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World Juniors Locations By Year [Next 10 Years]

By Swikriti Kandel / 19 August 2023 10:22 AM

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World Juniors Locations By Year for the future games are 1. Sweden 2. Canada 3. United States 4. Finland 5. Czech Republic 6. Russia

IIHF Juniors is an annual under-20 ice hockey tournament for emerging players that usually takes place in late December and ends in early January.

The first official tournament was hosted by Czechoslovakia in 1977. During that year, the Soviet Union took the gold medal while Canada earned the silver. The host landed in the third place.

Since then, the games have been organized in Canada, the U.S., the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Russia. The host is selected through a bidding process.

The process begins when countries submit a bid to the IIHF. The governing body of ice hockey selects the host nation after a proper evaluation of multiple factors including climate, flight, accommodation, and arenas.

IIHF World Juniors Future Locations

2026United States
2028Czech Republic
2030United States

2024 - Sweden

World Juniors Hockey 2024 location is Gothenburg, Sweden. The 48th edition of the tournament run from 26 December 2023 to 5 January 2024.

It is the first time that Gothenburg will be hosting the U-20 IIHF game. However, they have experience since they have formerly hosted the senior championship.

There are ten competing teams for the upcoming tournament. They are Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Czechia, the United States, Norway, and Switzerland.

The city of Sweden was announced to be the host for 2022. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was shifted to 2024.

World Juniors location in 2022 was Edmonton and Red Deer in Canada. The games took place in August and the host country clinched the championship title.

2025, 2029 and 2032 - Canada

The 49th edition of the tournament will be held in Canada. It will be the first time that the city is hosting the games since the last time in 2009.

The games are being hosted following a drought of 16 years. Ottawa Senators' arena Canadian Tire Center is set to host 17 games along with finals and semi-finals.

TD Place, the home to Ottawa 67 of the CHL will host the remaining 14 games. Both spaces are in the process of undergoing replacement and upgrade.

While hosting the games in 2009, the city drew the attention of 450,000 fans. Canada remained victorious whilst Sweden won silver and Russia won bronze.

Following that, Ottawa organized the 2013 Women's Championship. The upcoming event is expected to have more participation and bring millions in revenue.

World Juniors location 2023 was shifted to Canada at the last moment. After a 20 years gap since 2003, Halifax got to stage the contest.

Russia held the hosting rights of 2023. However, because they invaded Ukraine, the rights were pulled back. Belarus and Russia were immediately expelled from the competition.

Canada became the last-moment host and managed everything in time. Along with Halifax, the games were split in Moncton as well. 

In the past 47 tournaments, Canada has won the title 20 times. They received ten silver medals and five bronze ones. Moreover, they have organized the games 16 times.

The country gets to host the games most because of its substantial ice hockey infrastructure. They have arenas spread throughout the country and the sport is played at all levels.

Canada has the hosting right for the 2029 and 2032 seasons. However, the actual cities and arenas where the games will be held are yet to be announced.

2026 and 2030 - United States

World Juniors Locations next 10 years include the United States for the tournament in 2026. They will be hosting this contest for the 7th time.

The US previously organized the games in multiple venues throughout Buffalo, New York. The tournament of 2026 marks its 50th anniversary.

This makes the game extra-special and the bidding criteria strict. The hosts are not eligible if they have major national or international events 30 days before the championship.

Many cities in the USA have bid for the 2026 championship game. There are speculations that Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Detroit have visited the USA Hockey to proceed further.

Amid all cities, the claim of St. Louis seems promising. The Blues President and CEO Chris Zimmerman is leading the campaign. They have all the resources in hand and support from the local authorities. 

Other municipalities will get a chance to organize the competition four years later. The United States also has the hosting rights for the 2030 tournament. The schedule and conducting cities will be revealed soon to the public.

2027 - Finland

Future World Junior Hockey Championship locations include Finland. They were announced as the hosts of the 2027 tournament in May 2023.

Germany, Kazakhstan, and Norway did bidding for the 2027 IIHF U-20 Championships. However, none of them were given the opportunity to host the tournament.

Match Between Czechia and the USA On 18 August 2022
Source : facebook

Following a bid presentation and site visit, the officials chose Finland as the organizer. The country hosted its first IIHF Juniors in Helsinki and Vantaa in 1980.

Until now, Finland has organized 6 under-20 tournaments. They last presented the games in 2016 in their capital city, Helsinki.

Other cities where the games were held are Turku, Vantaa, and Hameenlinna. The upcoming event will be organized in Tampere, a city residing between Nasijarvi Lake and Pyhajarvi Lake.

2028 - Czech Republic

Czech Republic is set to host the 52nd edition of the championship in 2028. Previously, they conducted the games in 2020 in Ostrava and Trinec.

Their bid for organizing the tournament was approved for 1994. The games were split between the city of Ostrava and Frydek-Mistek. Despite being the host country, the team lost the title.

Canada became the gold medalist in the championship while Finland landed in fourth place. Likewise, Sweden and Russia became the first and second runner-ups.

Czech has secured two golds in the tournament by now. Moreover, they have arranged the contest four times in the past, 2028 being the fifth.

2031 - Russia

World Juniors Locations last 10 years include Russia. The country conducted the games in Ufa in 2013 when the USA snatched the title.

Russia first got a chance to host the games in 2001. It was the silver jubilee of the tournament. The games were held in Moscow and Podolsk.

The Czech Republic won their second gold medal that year. Although Russia participated and hosted the competition, they did not reach the semi-finals.

Russia was provided the hosting rights of the games three times. They were considered eligible for the 2023 and 2031 season. However, due to their special military operation over Ukraine, they were stripped of their rights.

Since the beginning, the country partook in the tournament as a part of the Soviet Union. They were four-time gold medalists with ten silvers and nine bronzes.

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