Perfect Youth Ice Hockey Helmets For Safety

By Biraj Khanal / 29 January 2024 02:12 AM

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Protecting our little stars is paramount, and when it comes to the fast-paced world of ice hockey, the right helmet is essential.

Youth ice hockey helmets come in a variety of styles and price points, each offering unique features designed to shield growing heads from bumps, bruises, and the occasional tumble.

From lightweight shells for effortless agility to multi-density liners for superior impact absorption, there's a perfect helmet waiting to empower every young athlete.

Adjustable systems, breathable vents, and comfortable liners all play a crucial role in keeping young players cool, focused, and ready to take on the ice

1. Bauer RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo

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  • Price: $119.99

The Bauer RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo is an excellent choice for young hockey players searching for a helmet that is comfortable, safe, and easy to adjust.

It has a multi-density liner with XRD® Foam, a SUSPEND-TECH lining, and user-friendly features for junior players.

The helmet's two-piece shell design allows for a personalized fit, and the tool-free adjustment mechanism makes it simple to change the fit on the fly.

The RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo comes with a RE-AKT YOUTH facemask, which is CSA, HECC, and CE certified.

2. CCM Tacks 70 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

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  • Price: $74.99

Gear up your young superstar with the lightweight CCM Tacks 70 Combo! This helmet boasts dual-density foam for top-notch protection while remaining agile thanks to its sleek design.

The comfy fit adjusts easily with side clips, and the included 70 cage adds another layer of safety.

It's a winning combo for future Stanley Cup champs, built for speed and shielded for every check. So lace 'em up and let the Tacks 70 unleash their inner game.

3. Warrior Alpha One Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

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Price: $99.99 - $109.99

The Warrior Alpha One Youth Hockey Helmet Combo delivers a triple threat: elite protection, superior fit, and sleek style for aspiring young players.

High-density plastic shields their heads with a lightweight, durable barrier, specifically designed for smaller sizes.

Optimum vision stays clear, while the cage adjusts for a personalized touch with Alpha One Face Cage.

Multi-density liners and strategically placed foams absorb and disperse impact.

From the streamlined silhouette to vibrant colors, this helmet lets them look as good as they play.

4. Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

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Price: $54.99

Bauer's Prodigy Combo packs a punch with a dual-density foam helmet for top-notch noggin protection and a quick-release Prodigy cage for clear vision and easy on/off. 

The two-piece shell adjusts to their growing heads with a breeze, thanks to tool-free clips. Comfort's not forgotten, with a plush liner and sweat-wicking padding to keep them cool under pressure.

So, let them hit the ice with confidence, knowing the Prodigy Combo has their back (and face!).

5. Bauer Lil Sport Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

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Price: $59.99

Unleash the inner champ in your little skater with the Bauer Lil Sport Combo!

This helmet-and-cage duo is designed for tiny titans, offering maximum protection and comfort as they take their first strides on the ice.

 A lightweight, dual-density foam liner absorbs bumps and keeps noggins cozy, while the two-piece shell adjusts as they grow, thanks to easy-to-use clips.

 A plush liner and sweat-wicking padding keep little heads cool and comfy, even during epic scoring sprees.

With the Lil Sport Combo, safety and fun go hand-in-hand. So, let your future superstar hit the ice with confidence.

6. CCM Multisport helmet Youth

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Price: $59.99

This versatile champ safeguards their noggin across hockey, lacrosse, and roller derby, thanks to its multi-density foam liner and certified cage.

Ditch the gear clutter! This versatile helmet lets your little athlete conquer the ice, bike paths, and skateparks with confidence.

The lightweight shell keeps them agile, while the easy-adjust dial ensures a snug, comfy fit that grows with them.

Plus, sweat-wicking padding keeps cool heads during intense training sessions.

Sweat-wicking padding and strategically placed vents keep cool heads, even during intense sessions.

7. Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmet Combo II

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Price: $109.99

The Bauer 4500 is a classic helmet choice that features a dual-ridge crown for increased protection and a slightly narrower fit that many players find more comfortable.

The helmet is constructed with a dual-density liner that absorbs impact and helps to prevent concussions and is CSA, HECC, and CE certified.

The 4500 comes with a Profile II facemask that features a flat shape and enhanced visual areas for better peripheral vision.

The helmet's tool-free adjustment system makes it easy to get a perfect fit, and the floating pro ear loops provide additional comfort.

8. CCM Fitlite 3DS Youth Helmet

Source : puckpath

Price: $69.99 - $139.99

The Fitlite 3DS, designed for youth age, prioritizes comfort and a secure fit without weighing down young skaters.

High-density PE shell keeps the weight down for agility, while the multi-density foam liner absorbs impacts to safeguard those growing noggins.

Easy-to-use Fit Clips on the sides let you personalize the fit quickly and easily for a comfortable, non-slip experience, even for little hands.

Includes a sturdy cage with clear vision for unobstructed views of the ice. It is a budget-friendly option that prioritizes a comfortable, secure fit for young players.

9. CCM Fitlite FL500 Youth Hockey Helmet

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Price: $219.99

The CCM Fitlite FL500 is one of the most protective helmets CCM has ever produced for youth hockey players.

It has a multi-layer liner with D3O Smart Foam, a rate-sensitive polymer that hardens upon impact to absorb energy and protect the head.

It also includes a high-density PE shell that is extremely durable and impact-resistant.

The helmet features a tool-free adjustment mechanism that allows you to modify the front-to-back size of the helmet with a few clicks.

10. Bauer RE-AKT 85 Youth Hockey Helmet

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Price: $139.99

The Bauer RE-AKT 75 Youth Hockey Helmet is a solid option for young players looking for a comfortable, protective, and budget-friendly helmet.

Seven+ Technology adds another layer of protection, specifically focusing on reducing rotational forces.

Dual-density foam liner absorbs bumps, while the two-piece shell adjusts to growth spurts with easy-to-use clips.

A plush liner and sweat-wicking padding keep young heads cool, even during those intense scoring sprees.

The quick-release Prodigy cage offers unobstructed views of the ice, so your little one can focus on the puck.

11.Warrior Covert PX2 Hockey Helmet Combo

Source : puckpath

Price: $69.99 - $119.99

Unleash your young superstar's inner beast with the Warrior Covert PX2 Youth Hockey Combo! This sleek beast boasts top-notch features in a lightweight package, making it a prime choice for future NHL champs.

Multi-density liner with strategically placed foams shields noggins from every check.

The snug, adjustable fit adapts to their growth spurts, thanks to the innovative BOA® Fit System.

The sleek, durable shell minimizes weight for faster reflexes and quicker on-ice maneuvers.

It's a game-changer for young athletes seeking a blend of pro-level protection, superior comfort, and lightweight agility.

12. CCM Super Tacks X Youth Hockey Helmet

Source : puckpath

Price: $429.99

The CCM Super Tacks X Youth Hockey Helmet Combo is a top-of-the-line helmet that offers excellent protection, comfort, and performance for young hockey players.

 This helmet boasts cutting-edge technology for top-notch protection. Its key feature is the 3D-printed Nest Tech liner, which is made with variable densities to optimize impact absorption in crucial areas.

It also includes D3O smart material and multi-density foams for added protection.

Strategically placed vents and a moisture-wicking liner help keep your child's head cool and dry during games.

Despite its impressive protection, the Super Tacks X is surprisingly lightweight, allowing for better agility on the ice.

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