stylish and functional attire for young female figure skaters.

They are known for being high-quality, comfortable, and stylish, making them a favorite among young skaters.

One of its classic combos includes PO6 pants and the J36 jacket. The P06 pants are made from warm and comfortable Polartec® fleece, with a classic cut and a slight bootcut for ease of movement.

On the other hand, the J36 Jacket is crafted from Polartec® fleece, it boasts a stylish zipper closure and spiral designs adorned with sparkling crystals on both arms.

4. Kami-So Figure Skating Outfit

Source : puckpath

Price: $128.24 on FigureSkating Store

Kami-So offers a variety of figure skating outfits to suit different tastes and needs.

The classic combination features sleek black pants and a matching jacket with subtle silver accents. The jacket has a clean design with a zipper closure and stand-up collar.

For a bolder look, opt for the silver version of the same outfit. The shimmering fabric is sure to catch the light on the ice.

Another vibrant option features a bright turquoise color that is sure to stand out. The jacket has a unique design with a ruffled collar and asymmetrical closure.

Kami-So outfits are known for their high quality and durability. They are made from premium materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of figure skating.

5. Jerry's 188 Skatesong Dress Youth

Source : puckpath

Price: $114.99 on Skatingboutique

Glide onto the ice with elegance in the Jerry's 188 Skatesong Dress Youth! This figure skating dress combines classic style with youthful charm.

The dress is fully covered in shimmering sequins, it catches the light with every move and has an elegant necklace with Jewel-shaped in front, dipping lower in the back with playful crossed straps.

Available in vibrant colors, the Skatesong Dress lets young skaters express their personality and shine on the ice.

Imagine the sparkle in their eyes as they twirl and leap, feeling both beautiful and comfortable. This dress is ideal for competitions, performances, or simply practicing with a flair for figure skaters.

6. Jerry's 27 Crystal Fanfare Dress

Source : puckpath


The Jerry's 27 Crystal Fanfare Dress is a stunning figure skating dress designed to make a statement on the ice.

The dress features a gorgeous black velvet body with an asymmetrical front design and a high neck trimmed with silvery glitter.0

The highlight of the dress is the fan of sparkling crystals cascading down the front, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

The long mesh sleeves with finger points add to the elegant look of the dress, while the back clip and slanted overlapping georgette skirt ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.

7. Solitaire F22009 Classic High Neck Plain

Source : puckpath

Price: $209.98 on Skating Boutique

Imagine gliding across the ice with quiet confidence, your movements mirroring the clean lines and understated elegance of the Solitaire F22009 Classic High Neck Plain dress.

This figure skating masterpiece blends simplicity with sophistication, making it ideal for both practice and competition.

The Lycra bodice hugs your form comfortably, providing unrestricted movement for jumps and spins. 

The high neck adds a touch of modesty, while the back keyhole detail hints at subtle allure.

Fingerpoints on the long sleeves complete the look, adding a touch of drama without compromising flexibility.

8. Solitaire F22002P Strappy Back Plain

Source : puckpath

Price: $229.98 on DiscountSkatewear

The Solitaire F22002P Strappy Back Plain dress in Navy, Adult Small, Tone A is a figure skating dress that is both stylish and functional.

The dress is made of a navy blue polyester blend fabric that is stretchy and comfortable.

The bodice has a sweetheart neckline and thin straps that crisscross in the back. The skirt is full and flowing, and it falls just below the knee.

The neckline is flattering on most body types and gives the dress a feminine look. The crisscross straps in the back add a stylish touch and help to keep the dress in place.

The polyester blend fabric is stretchy and comfortable, making it perfect for long hours of practice or competition.

9. Jerry's 617 Misty Morning Dress

Source : puckpath

Price: $189.98

Imagine sparkling like the morning mist as you twirl across the ice in Jerry's 617 Misty Morning Dress.

A lovely slinky dress misted all over with silver glitter catches the light with every move.

The shaped front flatters your figure, while the open back with crystal accents on the straps adds a touch of glamour.

Flowing gracefully with every pirouette, the skirt features a playful high-low design, adding a touch of intrigue.

Available in both Cloud Blue and Purple Mist, the Jerry's 617 Misty Morning Dress lets you choose your shade of magic.

10. IceDress Figure Skating Outfit

Source : puckpath

Price: $113.74 - $173.00 on Figureskating Store

This thermal figure skating outfit is designed to keep you warm and comfortable on the ice, while still looking stylish.

The outfit is made from a black velvet body with gold star appliqués, and has a long-sleeved top and pants.

The top has a zipper closure and a high neck, while the pants have an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs.

The IceDress Figure Skating Outfit - Thermal - Gold Star (Black and Gold) is available in adult sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. It is also available in youth sizes 10-12.

11. 292 Jerry's Long Sleeve Catsuit

Source : puckpath

Price: $174.98 on Figureskating Store

The Jerry's 292 Long Sleeve Catsuit is a popular choice for figure skaters, particularly young skaters, due to its comfortable design and stylish features.

Made from sheer mesh for breathability and featuring a diamond thatch crystal design at the front for added sparkle.

The heart-shaped back keyhole adds a touch of elegance and allows for ease of movement. Stretchy and comfortable, ideal for long training sessions and performances with Black Supplex fabric.

The sleek design and crystal embellishments make it a visually appealing choice. 

Jerry's apparel is known for its quality construction, ensuring the catsuit can withstand regular wear and tear.

12. Jerry's 104 Onyx Dress

Source : puckpath

Price: $204.98 on Skating Boutique and Figureskating Store

Behold the captivating Jerry's 104 Onyx Dress, a figure skating masterpiece designed to leave a lasting impression.

Imagine gliding across the ice, shrouded in the luxurious embrace of a sleek black velvet body. The dress shimmers subtly with tiny scattered crystals, adding a touch of mystique to your figure skating performance.

Witness the mesmerizing twirls as the full georgette skirt cascades down, its gentle movement mirroring your every step.

The figure-flattering design accentuates your curves without compromising ease of movement.

The plunging V-neckline adds a touch of sophistication, while the long sleeves provide warmth and coverage.

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