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NHL Logos History For All 32 Teams You Never Knew

By Biraj Khanal / 1 December 2023 06:56 AM

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NHL has produced a few logos with the teams using their iconic and signature symbols to impact the hockey world. 

It comprises a total of 32 teams from both Canada and the United States. 

Since the logo concept was first launched a century ago, it has had only a few modifications, keeping it consistent since the beginning. 

One of the NHL teams to have a consistent logo is the Detroit Red Wings, with an iconic red and white wheel with wings, which has been their logo since the original six days.

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  • First Initial Logo - The Mighty Duck
  • Year Formed - 1993

Anaheim Ducks history shows that the team's logo has undergone three redesigns since its origin in 1993. 

The original design stayed till 2006. It had a bright color palette with a white duck head as a protection pattern for the hockey helm.

The design was later redesigned following the team's name change in 2006 to Anaheim Ducks from the Mighty Ducks. 

Later in 2010, the old color was replaced by a muted, more beige tone of gold, providing a sense of seriousness and professionalism.

In 2013, the logo was shortened to a single element with a palmate stylized letter "D" in its traditional gold, black, and orange color palette. 

The team still uses the iconic duck emblem from the 1990s for their jerseys.

Arizona Coyotes

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  • First Initial Logo - The Kachina Coyote
  • Year Formed - 1996

The first logo and color schemes consist of forest green, brick red, sand, sienna, and purple, with the masterpiece hockey stick-wielding coyote on skates. 

It has been going through six transition phases till 2023, the first being in 1996-97, the second in 1998-99, the third in 2003, the fourth in 2013-14, and the fifth in 2014-15. 

The sixth was in 2021-22 when the club decided to get back with its original logo rebranded, "The Kachina Coyote," and has been the same since then.

Boston Bruins

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  • First Initial Logo - The Boston Bear
  • Year Formed - 1924

The Bruins began their NHL inaugural season with a brown and yellow kit, featuring the bear on the prowl surrounded by Boston Woodmark.

Boston Bruins has gone through seven logo transformations throughout its history with the recent seven including the unchanged Spoked B in their logo while other remains changed.

The redesigned logo that lasted long was from the 2008-09 season which lasted till 2022-23 until the club changed its logo to the Spoked B logo for their ceremonial 2023-24 season.

Buffalo Sabres

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  • First Initial Logo - Buffalo Over Two Crossed Sabers 
  • Year Formed - 1970

Buffalo Sabres first came with the first logo including the mighty and aggressive biso reflecting its spirit. In addition, the two sabers convey the skate's sharpness on which players go out on ice. 

Since its formation, the team has gone through five different transitions with the last returning to its initial classic logo from 1970 in 2020.

The circle took on a royal blue hue, and the outer ring and saber hilts became bright gold. The silver ascent is gone with the drawers making the details look harmonious. 

Calgary Flames

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  • First Initial Logo - The Flaming A
  • Year Formed - 1972

Following the club's establishment in 1970, the Calgary Flames have only gone into three logo redesigns so far. 

The first initial logo was a Letter A with flames lasted till 1980. The first transition was in 1980 with the introduction of the flaming letter C. The second and third transition only features change in the logo color but not the modifications.

The wordmark features the team's name in a simple sans serif typeface with an unusual distinctive outline.

Carolina Hurricanes

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  • First Initial Logo - The White Tail Logo
  • Year Formed - 1997

The whitetail logo was first introduced in 1997 as a resemblance to a humpback whale's tail fluke unlike other NCAA teams and minor league baseball team Norwich Navigators.

After the 1997-98 season, the team altered the color scheme to a dark shade of red keeping other colors constant in 1999.

The Red Shade Darkened White Tail Logo was created in 1999 as the dark red color implies logo has been serving as the team's logo to date. 

Chicago Blackhawks

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  • First Initial Logo - Black Hawk Roundel
  • Year Formed - 1926 

The logo has gone into modifications from the initial Black Hawk Roundel to the current Black Hawk Headshot also called the Fat Man till 2023.

The roundel lasted till 1957-58 after its removal from the logo leaving an enlarged rendition of Black Hawk's head as the team crest.

The last logo was redesigned in 1999 creating some variations in outlines and shadings, bringing us to the present day, and has been lasting since 1999. It was the third version of Black Hawk Headshot ( the Fat Man).

Colorado Avalanche

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  • First Initial Logo - Burgundy Letter A with Streaking Hockey Puck
  • Year Formed - 1995

The Colorado Avalanche logo history depicts that it has not been changed over the decades till date but the color scheme was changed in 1990 in shades of burgundy compared to previous versions.

