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NHL National TV Schedule For All 32 Teams

By Debin Luitel / 5 September 2023 04:10 AM

Source : sportskeeda

NHL National TV schedule for the 2023-24 season will feature 62 games on TNT network and 100 games across multiple ESPN networks.

16 regular season games will be broadcast live on ABC, 34 on ESPN, 72 on ESPN+, and 50 on Hulu. The new season will begin on Oct 10, 2023.

Edmonton Oilers have the most number of games shown on US national television channels at 18, followed by the Colorado Avalanche at 17. 

However, the scheduling has raged many hockey fans for the irregular distribution of games. Montreal Canadiens and Winnipeg Jets have none of their fixtures listed while the Arizona Coyotes have just a single fixture set to be shown.

Nevertheless, this schedule details the dates, times, and corresponding TV channels for games that will be broadcast nationally, reaching a wide audience of hockey fanatics. Whether it's regular season matchups, playoff battles, or special events like the Winter Classic and All-Star Game. 

Detroit Red Wings

The national TV Schedule of Detroit Red Wings is :

New JerseyOctober 12 , ESPN+/Hulu
PittsburghOctober 18, TNT
New York RangersNovember 7, TNT
NY RangersNovember 29, TNT
Buffalo SabresDecember 5 , ESPN+/Hulu
St. LouisDecember 12 , ESPN
CarolinaDecember 14 , ESPN+/Hulu
SeattleFebruary 19 , ESPN
St. Louis BluesFebruary 24,ABC/ESPN+
ColoradoMarch 6 ,TNT
Carolina HurricanesMarch 28 ,ESPN+/Hulu
BuffaloApril 7 , TNT
WashingtonApril 9 , ESPN

Wings have their first game with the New Jersey Devils. The odds of the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup championship are currently at +5000.

Seattle Kraken

The national TV Schedule of Seattle Kraken is :

Vegas Golden KnightsOctober 10, ESPN
Colorado AvalancheOctober 17, ESPN
New Jersey DevilsDecember 7, ESPN
Los Angeles KingsDecember 2 , TNT
Golden KnightsJan 1, TNT
Chicago BlackhawksJan 24, TNT
Philadelphia FlyersFeb 2, ESPN+
Detroit Red WingsFeb 19, ESPN
V.G KnightsMarch 21, ESPN
LA KingsApril 3, TNT
Dallas StarsApril 13, ABC
St. Louis BluesApril 14, TNT
Minnesota WildApril 17, ESPN

The 2023-24 season will pose a formidable challenge for the Krakens due to their matchups against formidable teams like the Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks, and Dallas Stars.

Additionally, they will engage in intense divisional rivalries against the Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils, and Detroit Red Wings. Despite their competitiveness, the Krakens are not considered top contenders to win the Stanley Cup with their odds falling between +5000 to 6000.

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Washington Capitals

The national TV Schedule of the Washington Capitals is :

Pittsburgh PenguinsFriday ,Oct. 13 , ESPN plus and Hulu
Toronto Maple LeafsTuesday Oct. 24, ESPN and ESPN plus
New Jersey DevilsWednesday Oct 25, TNT
Florida PanthersWednesday Nov. 8 ,TNT
Dallas StarsThursday Dec. 7 , ESPN
New York IslandersWednesday Dec. 20 ,TNT and Monumental Sports Network (MSN)
PenguinsTuesday Jan. 2 , ESPN plus and Hulu
NJ DevilsWednesday Jan. 3, TNT
New York RangersSaturday Jan. 13 , ABC and ESPN plus
Boston BruinsSaturday Feb. 10 , ABC and ESPN plus
Tampa Bay LightningThursday Feb. 22 ,7 p.m. ESPN
Edmonton OilersWednesday March 13, TNT
Maple LeafsWednesday March 20 , TNT
Detroit Red WingsTuesday April 9 , ESPN

In the upcoming 2023-24 season, the Capitals are set to confront a demanding schedule, pitting them against formidable opponents in the league, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, and Dallas Stars.

Additionally, they'll engage in intense divisional rivalries with the NJ Devils, New York Islanders, and Detroit Red Wings. Despite their competitive spirit, the Capitals aren't considered frontrunners to clinch the Stanley Cup this season, with their odds falling in the range of +900 to +1,150.

