PWHL 2023 Schedule Release and Draft Results

By Dipak BK / 24 September 2023 07:43 AM

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PWHL 2023 schedule includes the draft date on September 18. The regular season games will begin in January with dates yet to be announced.

The draft results include Taylor Heise as the no. 1 pick by Minnesota, first in the draft pick order. Toronto had the second pick and Boston, New York, Ottawa, and Montreal were the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th in the draft order respectively in the draft which used a “Snake draft format”.

The Professional Women’s Hockey League was announced officially on August 29, 2023. The PWHL has six inaugural teams, three of them are based out of American Cities (Boston, Minnesota, New York) and three are based out of Canadian Cities (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto). 

Advisory board members of the PWHL are Billie Jean King - the tennis icon, Ilana Kloss - a former tennis player and King’s wife, Royce Cohen - L.A. Dodgers Senior VP of business strategy and Stan Kasten - L.A. Dodgers President.

When does the PWHL season start?

The first PWHL season will start on January 2024. The teams will play 24 regular season games each, followed by the playoff matches.

The training camp will be held from November 13. Each team can bring 28 players to camp before they cut the roster size to 23 players before the season starts.

The games will be played in a playoffs and a final format and the details for those will be announced at a later date. In the subsequent seasons, the teams will play at least 30 regular season games each and no more than 32 games.

The PWHL in a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the PWHL Players Association has announced that there will be no more than 4 games scheduled for any team in a 7-day duration. The CBA also states that no team can have games scheduled for 3 successive days.

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The PWHL Schedule looked like this so far.

September 1 - Free Agent period begins

September 3 - 2023 PWHL draft declaration deadline

September 10 - Free Agency period ends

September 18 - 2023 PWHL Draft 

PWHL 2023 Draft Results

The PWHL 2023 draft took place on September 18 at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. The event was hosted by Billie Jean King.

Teams had a total of 268 PWHL draft eligible players to pick. 90 players were drafted in 15 rounds in the league's historic first draft selection.

The number 1 pick Taylor Heise played for the University of Minnesota. She also represented Team USA at the 2023 IIHF World Championships. 

The second overall pick selected by Toronto was Jocylene Larocque. The 35-year-old defender is a veteran player of the Canada national team.

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Alina Muller was selected by Boston as the 3rd overall pick. The subsequent picks are Ella Shelton by New York, Savannah Harmon by Ottawa, and Erin Ambrose by Montreal closing out Round 1 of the PWHL draft. 

The six teams had already signed 3 players each in the free period and after they have the opportunity to sign more players as they can take 28 players to training camp according to the CBA. All the 18 PWHL players signed as free agents by the teams were national team representatives. 

The final roster must have 23 players. The league can designate reserve players, which is a pool of players not on the roster of any team and available for the team’s use.

The PWHL draft results 2023 for the top 30 picks selected in rounds 1 to 5 are given below.

Draft Pick No.Player Name - Position -Team
Pick 1Taylor Heise - F - Minnesota
Pick 2Jocylene Larocque - D - Toronto
Pick 3Alina Muller - F - Boston
Pick 4Ella Shelton - D - New York
Pick 5Savannah Harmon - D - Ottawa
Pick 6Erin Ambrose - D - Montreal
Pick 7Kristin O’Neill - F - Montreal
Pick 8Ashton Bell - D - Ottawa
Pick 9Jamie Bourbonnais - D - New York
Pick 10Sophie Jaques - D – Boston
Pick 11Emma Maltais - F - Toronto
Pick 12Nicole Hensley – D – Minnesota
Pick 13Grace Zumwinkle - F - Minnesota
Pick 14Kristen Campbell - G - Toronto
Pick 15Jamie-Lee Rattray - F - Boston
Pick 16Jessie Eldridge - F - New York
Pick 17Jincy Dunne-Roese - D - Ottawa
Pick 18Maureen Murphy - F - Montreal
Pick 19Dominika Laskova - D - Montreal
Pick 20Gabrielle Hughes - F - Ottawa
Pick 21Chloe Aurard - F - New York
Pick 22Loren Gabel - F - Boston
Pick 23Natalie Spooner - F - Toronto
Pick 24Maggie Flaherty - D - Minnesota
Pick 25Susanna Tapani - F - Minnesota
Pick 26Jesse Compher - F - Toronto
Pick 27Hannah Brandt - F - Boston
Pick 28Elizabeth Giguere - F - New York
Pick 29Hayley Scamurra - F - Ottawa
Pick 30Kati Tabin - D - Montreal

PWHL Team Rosters Updated

The PWHL team roster has been updated now with the completion of the PWHL draft and the free agent signings by the six teams. 

The teams after drafting 15 players each and the 3 players each they signed have a total of 18 players on their roster. They can sign up to 10 more players to take to training camp and from there they will update their roster to include 23 players as per the league regulations.

The free agent signings and the 15 players picked from the 2023 PWHL draft for all six teams are given below:


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Charlie Burggraf is the head coach for the Minnesota team in the PWHL. He is the former head coach of the Bethel University hockey team.

Natalie Darwitz, the three-time Olympic medallist for the US national team and their former captain is their inaugural General Manager.

