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ESPN Hockey Intermission Commentators, Announcers And Broadcasters Tonight

By Swikriti Kandel / 5 May 2023 07:22 AM

Mike and A. J. Holding Mics During A Sports Event At New York On 6 December 2022
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ESPN hockey intermission commentators and announcers tonight are 1. Bob Wischusen 2. Sean McDonough 3. Emily Kaplan. Here is NHL on ESPN Play By Play announcer list.

National Hockey League broadcasting partners are ESPN and TNT. The league signed a seven-year contract with the two media companies during the 2021-22 season.

The contract mentions that ESPN can publish 25 regular games on ABC and their channel. Also, they can run exclusive 75 games on the streaming sites ESPN+ and Hulu.

TNT aka Turner Network Television will air 50 games in the regular season. However, the playoffs have been divided between publishing by both companies consecutively in odd-even years.

Besides these broadcasting companies, all the games of the regular and playoff seasons are available on the NHL network. The channel displays highlights, analysis, live games, and more.

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NHL Playoffs Announcers: TNT, ESPN, TBS and TSN

ESPN Play By Play Announcers

The NHL play by play announcers on ESPN are John Buccigross, Steve Levy, Bob Wischusen, Sean McDonough.

Play-By-Play anchors give intricate details of what is happening in the arena. They convey event-by-event details to the audience.

There are such journalists both on TV and radio stations. The television presenters can be more vague since they are voicing for the viewers watching the show.

However, a play-by-play host on the radio has to convey the field activity events verbally. Commentary is a familiar career since experts have carried it out for decades.

Pittsburgh Post newspaper's Florent Gibson introduced the concept of sports commentary back in 1921. He used his vocals to cover Johnny Ray and Johnny "Hutch" Dundee's fight at the Square Garden.

Each media channel comprises commentators who can provide information about the live event. The announcers also specialize in certain sports, natural calamities, and more. Talking about sports commentary, retired athletes and coaches have a succeeding chance.

The play-by-play commentators on ESPN are as follows:

  • John Buccigross
  • Mike Monaco
  • Steve Levy
  • Leah Hextall
  • Sean McDonough
  • Bob Wischusen
  • Eitán Benezra
  • Kenneth Garay

John Buccigross

John Started The #BucciOvertimeChallenge To Perform Charity By Selling Merch
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John Buccigross joined the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network in 1966. He attended Heidelberg College where he studied communications and theatre arts.

Before the sports network, Buccigross worked at a TV station in Cape Cod and WPRI in Rhode Island. In the channel, he hosts the weekly show titled The Point.

John debuted as an ice hockey games host in the 2012 NHL playoff. He is back this season as a play-by-play host as he was in the 2021-22 season.

Mike Monaco

Mike And Cassie In A Game Between Buffalo Sabres And New York Islanders On 8 March 2023
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Sportscaster Mike Monaco has been a part of the channel since 2019. He kickstarted his career as an intern at New England Sports Network(NESN) before joining the Cape Cod League.

Monaco was also an employee at the Fox Sports and Big Ten Network. He is an alternate play-by-play voice of the Boston Red Sox and NESN.

Although Mike has telecasted Chicago Blackhawks games, he debuted as the in-time host of National Hockey League games in the 2022-23 season.

Steve Levy

Steve(right), Brian, and Louis(left) Pictured With Their Mics On 17 August 2020
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Steve Levy teamed up with the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network on 1 August 1993. Previously, he worked for radio and TV stations including WFAN, WABC-AM, and MSG Network.

Levy has a communications and broadcasting degree from the State University of New York. He is the face of the daily sports news program SportsCenter.

Steve was an at-event host for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. The prolific host is a play-by-play announcer for the National Hockey League in the 2022-23 season.

Leah Hextall

Leah Interviewing A Minnesota Wild Player After Their Defeat From Dallas Stars
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Leah Hextall is a Canadian sportscaster and a part of the sports broadcasting network. She first worked with the channel at the 2019 NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship. 

Hextall is a part of Sportsnet and was the first lady to be called a play-by-play in the NHL game. She was a reporter and announcer during the ice hockey league's 2021-22 season.

In the current season of 2022-23, Leah will just serve as the only in-time woman host for the National Hockey League on the channel.

Sean McDonough

Sean Smiling At The Camera From A Stadium
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Sean McDonough has been associated with Entertainment and Sports Programming Network since 2000. He has announced multiple sports including hockey.

McDonough received a broadcast journalism degree from Syracuse University. He started as an announcer for the MLB team Syracuse Mets.

The top-ranked host Sean got a chance to cover his first NHL game in the 2021-22 season. He is the play-by-play host for the present season as well.

Bob Wischusen

Bob Took A Selfie With A Packet of Chips During A Game On 27 May 2022
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Bob Wischusen joined the sports channel as a secondary commentator in 2006. With time, he got promoted and now serves as a play-by-play commentator for the National Ice Hockey League's 2022-23 season.

Wischusen earned the expertise by working in the broadcasting companies like WZBC, WQAM, WFAN, and WABC. He first hosted the pro ice hockey league's games in the 2021-22 season.

In addition, Bob replaced Mike Breen as a substitute for the WEPN and MSG Network. He and Sean McDonough also cover the U.S. Open golf tournament on the radio.

