How To Sweep Check in NHL 24?

By Dipak BK / 21 November 2023 05:11 AM

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Hold the RB or R1 and then move the right stick on your controllers to Sweep Check in NHL 24. Diving as you perform the action should prove helpful. 

While it is important to score goals to win a match it is equally important to defend your lead and to do so there are several defensive techniques now made easier in NHL 24. 

Hybrid Controls have returned to NHL 24 and they use the same button mapping as NHL 23. This means that players can use the controls they are used to perform moves like the sweep check. 

Puck possession is critical when it comes to winning a match in NHL24 as it can lead to fewer shooting chances for the opponent. Checks like sweep checks, hip checks, push checks, and more are a very important facet of maintaining possession.

Press the Left Stick or L3(PlayStation) and move the Right stick to the Left or Right to protect the Puck in NHL 24. Press the Left Stick or L3 to Hustle across the Ice and release it to glide. 

NHL 24 HUT Sweep Check Guide

Sweep Check is a defensive move executed by moving the right stick as you hold the RB or R1 in NHL 24. Hold the X or square to hip check.

Checking in Ice hockey is used to either steal the puck or knock it off from their control to prevent the opponent from scoring or completing their pass. 

It is a type of checking that involves using the stick in a sweeping motion to disrupt the opponent. It is equally important to defend your lead as it is to create it which means learning to do defensive moves like checks along with offensive moves like dekes.

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Diving and then letting the opponent skate into your stick can also be a useful strategy to perform sweep checks in NHL 24 HUT.

Here are the controls for diving and other defensive moves in NHL 24:

  • Dive / Block: Press LB + Press RB (Xbox) | Press L1 + Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Push Check: Move the Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Shoulder Check: Move the Right Stick Down and then Move the Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Board Pin: Hold Y (Xbox) | Hold Triangle (PlayStation)
  • Hip Check: Hold X (Xbox) | Hold Square (PlayStation)
  • Poke Check: Press RB (Xbox) | Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Sweep Stick: Hold RB then Move Right Stick (Xbox) | Hold R1 then Move Right Stick (PlayStation)
  • Chop Puck: Press Right Stick then Move Right Stick (Xbox) | Press R3 then Move Right Stick (PlayStation)
  • Desperation Clear:  Double Tap Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Pass Block + Sweep Stick:
    • Press LB then Move the Right Stick Left or Move the Right Stick Right (Xbox)
    • Press L1 then Move Right Stick Left or Move Right Stick Right (PlayStation)
  • Stick Lift: Press A (Xbox) | Press X (PlayStation)
  • Tie Up Stick: Hold A (Xbox) | Hold X (PlayStation)
  • Block Pass: Press LB (Xbox) | Press L1 (PlayStation)

Sweep Check In NHL 23 And Earlier Versions

Sweep Check In NHL 23 can be performed by holding the R1 or RB and then swinging the Right stick for the Hybrid control layout, as in NHL 24.

One of the methods of sweep check found effective by players is to dive which can be performed by pressing the L1 + R1(PlayStation) or LB + RB(Xbox). The controls for diving and sweep checks are the same for NHL 21, 22, and 22. 

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The Hybrid Controls layout is the most popular control schema among the players of the EASports' NHL game series. They have been added to NHL 24 in a most recent patch release by the company and here is a refresher of the defensive controls for the layout.