San Jose Sharks

The national TV Schedule of the San Jose Sharks is :

Edmonton OilersNov. 9 , ESPN+/Hulu
Florida PanthersNov. 14 , ESPN+/Hulu
Los Angeles KingsDec. 19 , ESPN+/Hulu
Arizona CoyotesDec. 21, ESPN+/Hulu
LA KingsApr. 4, ESPN+/Hulu

Upcoming season Sharks have only 5 games that will be broadcast on National TV and the odds of the Sharks winning the Stanley Cup is +15000 which is quite low compared to others.

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Carolina Hurricanes

The national TV Schedule of the Carolina Hurricanes is:

Philadelphia FlyersWednesday, November 15 - TNT - 7:30 p.m. ET
PhiladelphiaTuesday, November 28 ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET
New York IslandersThursday, November 30, ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET
EdmontonWednesday, December 6 - TNT - 9:30 p.m. ET
DetroitThursday, December 14 - ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET
NashvilleFriday, December 15 - ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET
BostonWednesday, January 24 - TNT - 7:30 p.m. ET
New JerseyThursday, January 25 - ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET
ColumbusThursday, February 29 - ESPN+, Hulu - 7 p.m. ET
NY IslandersTuesday, March 19 - ESPN or ESPN+, Hulu - 7 p.m. ET
Detroit Red WingsThursday, March 28 - ESPN+, Hulu - 7:30 p.m. ET

The Carolina Hurricanes are positioned as strong contenders for the Stanley Cup in the upcoming 2023-24 season. They hold the best odds for winning the championship at +900 and are also considered favorites to secure the Metropolitan Division title with odds at +3002.

In the 2022-23 season, the Hurricanes finished as the second-best team in their division, boasting a record of 36 wins, 12 losses, and 82 points.

Looking ahead to the season, some of the most anticipated games for the Hurricanes include:

  •  November 15: A matchup against the Philadelphia Flyers - This marks the first meeting between the two teams since the Flyers eliminated the Hurricanes in a six-game series during the playoffs last season.
  • December 6: A unique clash against the Edmonton Oilers - This game features two of the league's most dynamic offensive teams facing off.
  • January 24: Another playoff rematch against the Boston Bruins - The Bruins swept the Hurricanes in four games during the Eastern Conference Final last season.
  • March 28: An encounter with the Detroit Red Wings - This game holds significance as it involves a former division rival and a potential opponent in the playoffs.

Chicago Blackhawks

The national TV Schedule of the Chicago Blackhawks is:

Pittsburgh PenguinsTues., Oct. 10 ESPN/ESPN+
Boston BruinsWed. Oct. 11 TNT
ColoradoThurs., Oct. 19 ESPN
BostonTues., Oct. 24 ESPN/ESPN+
Tampa BayThurs., Nov. 16 ESPN+/Hulu
Edmonton OilersTues., Dec. 12 ESPN
EdmontonTues., Jan. 9 ESPN+/Hulu
BuffaloWed., Jan. 17 TNT
SeattleWed., Jan. 24 TNT
MinnesotaWed., Feb. 7 TNT
PhiladelphiaWed. Feb. 21 TNT
Colorado AvalancheThurs., Feb. 29 ESPN
VegasTues., April 16 ESPN+/Hulu

Boston Bruins

The national TV Schedule of the Boston Bruins is:

Chicago BlackhawksWednesday, October 11, TNT
BlackhawksTuesday, October 24, ESPN/ ESPN+
Toronto Maple LeafsThursday, November 2, ESPN+/Hulu
Florida PanthersWednesday, November 22, TNT
New Jersey DevilsWednesday, December 13, TNT
Buffalo SabresWednesday, December 27, TNT
Pittsburgh PenguinsThursday, January 4, ESPN
Carolina HurricanesWednesday, January 24, TNT
Washington CapitalsSaturday, February 10, ABC/ESPN+
Edmonton OilersWednesday, February 21, TNT
OilersTuesday, March 5, ESPN+/Hulu
PenguinsSaturday, March 9, ABC/ESPN+
Tampa Bay LightningWednesday, March 27 TNT
The CatsSaturday, April 6, ABC/ESPN+
The pensSaturday, April 13, ABC/ESPN+

Vegas Golden Knights

The national TV Schedule of the Vegas Golden Knights is:

