Fast Sling Puck Board Game Rules 2023

By Dipak BK / 29 September 2023 11:02 AM

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Sling Puck Game Rules state that a player must get all the pucks to the opposite side of the board through the gate to win the game. 

The game comes with 10 pucks and a board. The players must place 5 pucks on their side and the objective of the game is to get all of the pucks on your side to the other end. 

Players can only use one hand to shoot the pucks with the elastic string and as the game begins there is no stopping until there is a clear winner.

The fast Sling puck game gained massive popularity in 2020 through users uploading videos of themselves playing the game mostly on TikTok. 

It is also known by many other names like the supper winner game, wooden puck board games, supper winner, etc. The game boards come in various sizes but the most common ones are small, medium, and large size. 

The rules are simple to learn for this highly portable game but winning may not be as simple as it looks. It requires very good hand-eye coordination and concentration. 

What is Fast Sling Puck Board Game?

Fast Sling Puck is a board game with the goal of clearing all of the pucks on your side by slinging them with an elastic to the opposing side.

The origin of this game dates back to before it gained popularity in 2020 mainly through social media videos of people playing the game. 

The Table Hockey game primarily consists of two players but it is possible to play the game in groups as well. When it was first invented, the game required players to take turns slinging the pucks, unlike the current version where both players start firing simultaneously.

The board of this game is rectangular in size divided in the middle with only a small gap that the puck can fit through in the middle commonly referred to as a gate.

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On both ends of the board, there is an elastic band the players can use to fire the pucks. There are 10 small circular disks usually called pucks that come with the game. 5 pucks are placed on each side of the board and the game is ready to be played.

The most popular method of starting the game is to clap thrice with your opponent using both of your hands. Once the starting signal is given both players start shooting their pucks so that they go through the gate to the opposing side and do not reflect back on their own side. 

Sometimes the timing of the opponent's shot matches and your puck back that fits perfectly through the gate comes back on your own side. 

The rules of this game are easy to grasp and it is so easy to learn that the minimum age requirement is 3. However, that does not mean winning will be so easy as there are strategies involved in this game.

This game requires players to have extremely good hand-eye coordination, good concentration, and a very fast reaction time as well.  

Super Winner Sling Puck Rules

The rules of Super Winner Sling Puck is to place 5 pucks on each side of the board and fire away until your side is empty, using only one hand.

The Super Winner sling puck is another name for the Fast Sling Puck Game. The board comes in two sizes; the regular size and the large size. 

The regular-size board is 17.1 inches in length, 10.2 inches in width, and one inch in height. The large size board is 22.2 inches long and 11.8 inches wide. 

Super winner sling puck game is popular as a party game and it has been used as a drinking game at times as well. The reason is that it is portable and fun for people of all ages, not just the kids.

Given below are the basic sling hockey rules to keep in mind before starting the game.

  • The number of pucks that come in a standard board game is 10 so each player must take 5 each. 
  • Arrange the pucks on your side of the board.
  • Players can only use one hand to sling their pucks
  • You can only shoot one puck at a time.
  • The player to clear their board first is the winner

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Turn-by-turn style

  • Decide on the player order (Coin tosses can be helpful)
  • Take turns shooting the puck.
  • Shoot one puck per turn
  • Establish a time limit allowed per shot
  • Set up a scoring system in place (like one point for a puck that makes it across)
  • This sort of play style involves using your head and analyzing the opposing player's patterns for example.
  • Some of these rules can be relaxed a bit for kids playing the game
  • Good reflexes, accuracy, concentration, and coming up with a good strategy can be helpful for this playstyle

Fast play style

  • For this sort of play style, no scoring system is necessary 
  • Both players agree upon a signal to start the game
  • At the start of the signal, both players begin shooting their pucks
  • Do not stop shooting until your side is empty
  • Try to reflect  your opponent's pucks back to their side
  • A faster reflex can be more helpful for this playstyle

Wooden Sling Hockey Board

A wooden sling hockey board is used for Sling Puck games. The board is typically made out of wood for durability, portability, and overall ease.

The board for the hockey sling puck game can also be made out of cardboard as a DIY project as well but it will not be as durable. The board itself is available in multiple sizes made available by different board game companies. There are even foldable wooden boards available. 

The type of wood used can be different based on the company's manufacturing practices. Etsy has a wide variety of choices on wooden sling hockey boards for you to check out.

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Kiditos Champion is an example of boards made out of wood sourced from environment-friendly sources. The game comes with swappable gates to adjust the difficulty.

It comes with three difficulty levels that can be achieved by changing the gates. The beginner gate will have one standard gap in the middle, and the higher difficulty can have more than one gap. 

This allows for fun for all age levels and you can make it more of a challenge if you find the game with one gate easy. They also have 4 sizes of boards available with the largest one being 27 inches in length and sixteen inches in width. 

Another board game manufacturer that provides multiple sizes for their boards is Mopok, the sizes available are:

  • Large size: 22" L X 11.6" W 

  • Medium size: 17" L X 10.2" W

  • Small size: 14.3" L X 8.5" W

Sling Puck Scoring System

The Sling Puck Scoring System states that players get one point for successfully shooting their pucks through the gate into the opposite side.

A scoring system can be very helpful if you are playing the game using the turn-by-turn approach. Even if you are playing using the fast play style a scoring system has its advantages.

The turn-by-turn scoring system is fairly simple, the player shoots their pucks through the gate and into the other side to get a point. The score can be tallied at the end if you are playing multiple rounds of the game to determine the winner.

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For the fast play style, the players can set up their scoring system. One way might be to play a best of seven games with the players earning one point per win and the first player to earn 4 points declared the winner. 

Here are some tips and strategies outlined for the sling puck board game.

  • Study the board to understand the most optimal and strategic locations to place your pucks
  • Look at the opponent's pucks to figure out possible weak points 
  • And look at the opponent as well to try to figure out their patterns
  • Practice shooting to improve your technique
  • Improve your accuracy

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