Eitán Benezra and Kenneth Garay

Kenneth Holding A Water Bottle At The New York Marathon On 15 Septemebr 2022
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Eitán Benezra and Kenneth Garay are the commentators for the channel. They often appear on SportsCenter and provide commentary in the Spanish language.

Kenneth is the lead anchor of the sports company's radio station. He publishes the morning show and covers the New York and New Jersey areas.

Benezra and Garay have been serving as the Spanish play-by-play host for the NHL. They are back in the current season with their exceptional voices.

ESPN NHL intermission commentators

ESPN NHL intermission commentators are John Buccigross and Linda Cohn. The team is led by Steve Levy.

Such announcers keep the audience hooked on the channel during breaks. They provide an analysis of the games played before the break.

The hosts also give predictions about the next period. Besides that, they provide insights into the personal background of certain players and their performances.

Break-time anchors inform the audience about the play. Sometimes, they even announce major events like players' retirement, draft, transfer, etc.

The interval hosts for the 2022-23 season of the National Hockey League are listed below:

  • Steve Levy 
  • Arda Ocal
  • John Buccigross
  • Linda Cohn
  • Kevin Weekes

Steve Levy is the lead one to host the break session during the live show. There are intervals during the regular and playoff hockey games.

In such gaps, people tend to switch channels to skip the ads. However, the intermission crew keeps the viewers stuck to the channel.

In the 2022-23 season, Steve is accompanied by another lead sportscaster John Buccigross. Likewise, former WWE host Arda Ocal is also on the team.

Arda Took A Selfie At The SportsCenter On 18 October 2022
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Ocal formerly served as a commentator of the Toronto Maple Leafs affiliate team. He was also the voice during the National Hockey League Gaming World Championships.

SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn also belongs to the intermission crew. She also hosts the program titled In The Crease for the sports company's digital streaming site.

The interval anchor's team comprises former NHL goaltender Kevin Weekes. He played 348 games with seven different franchises throughout his career.

ESPN hockey studio hosts

ESPN hockey studio hosts are Steve Levy, John Buccigross, Linda Cohn, and Arda Ocal.

Steve has served the longest for 13 years. He is named as the lead host and he became a studio personality of the National Hockey League from 1992 to 2004 followed by 2021 onwards.

Sports journalist John Buccigross has been a studio personality of the professional league for 8 years. He was active from 1998 to 2004 and from 2021 to the present.

Linda Cohn and Arda Ocal became the NHL studio hosts in 2021. They have been serving ever since and the people adore their voice.

Hilary Is One Of The Hockey Broadcasting Associates For The Sports Company
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ESPN NHL Broadcasters

Broadcasters deliver audio and video content to audiences via TV, radio, or the Internet. They also present programs, talk shows, and sports and entertainment events.

They work both onscreen and behind the scenes. They prepare scripts for programs, conduct interviews, and research and gather a meaningful understanding of the topic.

Millions of people rely on the news that is delivered by the broadcasters. Their main challenge is to engage people while serving factual information.

ESPN NHL broadcasters for the 2022-23 season are:

  • Sean McDonough
  • Ray Ferraro
  • Bob Wischusen
  • Dominic Moore
  • Cassie Campbell-Pascall
  • Mark Messier
  • Chris Chelios
  • Steve Levy
  • John Buccigross
  • Kevin Weekes
  • Mike Monaco
  • Hilary Knight
  • Leah Hextall
  • Roxy Bernstein
  • Drew Carter
  • Pernell-Karl Sylvester Subban

Sean And Beth Pictured With Their Mics At CFB Games On 24 October 2018
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Ray Ferraro is a broadcaster and an ex-ice hockey player. He represented six teams in 21 seasons of the National Hockey League.

Former ice hockey center Dominic Moore is now a free agent. He accompanies the lead hosts during the 2022-23 season of the reputed league.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall previously served as the captain of the Canadian women's ice hockey team. She is currently a sportscaster for a multimedia company.

Mark Messier, an ex-ice hockey center is also one of the broadcasting associates in the current season. He was active in the arena from 1979 to 2004.

Former defenseman and three-time Stanley Cup winner Chris Chelios is also a sportscaster. He played for the Canadiens, Blackhawks, Red Wings, and Thrashers.

Hilary Knight is a professional Women's Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) forward athlete. She is also the assisting announcer at the present season.

P.K Subban who previously served as a defenseman in NHL is also one of the sportscasters. He represented the Canadiens, Predators, and Devils during his career.


ESPN hockey analysts are the people who analyze various aspects of the playground. They interpret the information and research teams and players.

Analysts are up-to-date about the personal and professional development of players. They also track the strategy and performance of the teams by using several statistical tools.

Some ESPN NHL analysts are:

  • Brian Boucher
  • A. J. Mleczko
  • Ryan Callahan
  • Barry Melrose

Analyst A. J. Mleczko Took A Selfie With Steve In The Scotibank Arena On 3 May 2023
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Brian Boucher is a game analyst and a retired ice hockey goaltender. He played with seven squads in 13 professional ice hockey league seasons.

Allison Jamie Mleczko is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. She is an ice hockey analyst and commentator who formerly worked for NHL on NBC.

Ryan Callahan was previously a right winger in ice hockey. He spent 13 seasons in the pro ice hockey league and is an analyst.

Former ice hockey athlete and head coach Barry Melrose is a host and analyst. He is also a contributor to the National Hockey League Network.

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