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Who Is Sean Walker iTrain Hockey?

By Bhumika Shrestha / May 26, 2023 10:27 AM

Sean striking a pose with a hockey stick wearing iTrain Hockey hoodie, gloves and skating boots in Toronto
Sean striking a pose with a hockey stick wearing iTrain Hockey hoodie, gloves and skating boots in Toronto( Source : instagram )

Sean Walker iTrain Hockey trainer founded the company in 2008. Sean is also the owner and director of Consciousness Revolution.

Walker has a website to grow online player development video tutorials. The company is located in Brampton, ON, Canada, and has been a part of other schools.

His name coincides with another Ontario native active defenseman player Sean Walker. The two are different individuals in the same field with slightly different career choices.

The trainer has a YouTube Channel titled iTrain Hockey. One of his most popular videos is iTrain Hockey Transitional Skating Training Intensive which has gained 749k views.

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Sean Walker iTrain Hockey Bio

Sean Walker iTrain Hockey bio says he hails from Toronto, Ontario. He got a job at the Varsity Hockey School at 15 as a support instructor to the elite players.

Sean used to go to a school in Brampton with a hockey-playing friend who gave him a Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em video.

Sean was dating a girl when he started his first hockey school. They welcomed a child at that time so he needed to make more money to care for them.

The trainer now has two sons, Hanen and Reid. He also coached his son's basketball team where he played high school basketball himself. Hanen makes illustration art and has a dedicated Instagram account to showcase his art.

His mother is a former figure skater in Sudbury. His grandfather also admired hockey; he gave him one of the NHL Heritage plates collection featuring Jean Ratelle to remember the important moment.

During a National Skill Development Association podcast session, Sean shared that he has two sisters and a younger brother. His younger sister played softball, hockey.

As protective parents, his mom and dad used to tell him to shoot pucks only in summer. He also shared how his mother tried to stop him from staying in hockey, and also she could not stand Don Cherry.

Sean with his two sons Hanen and Reid promoting BAUER Hockey equipments
Sean with his two sons Hanen and Reid promoting BAUER Hockey equipments( Source : instagram )

How Old Is Sean Walker?

Sean walker is 37 years old. He was 22 when he started his own company, iTrain Hockey.

Growing up in Brampton for most of his life, he did like a slight climb from what he had in Brampton's inner-city host leagues. He became friends with some older school hockey trainers.

iTrain Hockey Net Worth

iTrain Hockey net worth is $15 million. iTrain Hockey has 16 employees from different locations in Orleans, Ontario.

They have yearly revenue of $5 million. As per Sean's LinkedIn account, He also owns Consciousness Revolution, established in May 2015.

On his website, there are 69 hockey camp packages. Highest priced camp is $809.99, including the tax on the title New York Older Summer Camp and New York Youth Summer Camp.

There are three membership packages: MONTHLY iTH+, TEAM iTH+, and ONE YEAR iTH+.

One year package costs $119.99 tax annually. This includes 600+ on-ice and off-ice training videos. They also get individual or team practice plans and more than 100 healthy recipes.

Their monthly package costs $24.99 with tax. They receive all the facilities and services provided for the annual users.

Team ITH costs $299.99, including tax, for one year. This package provides entire team player development for every player on the team.

Apart from the training camps, they earn through e-commerce. They sell sportswear premium hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and Raglan shirts through their official Facebook.

Sean Walker ITrain Hockey Background

Sean Walker ITrain Hockey background is in the Sports industry. The organization focuses on data-driven player development by offering training packages and video lessons.

They welcome learners from every age group. The hockey training business provides online remote video coaching through apps like Zoon, off-ice training and motivational videos to sharpen the skills.

Sean solely established the company in January 2008.

Sean holding hockey stick at Fifth Third Arena for the Chicago Camp
Sean holding hockey stick at Fifth Third Arena for the Chicago Camp( Source : instagram )

The company's general manager is Jordan OTT from Rochester, New York. She is head coach of the women's ice hockey coach at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre.

The training institute provides tutorials on the following lessons:

  • Skills Tutorials
  • Team Practice Plans
  • Remote Coaching
  • Off-Ice Training
  • Individual Practice Plans
  • Hockey Knowledge
  • NHL Player Highlights Analysis
  • Offensive and defensive tactics
  • Passing and controlling the puck

Sean Walker iTrain Hockey Elite Prospects

Sean Walker iTrain Hockey Elite Prospects profile does not exit. The coach has not played in leagues higher than AAA so he has been assigned any Elite account.

However, the Los Angeles Kings defenseman has impressive stats and has been in NHL since the 2018-19 season. He has played for  York Simcoe Express U16 AAA, Georgina Ice, Newmarket Hurricanes, and Ontario Reign.

He was awarded World Championship Gold Medal during the 2020-2021 season. He was also named to NCAA (WCHA) Second All-Star Team and AHL All-Star Game.

The 28-year-old was born in Keswick Ontario. He signed a four-year contract with the Kings for $10,600,000.

Sean Walker Hockey Trainer Career

Sean Walker hockey trainer career started when he was only 13 year old. He used to train players in Toronto privately.

A few years later, he started his hockey school after gathering some experience to make money. He used to give private lessons at like 3:00 and then like three or four or five team lessons.

Sean has not played a high level of hockey but surely has a passion for it. He has played in the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League.

He has certification in the Greater Toronto Hockey League's Competency-Based Educational Training Development for the AAA level and the Ontario Minor Hockey Association's National Coaching Certification Program.

Walker has been the head coach and assistant coach for the AAA teams in the GTHL and OMHA.

He has trained QMJHL, OHL, NCAA, and Pro players. He focuses on instructing players on combining the breakdown of mechanics, unique fundamental drills, and high intensity.

In September 2022, he organized iTrain Hockey Camp at Fort Frances Ice For Kids Arena and International Falls Bronco Arena.

Recently he received a letter of appreciation for his video works from Varyag Hockey Association CEO Yuri Fedin. Yuri expressed that he is convinced that Sean makes the best content in teaching hockey.

One Reddit user shared his/her experience through a training camp with him. The user shared that he coached a group of 30 with some coaches to help with the puck and wrote his impression on skills.

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