ColoradoThu. Oct. 5 ,TNT
Seattle KrakenTue. Oct. 10 ESPN
PhiladelphiaTue. Oct. 24 ESPN
Los AngelesWed. Nov. 8 TNT
Dallas StarsWed. Nov. 22 TNT
SeattleMon. Jan. 1 TNT
Colorado AvalancheWed. Jan. 10 TNT
New York RangersFri. Jan. 26 ESPN
EdmontonTue. Feb. 6 ESPN+/Hulu
BuffaloSat. Mar. 2 ESPN+/Hulu
New JerseySun. Mar. 17 TNT
KrakenThu. Mar. 21 ESPN
Minnesota WildSat. Mar. 30 ESPN
Edmonton OilersWed. Apr. 10 TNT
The AvsSun. Apr. 14 TNT
ChicagoTue. Apr. 16 ESPN+/Hulu

New Jersey Devils

The National TV Schedule of the New Jersey Devils is:

Source : instagram

Red WingsOct 12 , ESPN+/Hulu
Washington CapitalsOct 25, TNT
ColoradoNov 7, TNT
KrakenDec. 7, ESPN
BostonDec 13 , TNT
Edmonton OilersDec 21 , ESPN+, HULU
CapitalsJan 3, TNT
Carolina HurricanesJan 25 , ESPN+, HULU
Colorado AvalancheFeb 2,ESPN+, HULU
Philadelphia FlyersFeb 17, ABC, ESPN+
Tampa Bay LightningFeb 25, TNT
LA KingsMar 3, TNT
St LouisMar 7, ESPN
Golden KnightsMar 17 TNT
Maple LeafsMar 26 ESPN+, HULU
NY RangersApr 3 , TNT

Philadelphia Flyers

The National TV Schedule of the Philadelphia Flyers is:

Edmonton OilersThurs., Oct. 19 ESPN+/Hulu
VegasTue., Oct. 24 ESPN, ESPN+
Minnesota DuluthThurs., Oct. 26 ESPN+/Hulu
BuffaloWed., Nov. 1 TNT
CarolinaWed., Nov. 15 TNT
Carolina HurricanesTue., Nov. 28 ESPN+/Hulu
SeattleSat., Feb. 10 ESPN+/Hulu
New JerseySat., Feb. 17 ABC, ESPN+
ChicagoWed., Feb. 21 TNT
N.Y. RangersSat., Feb. 24 ESPN+/Hulu
PittsburghSun., Feb. 25 TNT
St. LouisMon., March 4 ESPN+/Hulu

Columbus Blue Jackets

The National TV Schedule of the Columbus Blue Jackets is:

Philadelphia FlyersTuesday, November 15 - 7:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
BuffaloWednesday, December 7 - 7:30 p.m. - TNT
FloridaTuesday, December 13 - 7 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
ChicagoFriday, December 23 - 8:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
Buffalo SabresTuesday, December 27 - 7:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
WashingtonThursday, January 5 - 7 p.m. - ESPN
CalgaryMonday, January 23 - 9:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
EdmontonWednesday, January 25 - 9:30 p.m. - TNT
New JerseyTuesday, February 14 - 7:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu
SabersTuesday, February 28 - 7:30 p.m. - ESPN+/Hulu

Minnesota Wild

The National TV Schedule of the Minnesota Wild is:

Philadelphia FlyersThursday, Oct. 26 ESPN+/Hulu
Colorado AvalancheFriday, Nov. 24 TNT
Dallas StarsWednesday, Jan. 10 TNT
Tampa BayThursday, Jan. 18 ESPN+/Hulu
Chicago BlackhawksWednesday, Feb. 7 TNT
St. Louis BluesSaturday, March 2 ABC, ESPN+
Nashville PredatorsSunday, March 10 TNT
Anaheim DucksTuesday, March 19 ESPN+/Hulu
Los Angeles KingsWednesday, March 20 TNT
Vegas Golden KnightsSaturday, March 30 ESPN
AvalancheTuesday, April 9 ESPN
LA KIngsMonday, April 15 ESPN
Seattle KrakenThursday, April 18 ESPN

New York Islanders

The national TV Schedule of the New York Islanders is:

