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San Jose Sharks Promotional Schedule 2023-24

By Kapil Sapkota / 8 November 2023 08:00 AM

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San Jose Sharks promotional schedule for 2023-24 season includes the Diwali Celebrations on 9th Nov and SJSharks Gaming on 25th Nov 2023

To start the first promo event, the San Jose franchise will distribute mashup basketball shirsey to its fans. The Sharks have planned multiple events for the new season which will be concluded with Fan Appreciation Night in April.

The Sharks are one of the professional ice hockey teams based in San Jose and is a member of the Pacific division of the NHL.

The franchise has announced its promotional schedule for the 2023-24 season with some events being already concluded. 

The team celebrates several promotional events at their home arena regarding several matters like Hockey Fight Cancer which supports cancer patients, and Diwali Celebrations, the festival of Hindus. 

Several giveaways are provided in every promotional event hosted every year. Several rules regarding bag policies, and other regulation policies are implemented for fans to enjoy properly.

San Jose Sharks Giveaway Schedule

San Jose Sharks giveaways include the Hockey Fights Cancer banner, Rally Towell All-Arena, and Holiday Sweater Shirley.

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Most NHL franchises conduct different giveaway events for their fans. Giveaways help to build a strong relationship with the supporters.

Giveaways are part of the club's promotional events gathering their fans to cheer about with several rewards. 

Sharks after announcing its giveaway schedule with the promotional events schedule, have introduced several giveaways as a part of the event. 

Clothing and accessories including hats, T-shirts, jerseys, banners regarding social campaigns, and artistic posters are kept as giveaway items this season by the franchise.

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Sharks Giveaway Schedule for the 2023-24 season

  • Thursday, November 16, 7:30 PM - Rolla Banner All Arena Giveaway Presented by Kaiser Permanente 
  • Saturday, November 25, 7:00 PM - Tech Tattoos All Arena Giveaway 
  • Thursday, December 21, 7:30 PM - Holiday Sweater Shirsey Giveaway
  • Saturday, January 6, 4:00 PM - Bay FC Soccer Shirsey Giveaway
  • Saturday, January 20, 7:00 PM - Aloha Shirt All Arena Giveaway Presented by Southwest Airlines
  • Saturday, January 27, 1:00 PM - Reversible Bucket Hat All Arena Giveaway
  • Saturday, February 17, 7:30 PM - Red Envelopes All Arena Giveaway
  • Thursday, February 29, 7:30 PM - Artist Poster All Arena Giveaway
  • Saturday, March 9, 4:00 PM - Women of Teal Shirsey All Arena Giveaway Presented by Kaiser Permanente
  • Saturday, March 23, 7:30 PM - Cricket Shirsey All Arena Giveaway
  • Saturday, April 6, 3:00 PM - Straw Hat All Arena Giveaway
  • Saturday, April 13, 7:30 PM - Fan-Designed Shirt All Arena Giveaway

Hockey Fights Cancer Presented by Kaiser Permanente

Hockey Fights Cancer event presented by Kaiser Permanente will be hosted on November 16, 2023. They will play against St Louis Blues.

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During the event, the players wear specialty purple jerseys during the pregame warmups. Those jerseys will be auctioned off later.  The raised funds will be donated to the welfare of cancer victims.

Kaiser is an American integrated managed care consortium based in Oakland, California. It currently operates 39 hospitals and over 700 medical offices. 

NHL and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) collaboratively started celebrating HFC in 1998. It has continued to date. HFC brings the hockey community together to support cancer patients and their families. 

November is celebrated as Hockey Fights Cancer Month across the league. Each of the teams celebrates HFC Night during their home games.

Donations are made through the HFC campaign for lodging, transportation, and other services for cancer patients in the United States and Canada.

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The previous season, the Sharks hosted the Detroit Red Wings at their home during the HFC Night. The players wore lavender jerseys which were later auctioned off along with select hockey sticks to raise the fund.

The Sharks lost that match 4-7 against the Red Wings. However, it is a great feeling to see even the biggest hockey rivals coming together to fight against cancer.

San Jose Sharks Pride Night

San Jose Sharks are all set to celebrate the Pride Night event on January 27, 2024. They will play against the Buffalo Sabres at the SAP Center.

The club hosted the New York Islanders during the event happened on 2022-23 season.

It began with a special scrimmage between the Sharks front office staff members and the San Francisco Earthquakes LGBTQ+ Adult Hockey Team on March 13.

On March 18, the players wore specialty jerseys during warmups designed by Houyee Chow.

The jerseys were auctioned off following the game. Pride-themed nameplates were featured in each player stall and pride tape was used on player sticks.

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The NHL started celebrating Pride Nights to raise the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people and every NHL team hosted the event in the past.

In the last season, many of those plans were canceled by the NHL teams after being made public.

Some of the other NHL players including the Flyers player Ivan Provorov opted out of participating in warmups with his teammates for the Pride Night event last season.

Furthermore, the Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild, and the New York Rangers opted not to wear Pride jerseys during warmups.

After the refusal of these players and teams to wear Pride jerseys, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said that he has advised NHL franchises to stop wearing specialty-themed jerseys.

This decision of the NHL to ban the Pride-themed jerseys during the games was criticized by many. 

It was decided to halt the Pride Night events beginning the 2023-24 season. Interestingly, it is back on the schedule of the NHL franchises.

Celebration of Black History

Celebration of Black History is happening on Thursday, 29 February 2024. at SAP center. The Sharks will play against the Anaheim Ducks.

The players will appear in specially designed jerseys during the pregame warm-ups. A ceremonial puck drop will be made to start the event.

If we look at the old calendar of the Sharks, they had held the Black History Night on February 18, 2023, with a match against the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres had a 4-2 victory over the Sabres at SAP Center.

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Each NHL franchise celebrates the event honoring the contributions and stories of Black trailblazers in hockey. 

February is celebrated as Black History Month in the NHL. The league shows an appreciation for the contributions that black men and women have made to hockey.

Usually, the players wear specially designed jerseys during warmups to celebrate the event. The jerseys are then auctioned off after the game.

Sharks collect funds and donate for education, anti-racism work, honoring important people and events in black history, support services, etc.

NHL and NHLPA collectively celebrated Black History Night in February 2019 shifting their focus from the "Hockey Is For Everyone" campaign.

Sharks Fan Appreciation Night

Sharks Fan Appreciation Night will be happening on April 13, 2024, concluding their season-final home game. They will play against the Minnesota Wild.

A series of events and giveaways will be made by the Sharks to celebrate their fans throughout their final regular-season games.

The NHL teams organize the Thanksgiving event appreciating the fans for supporting the team at all the good and bad times.

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The Sharks fans holding a ticket will receive a Fan-Designed Shirt as a giveaway. The tickets for the event are available to purchase at Ticketmaster.

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San Jose celebrated their previous Fan Appreciation Night on April 8 for the 2022-23 season welcoming the Edmonton Oilers at their home arena.

The Oilers registered a terrific 6-1 victory to upset the Sharks. Connor McDavid scored a goal and 2 assists to help the Oilers win the match. The only goal for the Sharks was scored by Tomas Hertl.

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