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Amerant Bank Arena Bag Policy 2023 and Beyond

By Abhay Acharya / 27 September 2023 11:04 AM

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Amerant Bank Arena Bag Policy states no backpacks or drawstring bags. Permisable bags and purses should be smaller than 4 x 6 inches.

It is the official home to the Florida Panthers of the NHL. Previously known as the FLA Live Arena, it is a publically financed indoor arena that became operational in Sunrise, Florida in 1998 with a whooping cost of $185 million.

Amerant Bank has owned its naming rights since September 2023. This is one of the largest sporting arenas in the United States, spanning about 81000 sq. meters of field size. It features about 2,623 club seats and 70 suites. 

The arena houses about 19,250 seats for ice hockey. It has played host to the NHL, WWF, WWE, UFC, NBA, and several concerts since its opening.

The NHL Entry Draft for 2001 and 2015 were held here along with the 2003 and 2023 NHL All-Star Games. In addition, the arena has been hosting more than 125 events each year and acts as the Orange Bowl Basketball Classic's annual home.

Amerant Bank Arena Sunrise FL Policy

The arena has issued safety guidelines for the fans, including the no-bag policy, cashless arena, and contactless mobile tickets and ordering. 

It has restricted items that might pose a danger to the public during the games along with video or audio recording devices to prevent piracy. 

Following that, the arena encourages the guests to practice social distancing and hygiene prior to, during, and after visiting the empire. With that in mind, the management has taken the initiative to make the arena entirely cashless with a contactless digital ticketing facility. 

FLA Live Arena bag policy states no purses, backpacks, drawstring bags, cinch bags, and sling bags larger than 4 x 6 inches into the facility. In addition, it also prohibits video or audio recording devices like laptops, selfie sticks, or GoPros into the precinct. 

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Along with the mentioned guidelines, the following items are prohibited under the 2023 Amerant Bank Arena policy:

  • Balloons or wrapped gifts
  • Signs with any sort of posts or/and larger than 2 x 2 ft. 
  • Stollers with exception to the guests with Corona Beach House, Suites, and Loung 954 tickets.
  • All weapons like Tasers, Mace, Knives, etc. 
  • Spikes or chains.
  • Laser pointers and fireworks.
  • Vuvuzelas or airhornns.
  • Any food except for religious or medical aims.
  • Formerly procured souvenir cups.
  • Non-prescribed drugs.
  • Animals or pets with the exception of service animals.
  • Laptops. 
  • Other items that might pose a danger to the public. 

The policy also permits the entry of one brand-new sealed water bottle per person, iPads, Umbrellas, and Cowbells (musical instruments). 

Furthermore, the arena assumes the no re-entry policy in which each guest, after mandatory passing through a metal detector while entering the venue won't be entertained again in case he/she tries to re-enter after leaving the precinct. 

The policy declares the removal of the guest and/or confiscation of the item without a refund in case he/she violates the terms in any matter. 

Amerant Bank Arena Events

Upcoming events at the Amerant Bank Arena are listed here:

Presason - Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers29 September, 2023
Preseason - Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Pnathers7 October, 2023
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Florida Panthers (Home Opener)19 October, 2023
Aerosmith - Peace Out: The Farewell Tour20 October, 2023
Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers21 October, 2023
San Jose Sharks vs Florida Panthers24 October, 2023
Seattle Kraken vs Florida Panthers28 October, 2023
MercyMe: Together Again Tour29 October, 2023
$uicideboy$: Grey Day Tour4 November, 2023
Columbus Blue Jackets vs Florida Panthers6 November, 2023
Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers10 November, 2023
Chicago Blackhawks vs Florida Panthers12 November, 2023
P!nk: The Trustfall Tour15 November, 2023
Edmonton Oilers vs Florida Panthers20 November, 2023
Boston Bruins vs Florida Panthers22 November, 2023
Winnipeg Jets vs Florida Panthers24 November, 2023
New York Islanders vs Florida Panthers2 December, 2023
Dallas Stars vs Florida Panthers6 December, 2023
Pittsburg Penguns vs Florida Panthers8 December, 2023
Rod Wave: The Nostalgia Tour17 December, 2023
St. Louis Blues vs Florida Panthers21 December, 2023
Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida Panthers23 December, 2023
New York Rangers vs Florida Panthers29 December, 2023
Montreal Canadiens vs Florida Panthers30 December, 2023
Nate Bargatze: New Year's Eve Extravaganza31 December, 2023

Amerant Bank Arena Seating Chart

Seating for the Amerant Bank Arena is largely similar, with slight alterations per event. The floor is mainly split into 10 sections during concerts. 