Vancouver CanucksNovember 15 TNT
Carolina HurricanesNovember 30 ESPN+/Hulu
Edmonton OilersDecember 19 ESPN+/Hulu
Toronto Maple LeafsDecember 20 ESPN
Tampa Bay LightningFebruary 8 ESPN
New York Rangers (Stadium Series)February 18 ABC, ESPN+
Buffalo SabresMarch 14 ESPN+/Hulu
New York RangersMarch 17 TNT
CarolinaMarch 19 ESPN+/Hulu
NY RangersApril 13 ABC, ESPN+
Pittsburgh PenguinsApril 17 TNT
Washington CapitalsDecember 20 TNT

Pittsburgh Penguins

The national TV Schedule of the Pittsburgh Penguins is:

Source : instagram

BostonTuesday, Nov. 1 ESPN
DallasThursday, Mar. 23 ESPN
St. LouisSaturday, Feb. 25 ABC
PhiladelphiaSaturday, Mar. 11 ABC
NY RangersSaturday, Mar. 18 ABC
WashingtonSaturday, Mar. 25 ABC
Boston BruinsSaturday, Apr. 1 ABC
Detroit Red WingsSaturday, Apr. 8 ABC
Buffalo SabresWednesday, Nov. 2 TNT
Washington CapitalsWednesday, Nov. 9 TNT
Philadelphia FlyersFriday, Nov. 25 TNT
DetroitWednesday, Dec. 28 TNT
BruinsMonday, Jan. 2 TNT
New York RangersSunday, Mar. 12 TNT
ColoradoWednesday, Mar. 22 TNT

Buffalo Sabres

The national TV Schedule of the Buffalo Sabres is as follows:

Tampa BayOct. 17 ESPN
PhiladelphiaNov. 1 TNT
PittsburghNov. 24 TNT
DetroitDec. 5 ESPN+/Hulu
ColoradoDec. 13 TNT
BostonDec. 27 TNT
ChicagoJan. 17 TNT
St. LouisFeb. 10 ABC
FloridaFeb. 27 ESPN+/Hulu
VegasMarch 2 ESPN+/Hulu
TorontoMarch 6 TNT
EdmontonMarch 9 ESPN+/Hulu
New York IslandersMarch 14 ESPN+/Hulu
Toronto Maple LeafsMarch 30 ESPN+/Hulu
Detroit Red WingsApril 7 TNT

Florida Panthers

The national TV Schedule of the Florida Panthers is:

WashingtonNovember 8 TNT
San JoseNovember 14 ESPN+, Hulu
Boston BruinsNovember 22 TNT
DallasDecember 6 , TNT
PittsburghFebruary 14 TNT
Buffalo SabresFebruary 27 ESPN+, Hulu
Tampa BayMarch 16 ESPN+, Hulu
NashvilleMarch 21 ESPN+, Hulu
NY RangersMarch 23 ABC, ESPN+
BostonApril 6 ABC, ESPN+
ColumbusApril 11 ESPN+, Hulu
TorontoApril 16 ESPN

Colorado Avalanche

The national TV Schedule of the Colorado Avalanche is:

Seattle KrakenOct. 17 ESPN
Chicago BlackhawksOct. 19 ESPN
BlackhawksFeb. 29 ESPN
Dallas StarsApril 7 ESPN
Minnesota WildApril 9 ESPN
Edmonton OilersApril 18 ESPN
New Jersey DevilsFeb. 6 ESPN+/Hulu
StarsFeb. 27 ESPN+/Hulu
Los Angeles KingsOct. 11 TNT
St Louis BluesNov. 1 TNT
DevilsNov. 7 TNT
MinnesotaNov. 24 TNT
Buffalo SabresDec. 13 TNT
Vegas Golden KnightsJan. 10 TNT
Red WingsMarch 6 TNT
Pittsburgh PenguinsMarch 24 TNT
Golden KnightsApril 14 TNT

Dallas Stars

The national TV Schedule of the Dallas Stars is:

Source : instagram

Columbus Blue JacketsThursday, November 9 ESPN+/Hulu
Vegas Golden KnightsWednesday, November 22 TNT
Florida PanthersWednesday, December 6 TNT
Washington CapitalsThursday, December 7 ESPN
Minnesota WildWednesday, January 10 TNT
Los Angeles KingsTuesday, January 16 ESPN+/HULU
Nashville PredatorsThursday, February 15 ESPN
Edmonton OilersSaturday, February 17 ABC/ESPN+
Colorado AvalancheTuesday, February 27 ESPN+/HULU
ColoradoSunday, April 7 ESPN
Seattle KrakenSaturday, April 13 ABC/ESPN+
St. Louis BluesWednesday, April 17 TNT