Free Agent Signings:

  • Lee Stecklein (D)
  • Kelly Pannek (F)
  • Kendall Coyne Schofield (F)

Drafted players:

  • Taylor Heise (C)
  • Nicole Hensley (G)
  • Grace Zumwinkle (RW)
  • Maggie Flaherty (D)
  • Susanna Tapani (C/LW)
  • Clair DeGeorge (LW)
  • Natalie Buchbinder (D)
  • Denisa Krizova( LW)
  • Sidney Morin (D)
  • Sophia Kunin (RW)
  • Amanda Leveille (G)
  • Michela Cava (C)
  • Liz Schepers (C/LW)
  • Minttu Tuominen (D)
  • Sydney Brodt (C)


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Gina Kingsbury is the General Manager of the Toronto team. Troy Ryan was announced as the head coach of the franchise on September 15.

Free Agent Signings:

  • Sarah Nurse (F)
  • Blayre Turnbull (F)
  • Reina Fast (D)

Drafted players:

  • Jocelyne Larocque (D)
  • Emma Maltais (C/RW)
  • Kristen Campbell (G)
  • Natalie Spooner (RW)
  • Jesse Compher (RW/C)
  • Kali Flanagan (D)
  • Victoria Bach (C/LW)
  • Brittany Howard (C)
  • Allie Munroe (D)
  • Mellissa Channell (D)
  • Maggie Connors (LW)
  • Rebecca Leslie (RW)
  • Hannah Miller (C/LW)
  • Alexa Vasko (C)
  • Olivia Knowles (D)


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Courtney Kessel is the head coach for Boston. Kessel is the Associate Coach for the Boston University’s women's team.

Danielle Marmer, the player development assistant for the Boston Bruins is the General Manager for the PWHL team.

Free Agent Signings:

  • Hilary Knight (F)
  • Aerin Frankel (G)
  • Megan Keller (D)

Drafted players:

  • Alina Müller (C)
  • Sophie Jaques (D)
  • Jamie-Lee Rattray (LW)
  • Loren Gabel (C/LW)
  • Hannah Brandt (C)
  • Jessica DiGirolamo (D)
  • Theresa Schafzahl (C/LW)
  • Emily Brown (D)
  • Taylor Girard (LW)
  • Emma Söderberg (G)
  • Sophie Shirley (RW)
  • Shiann Darkangelo (LW)
  • Emma Buckles (D)
  • Tatum Skaggs (RW)
  • Jess Healey (D)

New York

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Howie Draper is the head Coach for the New York team. Pascal Daoust is their first General Manager. 

Abbey Levy, Paetyn Levis, and Chloé Aurard played college hockey before they were drafted by the New York team. 

Free Agent Signings:

  • Abby Roque (F)
  • Alex Carpenter (F)
  • Micah Zandee-Hart (D)

Drafted players:

  • Ella Shelton (D)
  • Jaime Bourbonnais (D)
  • Jessie Eldridge (RW)
  • Chloé Aurard (LW)
  • Élizabeth Giguère (RW)
  • Corinne Schroeder (G)
  • Jill Saulnier (LW)
  • Brooke Hobson (D)
  • Jade Downie-Landry (LW)
  • Paetyn Levis (RW)
  • Abigail Levy (G)
  • Olivia Zafuto (D)
  • Kayla Vespa (C)
  • Emma Woods (C/LW)
  • Alexandra Labelle (LW)


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Carla Macleod is the head coach and Michael Hirshfield is the General Manager for Ottowa. They will play home games at the TD Place Arena.

Macleod is the head coach for the Czech Women’s national team. Likewise, Hirshfield is the NHL Coaches’ Association’s Executive Director.

Free Agent Signings:

  • Brianne Jenner (F)
  • Emerance Maschmeyer (G)
  • Emily Clark (F)

Drafted players:

  • Savannah Harmon (D)
  • Ashton Bell (D)
  • Jincy Dunne-Roese (D)
  • Gabriella Hughes (C)
  • Hayley Scamurra (LW)
  • Daryl Watts (C)
  • Aneta Tejralova (D)
  • Katerina Mrazova (C/LW)
  • Zoe Boyd (D)
  • Kristin Della Rovere (C)
  • Lexi Adzija (C)
  • Sandra Abstreiter (G)
  • Amanda Boulier (D)
  • Caitrin Lonergan (RW)
  • Audrey-Ann Veillette (RW)


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Kori Cheverie is the head coach for the Montreal PWHL team. Cheverie is notably the first woman to coach a Canadian Men’s Hockey team.

Daniel Sauvageau is the inaugural General Manager of the team. 

Free Agent Signings:

  • Marie-Philip Poulin (F)
  • Anne-Renée Desbiens (G)
  • Laura Stacey (F)

Drafted players:

  • Erin Ambrose (D)
  • Kristin O'Neill (C)
  • Maureen Murphy (RW)
  • Dominika Laskova (D)
  • Kati Tabin (D)
  • Kennedy Marchment (RW)
  • Tereza Vanisova (C/LW)
  • Madison Bizal (D)
  • Gabrielle David (C)
  • Maude Poulin-Labelle (D)
  • Jillian Dempsey (C)
  • Claire Dalton (RW)
  • Elaine Chuli (G)
  • Ann-Sophie Bettez (C/LW)
  • Lina Ljungblom (C)

How To Watch PWHL on TV?

The league is currently working out deals for streaming the PWHL games on TV. It aims to get linear TV Coverage along with digital streaming. 

The PWHL draft was live-streamed by CBS Sports and across various channels. It was streamed on YouTube for the fans’ convenience as well.

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The inaugural season of 24 games played among the six teams is expected to run from January to early June, including an international break for the IIHF Women’s World Championship in April.

From the second PWHL season onwards, the teams will play 32 games with the season expected to run from November to the following May.

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