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Patrick Kane Fantasy Hockey Names ft Rangers

By Dipak BK / 13 October 2023 10:56 AM

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Patrick Kane Fantasy Hockey names are Kane You Dig It, The Kanibal, Kane I Kick It, The Manchurian Kandidate, The Kanedom, and more. 

Kane was drafted in the 2007 Entry draft by the Chicago Blackhawks as the overall number-one pick. He has gone on to win the Stanley Cup three times with the Blackhawks in 2010, 2013, and 2015. 

He was traded by the Blackhawks to the New York Rangers on February 28, 2023. He underwent hip resurfacing surgery on June 1 and is currently an unrestricted free agent following his contract expiry.

The 2013 Conn Smythe Trophy winner was the fourth American-born player ever to win the trophy joining Brian Leetch (1994), Tim Thomas (2011), and Jonathan Quick (2012). He won the Art Ross Trophy, Hart Memorial Trophy, and the Ted Lindsay Award in 2016. 

His NHL career record so far reads 1,237 points (451 G, 786 A) earned in 1,180 games played in the regular season and 138 points (53 G & 85 A) earned in 143 playoff games.

Rangers Fantasy Hockey Names

Rangers fantasy names are the New York Raggers, Rangers State of Mind, New York Rangers of the New Republic, Raanta and Rave, and more.

New York Rangers are one of the original six  NHL teams founded in 1926. The Rangers have won 4 Stanley Cup championships, 2 Conference Championships, 3 Presidents' Trophy, and 7 Division Trophies.

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For a hockey franchise with such an enriched legacy, it is imminent that it is one of the most popular teams in the NHL with massive fanbase.

Taking that into consideration, we have listed some of the best Rangers fantasy hockey team names below.

  • New York Rangers of the New Republic
  • Moves Like Jagr
  • Pat Zajac and Vanek White
  • da BOYLEs on my BACKES HERTLs
  • Crosby, Staals and Nash
  • Raanta and Rave
  • Callahand me a beer
  • Fasth and the Fleuryous
  • Mats Zuclander
  • Not Your Stepan Stone
  • Hall and Nash, The Outsiders
  • Make it Nashty
  • Stepan it!
  • Keep a Sharp Eye on the Staals
  • Bukakko
  • Resting Buch Face
  • Kreid or Die
  • Ghost Kreider
  • Good Kaapo Bad Kaapo
  • The Trou Trou Trains
  • The Breadmen
  • Blizzard of Oth!
  • Lenny Kravtsov
  • Lick my kakko, 
  • Mika’n a mess,
  • Trochek your self before you trowreck yourself
  • 420 Blais it
  • Chytle the moment
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Kried me a river
  • Great wall of Igor
  • Youre in troubal
  • Foxy Fellows
  • New York Raggers 
  • The garden of madison
  • Do the Rangers Thing 
  • The Rangers of the game 
  • All the Rangers Men 
  • Some like it cold 

Patrick Kane Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Patrick Kane has been successful in the NHL from the get-go winning the Calder Memorial Trophy in his inaugural season with the Blackhawks.

Kane has established himself as one of the best American-born players to ever play in the league. Moreover, he is one of the only 4 American-born players to win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Patrick has gone on to win the Stanley Cup three times with the Blackhawks three times scoring over 1,000 points in over 1,000 games played.

Whilst representing the USA in many international events, Kane was notably named the team captain for the 2018 IIHF World Championship. 

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The 2023/24 season has started and with it marks the start of Fantasy Hockey. We have listed some of the finest Patrick Kane fantasy names.

  • Kane is Abel
  • Evander Kane-an Jarrus
  • Kane you dig it
  • Kane and Abel
  • The Kanibal
  • Kane River
  • Hard Kandy
  • The Manchurian Kandidate
  • Kane pow 
  • King Kane 
  • Kane of whoop-ass 
  • The Kanedom 
  • Kane vs Kane
  • Tekkane
  • The talented Mr Kane
  • Madison Square Nights: The Ballas of Kane 
  • Kane Wolf
  • There's something about Kane
  • Kaneland 
  • Kane it 
  • Kane you believe it 
  • Get a Kane on 
  • Yes we Kane 
  • We Kane work it out 
  • No Kane do 
  • Kane I help you
  • Skating Kane
  • Kane I kick it 
  • Kane you feel it 
  • You Kane count on me 
  • Kanevas

Patrick Kane NHL Fantasy Outlook For 2023-24 Season

Patrick Kane Fantasy Rankings place him at number 202 per ESPN. Kane is ranked between 120 and 200 on most other popular sites. 

His performance saw a drop in the 2022/23 season and was traded to the New York Rangers before the end of the season. His hip had been bothering him causing a decline in his performance for which he chose to have hip resurfacing surgery on June 1, 2023. 

Last season Kane recorded 57 points (21 G & 36 A) which is a steep drop from 92 points in his 2021/22 season with the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Taking into consideration his last season's stats and the fact that there are at least six months of rehab before he gets ice-ready it might be wise to not have him occupy a roster spot if your fantasy hockey league does not have NA spots. 

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Kane the unrestricted free agent as a result of his surgery, will not be ice-ready well into the 2023/24 season and it may take some time after that to get NHL-ready.

So, if your league is competitive and you need to earn points from the get-go it might not be a good idea to keep a roster spot or even the IR spot which you may need later occupied. 

Patrick Kane has enjoyed a successful NHL career with the Blackhawks, skating for them the last sixteen seasons to play over 1,000 games and earn over 1,000 points.

There is no doubt on anyone's mind regarding his aptitude but as per his 2023/24 Fantasy Outlook goes it might be a good idea to keep him on your NA spot if your league has that as he could prove to be a game changer late into the 2023/24 season. 

When it comes to Fantasy Hockey, numbers speak the loudest. Here is a look at his projections for the 2023/24 season according to ESPN along with his stats from the last season. 

Patrick Kane 2022/23 Season Statistics

  • 73 Games Played (GP)
  • 21 Goals (G)
  • 36 Assists (A)
  • 57 Points (PTS)
  • -22 Plus/Minus (+/-)
  • 16 Penalty Minutes (PIM)
  • 22 Power Play Points (PPP)
  • 19:18 Average Time On Ice (ATOI)
  • 227 Shots on Goal (SOG)

2023/24 Season Projections for Patrick Kane

  • 60 GP
  • 18 G   
  • 30 A  
  • 48 PTS  
  • -12 +/-   
  • 14 PIM 
  • 19 PPP  
  • 18:30 ATOI 
  • 197 SOG

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