Nashville Predators

The national TV Schedule of Nashville Predators is :

Tampa BayOct 10. ESPN/ESPN+
Anaheim DucksNov. 14 ESPN+/Hulu
Carolina HurricanesDec. 15 SPN+/Hulu
Los Angeles KingsFeb. 22 ESPN+/Hulu
Florida PanthersMarch 21 ESPN+/Hulu
St. Louis BluesApril 4 ESPN+/Hulu
KingsJan 31 TNT
Minnesota WildMarch 8 TNT
LA KingsJan. 18 ESPN
Dallas StarsFeb. 15. ESPN

St. Louis Blues

The national TV Schedule of St. Louis Blues is as follows:

Colorado AvalancheNov. 1 TNT
Detroit Red WingsDec. 12 ESPN, ESPN+
Buffalo SabresFeb. 10 ABC, ESPN+
Toronto Maple LeafsFeb. 19 ESPN
Red WingsFeb. 24 ABC, ESPN+
Edmonton OilersFeb. 28 TNT
Minnesota WildMarch 2 ABC, ESPN+
Philadelphia FlyersMarch 4 ESPN+/Hulu
New Jersey DevilsMarch 7 ESPN, ESPN+
Los Angeles KingsMarch 13 TNT
Nashville PredatorsApril 4 ESPN+/Hulu
Seattle KrakenApril 14 TNT
Dallas StarsApril 17 TNT

Winnipeg Jets

The national TV Schedule of the Winnipeg Jets is as follows:

Toronto Maple leafsWednesday, Jan. 3 ESPN
Maple LeafsSaturday, Feb. 17 ESPN+

Anaheim Ducks

The national TV Schedule of the Anaheim Ducks is as follows:

TorontoSaturday, Feb. 17 ESPN

New York Rangers

The national TV Schedule of the New York Rangers  is as follows:

Source : instagram

Buffalo SabresOctober 12 , ESPN+/Hulu
Detroit Red WingsNovember 7, TNT
Red WingsNovember 29 TNT
Edmonton OilersDec 22 ESPN+/hulu
Washington CapitalsJan 13 ABC/ESPN+
Vegas Golden KnightsJan 26 ESPN
Tampa Bay LightningFeb 7 TNT
New York IslandersFeb 18 ABC/ESPN+
Philadelphia FlyersFeb 24 ESPN+/hulu
NY IslandersMarch 17 TNT
Pittsburgh PenguinsMarch 16 ABC/ESPN+
York IslandersMarch 17 TNT
Florida PanthersMarch 23 ABC/ESPN+
New Jersey DevilsApril 3 TNT
IslandersApril 13 ABC/ESPN+

Tampa Bay Lightning

The national TV Schedule of the Tampa Bay Lightning is as follows:

NashvilleOct 10 ESPN
BuffaloOct 17 ESPN
ChicagoNov 16 ESP+
MinnesotaJan 18, 2024 ESP+
N.Y. RangersFeb 7, 2024 TNT
N.Y. IslandersFeb 8, 2024 ESPN
WashingtonFeb 22, 2024 ESPN
New JerseyFeb 25, 2024 TNT
FloridaMar 16, 2024 ESP+
BostonMar 27, 2024 TNT
PittsburghApr 6, 2024 ABC

Toronto Maple Leafs

The national TV Schedule of the Toronto Maple Leafs is as follows:

WashingtonOct 24, 2023 ESPN
Los AngelesOct 31, 2023 ESPN
BostonNov 2, 2023 ESP+
Los Angeles KingsJan 2, 2024 ESP+
N.Y. IslandersJan 11, 2024 ESPN
St. LouisFeb 19, 2024 ESPN
Buffalo SabresMar 6, 2024 TNT
Washington CapitalsMar 20, 2024 TNT
New JerseyMar 26, 2024 ESP+
BuffaloMar 30, 2024 ESP+
FloridaApr 16, 2024 ESPN

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