Where Does The Florida Panthers Play?

By Swikriti Kandel / 23 May 2023 01:37 AM

The NHL Team Plays Their Home Matches In Sunrise, Florida
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Where Does The Florida Panthers Play? Florida Panthers play at FLA Live Arena located in the city of Sunrise in Florida.

Florida Panthers is an ice hockey team established in 1993. They are affiliated with the National Hockey League as a part of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference.

The organization started with Wayne Huizenga as founder, Bill Torrey as President, and Bobby Clarke as general manager. They began competing in the league in the 1993-94 season.

Panthers are known for their unique uniform consisting of red, blue, flat gold, and white colors. They won three Division Championships and the President's Trophy during the 2021-22 season.

Florida team has not won a Stanley Cup in their 3 decades journey. They reached the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996 but lost the championship title to Colorado Avalanche. 

The Panthers have reached the Conference Finals in the 2023 Stanley Cup Championship. They are competing against Carolina Hurricanes in the third round.

Where Is The Florida Panthers Stadium Located?

Florida Panthers Stadium is located at 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, Florida 33323, USA. It is next to the outlet shopping mall named Sawgrass Mills.

Multiple legendary matches have been played in the stadium since it came into operation in 1998. It was made with $185 million and the sum was collected almost entirely by the public.

The Panthers hosted the NHL Entry Drafts in 2001 and 2015 at their arena. Likewise, the NHL All-Star Games of 2003 and 2023 were also played in the same field.

Along with the games, the stadium has hosted boxing matches, pro wrestling, and rodeos. The music concerts have also taken place at the Panther's stadium. 

Celine Dion performed at the inauguration of the stadium on 3 October 1998. Comedian Andre-Philippe Gagnon opened the ceremony with his witty humor.

Following that, numerous reputed artists including Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Beyonce, Shakira, and Rihanna have lit the arena with their vocals.

Panthers Athlete Holding His Hockey Stick And Skating At Their Arena In Florida
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Florida Panthers Home Arena And Parking Pass

Florida Panthers home arena is FLA Live Arena. The parking pass for the stadium costs $45 without additional tax.

FLA Live Arena was formerly known by the monikers of its sponsors: National Car Rental Center, Office Depot Center, Bank Atlantic Center, and BB&T Center.

Pat Salerno initially wanted to build a civic center and the proposal was approved in 1996. However, the site was later chosen by Panthers to build their arena.

Architects Ellerbe Becket and his team were given a time of 26 months to complete the project. During its construction, it was named Broward County Civic Center.

The tickets for the concerts and games at FLA Live Arena are available on different sites including The entry fee for the 2023 Conference Finals between the Hurricanes and Panthers is $115.

Florida Panthers parking pass cost varies as per the tickets. According to the official site of the stadium, the parking price of hockey games ranges between $35 to $55 excluding the tax.

What City Are The Florida Panthers In?

The Florida Panthers are in the city of Sunrise in Florida. Panthers are located right next to Sawgrass Mills owned by Simon Property Group.

The NHL franchise is based in Florida since its establishment. They began their inaugural season in the Miami Arena. For a few years, they shared the arena with the NBA team Miami Heat.

In 1998, Panthers relocated to the FLA Live Arena. The former sponsor BB&T merged with SunTrust Banks and the latter decided not to renew the naming rights agreement.

The arena will have the name FLA Live Arena until a new naming rights partner is available.

Player Making Eye Contact With Hockey Stick At FLA Live Arena On 10 May 2023
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Closest Airport To Florida Panthers Arena

The closest airport to the Florida Panthers arena is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International(FLL) Airport. It is in the 2 hours 6 min bus distance from the arena.

Other airports that are in close proximity to the arena are Miami International Airport(MIA), Palm Beach International Airport(PBI), and Grand Bahama International Airport(GBIA).

Miami International Airport is the second air station close to the arena. From the MIA, you will reach the FLA in 2 hours and 29 minutes on a bus.

It takes about 3 hours and 19 minutes to reach FLA via bus or train from PBI. Likewise, if you are to reach the arena from GBIA, it will take 3 hours and 34 minutes on a ferry.

FLA Live Arena Bag Policy

FLA Live Arena bag policy prohibits the guests to carry a purse large than 4 by 6 inches. Moreover, the guests have to walk through metal detectors.

Like every stadium, FLA Live Arena also has a restrictive policy. The policies may vary during matches, concerts, and other events held by the stadium.

A general rule is that the audience can carry a bag smaller than 4 by 6 inches. The bag should not contain food unless for medical or religious purposes and medicine without a prescription.

However, a person can carry a bottle of water, an iPad, a cowbell, and an umbrella. Diaper and medicinal bags can also be carried to the stadium. The guests who leave the premises can not re-enter the arena unless it is an emergency.

Ongoing Ice Hockey Match At The Arena On 1 December 2018 Following All Policies
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The list of the items that the guests are restricted from taking into the arena is as follows:

  • Cameras or detachable lenses
  • Laptop, GoPros, or selfie sticks
  • Honkers, airhorns, or vuvuzelas
  • Fireworks or laser pointers
  • Chains or spikes
  • Weapons (knives, tasers)
  • Wrapped gifts or balloons
  • Souvenirs
  • Animals(except certified ones)

FLA Live Arena Capacity And Photos

FLA Live Arena capacity seats 19,250 spectators during ice hockey games. The photos of the arena depict its uniqueness and adaptation to change.

The stadium spans an area of 872,000 square feet. It has the ability to seat 20,737 people during basketball matches. During center-stage concerts, they are able to provide space for 25,000 audiences.

In the case of end-stage concerts, it can fit 15,207 to 23,000 people. It has 7,200 parking spaces on site among which 200 of them are enclosed.

The stadium also features restaurants, clubs, and suites to facilitate their guests. Other than a home to Panthers, it serves as the central point for concerts and more.

The arena often shares their photos on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram. The space looks different during ice hockey matches, basketball games, and concerts.

The Stadium Can Seat Up To 25,000 Attendees At Once
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FLA Live Arena Seating Chart And Maps

FLA Live Arena Seating Chart and Maps consist of floor, plaza, club, suites, accessible, and mezzanine, as per the official website.

Alike any other stadium, the FLA Live Arena also has the best seating arrangements in the center. 101 and 118 lie exactly in the middle of the arena.

The seats are above the plexiglass and the players are clearly visible from it. However, the only risk is that the puck might hit you at any point during the match or not hit you at all.

The side seats from the center: 116, 117, 119, 120, 103, 102, 133, and 134 also provide value for money. Other arrangements are decent but not as pleasing as them.

The premium arrangements are made at the Lexus Club, Corona Beach House, Club Center, and End as well as Lord Stanley's Loft. The club has managed the seating for the differently abled in the accessible area.

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