Sections 1 and 2 are closest to the stage area where 17 numbered rows of seats are featured with the labeling A to Q. These sections feature the broadest design in contrast to the remaining sections of the floor. 

With that being said, sections 3-5 are situated towards the floor's center and accommodate 13 rows of seats each from A to M labels. Sections 1-10 make up the floor with each section having its Seat 1 on the right side that goes up in number when moving left. 

For musical events and concerts, floors 1-5 are the best as they offer an uninterrupted close-up view of the artist, bestowing you the chance to interact with them if lucky.

However, in the case of the General Admission Floor, the fans who arrive early to the concert get the closest spot to the stage as it is an open floor with no sections or seats. 

Besides the floor section, the arena divides its seating chart into plaza, suite, club, club suite, and mezzanine, ranging from the lower to the upper section of the arena. 

For a great view of the ice, Rows 16-24 of Sections 116 to 119 are the best. Sections C 10-13 in the club offer a premium viewing experience. 

Source : amerantbankarena

Floor Level

The floor level is present only for concerts as it is located directly in front of the stage, providing a clear and closer view of the artists. This level is divided into 10 sections with sections 1 and 2 closest to the stage. 


This level surrounds and extends to the ice, containing Sections 101 to 134 with 28 numbered seat rows. However, sections 109 and 127 do not extend to the ice as they are placed higher up than the rest.

Plaza is more costly than the higher level and incorporates club seats, glass seats, club Lexus, and loge boxes. 


This level covers more than half the ice and is divided into Sections 1-50. It is just below the club and gives an astounding view of the ice from almost every row. 


This level is present on the second tier of the arena, consisting of sections C 1-35, encircling the ice. These seats offer the guests with premium seating experience during the game. The accessible clubs are Lexus Club, Corona Beach House, Lord Stanley's Loft, Club Center, and Club End. 

Club Suite

This is the level located just behind the Club sections C 1-5, C 14-17, C 19-20, and C34 and C35 on center ice on either side. They offer a wide center view of the ice with highly premium seats and personal restrooms. 


This is the highest seating tier in the arena that offers the game's aerial perspective with no interruptions for the highly enthusiastic hockey fans. This level is divided into 34 sections from Section 301 to 334 in the upper tier. 

FLA Live Arena Parking and Food

FLA Live Arena offers a wide range of parking facilities within its close proximity from General to VIP parking. The parking cost varies per event. 

Here, the arena offers general parking, club and VIP parking, bus and limo parking, and disabled parking along with a Ford reserved garage parking. In addition, each parking facility costs an average of $30, depending on how close the parking is to the venue. 

The indoor arena also offers disabled parking for the fans in the North and South ADA sections beside the Lounge 954 parking for all events.

Fans are required to utilize gates 1, 2, 5, and 7 to access those sections and must display the appropriate placard on the car's rearview mirror along with their handicapped parking pass. 

Furthermore, each parking lot is accessible through a specific gate assigned by the arena as presented in the picture below. 

Source : facebook

The arena offers the fans a wide variety of food options from walk-up and mobile orders to BBQ Shacks. From classic meals like cheeseburgers and chicken tenders to appetizing brisket, ribs, and more, the arena ensures the needs of their guests are addressed. 

However, as per the FLA Live Arena food policy, no guest is allowed to bring their own food into the building unless the aim is either religious or medical. Hence, the guests are required to get their lunch at the venue. 

Following the walk-up and mobile orders, the guests also get access to food courts, Feltman's Hot Dog stands, draft beer portables, colors light cold zone, and liquor bar portables within the precinct.

The arena prohibits the buying and selling of alcoholic beverages to those under 21 as per Florida state law and hence is eligible to revoke the season ticket along with other privileges and eject the guests out of the precinct if found violating this policy. 

Moreover, at a more premium level, the arena offers its guests with BBQ Shack in Section 114 as well as the Club Stoil at the club level for some private dining escapade. 

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