  • Move Player: L (both Controllers)
  • Hustle: L3 (both Controllers)
  • Switch Player: X / R2 (PlayStation) | A / RT (Xbox)
  • Manual Switch Player: Hold R2 + R (PlayStation) | Hold RT + R (Xbox)
  • Cancel Manual Switch Player: Hold R2 + L1 (PlayStation) | Hold RT + LB (Xbox)
  • Switch to Last Skater back: Hold R2 + R3 (PlayStation) | Hold RT + R3 (Xbox)
  • Body Check: Circle (PlayStation) | B (Xbox)
  • Poke Check: R1 (PlayStation) | RB (Xbox)
  • Sweep Stick: Hold R1 + R (swing) (PlayStation) | Hold RB + R (swing) (Xbox)
  • Stick Lift: Square (PlayStation) | X (Xbox)
  • Block Pass: L1 (hold) (PlayStation) | LB (hold) (Xbox)
  • Dive & Block: L1 + R1 (PlayStation) | LB + RB (Xbox)
  • Initiate & Accept Fight: Triangle + Triangle (double-tap) (PlayStation) | Y + Y (double-tap) (Xbox)
  • Boardplay (when near the boards): Triangle (hold) (PlayStation) | Y (hold) (Xbox)
  • Initiate Net Battle (in open ice): Triangle (hold) (PlayStation) | Y (hold) (Xbox)
  • Line Changes: Hold R2 + Circle or Square (PlayStation) | Hold RT + B or X (Xbox)
  • Quick Plays D-Pad(both controllers)

How To Drop Pass NHL 24?

Drop Pass in NHL 24 can be done by pressing the RB(Xbox) or R1(PlayStation) on your controller as you remain aware not to move the left stick.

It is performed when a player passes the puck directly by stopping the puck and skating past it leaving the puck to be picked up by the teammate trailing behind.

Drop Pass in NHL 24 can be performed by using the RB or R1 for all three controller settings i.e. Skill Stick, Hybrid Controls, and Total Controls.

Passes are one of the things simplified in NHL 24's Total control layout. While it is easier to perform passes like between the legs pass, drop pass, and others, it remains crucial to nail the timing to execute them successfully. 

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Between the Legs pass can be performed by holding the B/Circle and pressing the RT/R2  under the new total controls layout. Here is the layout for passes in NHL 24 under the total control layout.

  • Skating / Shot & Pass Aim: Move Left Stick (both controllers)
  • Pass (hold for more strength): Press or Hold RT (Xbox )| Press or Hold R2 (PlayStation)
  • Between-the-Legs Pass:  Hold B + Press RT (Xbox) | Hold Circle + Press R2 (PlayStation)
  • Saucer Pass: Press RB (Xbox) | Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Icon Passing: Hold RT (Xbox) | Hold R2 (PlayStation)
  • Desperation Pass:  Double Tap RT (Xbox) | Double Tap R2 (PlayStation)
  • Cancel Pass: Press RB + LB (Xbox) | Press R1 + L1 (PlayStation)
  • One-Handed Pass: Hold A then Press RT or RB (Xbox) | Hold X then Press R2 or R1 (PlayStation)
  • Between-the-Legs Saucer Pass: Hold B + Press RB (Xbox) | Hold Circle + Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Board-bank Self-pass (near boards): Press LB + Press RT (Xbox) | Press L1 + Press R2 (PlayStation)
  • Behind-the-Net Self-pass (behind net): Press LB + Press RT (Xbox) | Press L1 + Press R2 (PlayStation)
  • Drop Pass: Press RB without moving the Left Stick (Xbox) | Press R1 without moving the Left Stick (PlayStation)
  • Lacrosse Flip Pass: Hold Y then Press RB (Xbox) | Hold Triangle then Press R1 (PlayStation)

How to Michigan NHL 24?

Hold the Y(Xbox) or Triangle(PlayStation) and then release to Michigan NHL 24. This is the control schema for the Total Control Layout. 

"The Michigan" also known as the Lacrosse style goal is one of the difficult moves to pull off in hockey but it's been made easier to execute under the Total Control Layout. The shot requires you to put the puck on the blade of the stick and fling it towards the net just like in lacrosse. 

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The method to perform the Michigan on Still Stick, given below is slightly complicated under the Skill Stick layout. You need to make sure the puck is on the forehand before you attempt the shot. 

  • Get the puck on the forehand by moving the right stick to either left or right (depending on whether the shooter is left-handed or right-handed)
  • Xbox: Forehand + LB (Hold) + RS (Hold) + Right Stick (rotate counterclockwise)
  • PlayStation: Forehand + L1 (Hold) + R3 (Hold) + Right Stick (rotate counterclockwise)

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