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Matthew Tkachuk Fantasy Hockey Names ft Panthers

By Dipak BK / 12 October 2023 04:49 AM

Source : instagram

Matthew Tkachuk Fantasy Hockey names are Tkapuck, Who Gives Tkachuk, Tkachukycheese, Go Tkachuk Yourself, Tkachuckle Boyz and more.

Tkachukycheese is not only a mesmerizing name for fantasy hockey but also the official Twitter handle (X account) of Matthew Tkachuk himself.

The Calgary Flames drafted Tkachuk in the first round of the 2012 NHL entry draft as the sixth overall pick. He played six seasons with the Flames before he was traded to the Florida Panthers in July 2022. 

The alternate captain of the Florida Panthers, Matthew has worn the "A" for 4 seasons with his previous team as well. Coming off a 100-point season with the Flames, Tkachuk managed to get 100 points last season as well.

For fellow fans of Tkachuk and the Panthers, we have some very fascinating team name suggestions that you can consider for Fantasy Hockey.

Florida Panthers Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Florida Panthers Fantasy Hockey names are Black Florida Panthers, Cats in Florida, Meow Ami Cats, The Cats from Amerant, and more.

The Panthers based out of Sunrise, Florida began playing in the NHL form the 1993/94 season. They have won 2 conference titles, 1 Presidents' trophy, and 3 division championships since their inception. 

They have made two Stanley Cup Finals appearances, the first in 1996 when they lost to the Colorado Avalanche. Moreover, the second time was last season when they lost to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Ed Belfour, Pavel Bure, Dino Ciccarelli, Igor Larionov, Roberto Luongo, and Joe Nieuwendyk are all players affiliated with the Florida Panthers to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Source : instagram

Some of the suggestions for naming your team based on Panthers are listed below:

  • Black Florida Panthers
  • Cats in Florida
  • Meow Ami Cats
  • The Cats from Amerant
  • Florida black panthers
  • Florida Man
  • Flapantlers
  • Meow Ami Cats
  • Cats R us
  • All cats no cup 
  • Cats Ice
  • Panther Prowlers
  • Astral Apex Predators
  • Reservoir cats
  • Enter the panther

Names inspired by the players

  • The Luongo Run
  • Hard to Yandle
  • Blad on the Reaves
  • The Luongo Shot
  • Bjugstad Bites
  • Hard to Yandle
  • Going Luongo
  • Turn your head and Barkov 
  • All Barkov no bite
  • Tkachuky
  • Tippet up
  • There will be Ekblad

Names inspired by the coaches

  • More ice
  • How I met your Maurice
  • Maurice age dawn of the panthers
  • Brunette Ice
  • Straight outta Kompon
  • Happy Fee
  • Tallas Buyers Club

Tkachuk Fantasy Hockey Names

The 25-year-old winger has been a favorite among the Panthers' supporters after putting on an impressive performance in his very first season.

Tkachuk has affirmed himself to be an excellent addition to the Panthers lineup, guiding them to the 2023 Stanley Cup Championship Finals.

In light of his success, Panthers fans might want to name their teams after him. Here are some of the best Matthew Tkachuk fantasy names:

  • Tkachukles
  • tkachukycheese
  • Tkachuk E. Cheese
  • tkapuck
  • tkachucknorris
  • tkachuckleheads
  • thachuk
  • nuntkachuks
  • good luck tkachuk
  • tkachuk steak
  • tkachuk rock
  • shut tkachuk up
  • go tkachuk yourself
  • down to tkachuk
  • would a wood tkachuk tkachuk
  • tkachuk around and find out
  • who gives tkachuk
  • the tkachukening
  • what tkachuk
  • tkachuckle factory
  • what tkachuk is going on
  • butkachuk oysters
  • tkachuk off
  • tkachow
  • huck it tkachuk it hockey
  • heinz tkachuk
  • tkachuk you looking at
  • tkachuk tkachu goose
  • Budweiser presents matt tkachuk
  • tkachu
  • tkameow
  • tkachuky
  • the cult of tkachuky
  • tkachukleberry finn
  • tkachuk berry 
  • the tkachuk man show
  • the tkachukinator
  • the tkachuk rises
  • the tkachuk squad
  • school of tkachuk

Matthew Tkachuk NHL Fantasy Outlook 2023-24

Matthew Tkachuk fantasy ranking for the new 2023-24 season is 7th. Furthermore, his point projection is for yet another 100-point season. 

The Calgary Flames drafted Tkachuk in the first round (6th overall) of the 2016 NHL entry draft. Before making his NHL debut, he played one season with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League where he earned 107 points (30 goals and 77 assists).

After 6 seasons with the Calgary Flames, the 25-year-old forward was traded to the Florida Panthers in July 2022. In his last season with the Flames, he made a personal single-season record with 104 points (42 goals and 62 assists).

Tkachuk would go on to break the personal record of a 100-point 2021/22 season in his first season playing for the Panthers in 2022/23. He would go on to earn 109 points (40 goals and 69 assists) in the regular season and 24 points (11 goals and 13 points) in the playoffs.

Source : facebook

The 2024 point projections for Tkachuk done by ESPN estimate him to gain 112 points (42 goals and 70 assists) and the NHL estimates 102 points. The projections for Tkachuk all point towards a third consecutive 100-point season for him. 

Tkachuk was the MVP in the 2023 All-Star Game scoring 7 points (4 goals and 3 assists) held on February 4, 2023. He quickly adjusted to the Panthers becoming one of the essential players of the team.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances there is a high likelihood of the ESPN's Projections being accurate and he could even surpass it. So, there is no reason to think twice about drafting Tkachuk for your Fantasy Hockey team. 

In his 7 seasons of playing in the NHL so far, Tkachuk has played 510 regular season games to amass a record of 192-299-491. Here are the full stats of the projections done by ESPN along with the previous season's record for Tkachuk.

Previous season stats

  • 79 Games played (GP)
  • 40 Goals (G)
  • 69 Assists (A)
  • 109 Points (PTS)
  • +29 Plus/Minus (+/-)
  • 123 Penalty Minutes (PIM)
  • 36 Power play points (PPP)
  • 20:26 Average time on ice (ATOI)
  • 322 Shots on Goal (SOG)

2024 Stats projection by ESPN

  • 82 GP
  • 42 G
  • 70 A
  • 112 PTS
  • +41 +/-
  • 108 PIM
  • 38 PPP 
  • 20:30 ATOI
  • 326 SOG