The initial logo the A encircled by the aggressive mountain peaks around it symbolizing the strength and unity as well as representing their home state.

Columbus Blue Jackets

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  • First Initial Logo - The Team Initials CBJ
  • Year Formed - 2000

The Blue Jackets are the youngest hockey club in North America established in 2000 and have already gone through major rebranding changing its bright logo to a sleeker one.

The original logo for the team stayed till 2007 when there was a letter B formed by a red ribbon with 30 white five-pointed stars with two shades of blue.

Later the logo was introduced by the team fully different from the original ones with a stylized gray and white five-pointed star in a thick blue outline.

The solid red dot in a white outline is placed on the triangle's center symbolizing the hockey puck. Ohio State Flag Wrapped Around Star-forming C was introduced in 2007.

Dallas Stars

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  • First Initial Logo - Black and White Star with Word Dallas Written Across
  • Year Formed - 1993

The initial logo after the team moved to Dallas had the word "Dallas" appearing above the text Stars with colors growing darker.

Till 2023, the redesign has taken place three times with the major changes happening in 2013 after they introduced D in a white and silver color inside the Stars.

As of 2021, they have modified the green outline to look slightly brighter. 

Detroit Red Wings

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  • First Initial Logo - Gothic Style D in Scarlet Red
  • Year Formed - 1927

The redesign that last took place in 1949 has been in use till 2023 which features a cleaned and modified version of the logo with the wings elongated and directed more up.

The aggressive red color palette and the elegant lines show the hockey club as the confident ones.

The first emblem by Detroit Red Wings was created in 1927 when it was named Detroit Cougars, a simple but bright and elegant logo representing the passion and power of the team. 

Edmonton Oilers

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  • First Initial Logo - Oilers Inside a Circle with Orange Oil drop
  • Year Formed - 1972

The logo history depicts that there has been nothing changed but a series of color transformations throughout the years. 

The same shape has been set so far but has gone through seven color shifts.

In the original ones, there was an orange oil drop inside another blue circle which features the Oiler's word inside in a Royal blue colour.

As in 2017, the orange color was brightened and the royal blue was shifted to navy blue on all their uniforms and logos to accentuate the orange.

Florida Panthers

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  • First Initial Logo - The Leaping Panther
  • Year Formed - 1993

Florida Panthers had only two primary logo transformations so far. 

The Panthers logo history started in late 1992 when Wayne Huizenga received the rights for an NHL team.

The team played their games with the legendary leaping Panthers logo covered with gold, blue, and white colors. 

Its paws were of a bright red shade emphasizing the aggressive tiger's mood. Later in 2016, the team's new brand identity came with the updated logo of Panther inside a shield whose head is turned slightly left.

The new design preserved some of the panther's threatening look inside it and was shielded with a dark blue outline.

The word " Florida" can be seen right above the panther in a red tab at the shield's top.

Los Angeles Kings

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  • First Initial Logo - Kings with Crown with Jewels Underneath
  • Year Formed - 1967

The newly 2019 designed logo provided a vivid color to the previous logo with the LA Kings logo looking minimalistic inside the crest.

Several elements from the old ones like the shield shape, the distinctive type, where LA was given and the crown was present.

The initial logo got redesigned five times with the first being in 1975, the second in 1987, the third in 1998, the fourth in 2002, and the fifth in 2011.

Minnesota Wild

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  • First Initial Logo - The North Star with Name on TOP
  • Year Formed - 2000

Minnesota Wild used their initial logo for 12 years in the NHL as it can be distinguished from the current one with the name on top.

However, the current ones excluded the team's name from the logo itself since 2013.

The logo features a North Star on the eye of a stylized wild animal whose silhouette is shown on the emblem. It is built around the forest landscape.

Montreal Canadiens

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  • First Initial Logo - Bold Blue Letter C
  • Year Formed - 1909

The logo has faced several transitions throughout the years more than 6 times. 

As the oldest club in North America, the Montreal Canadiens almost changed its logo once a year until 1950.

The first logo featured a simple and modest composition with the bold blue letter C on a white background. 

In 1956, the contour of the C letter got closed with the upper and lower bottom ends of the line touching each other, making drop like a spade with H smaller than before. 

The current logo has redefined contours with the color palette switching to darker ones in 1999.

Nashville Predators

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  • First Initial Logo - Saber-Toothed Tiger ( Six colored emblem)
  • Year Formed - 1998

The most exciting part is that the logo first appeared before the team in the franchise history.

The first was a six-colored emblem depicting an animal with sharp teeth, with a club name to be chosen by the fans themselves.

In 2012, the logo was revisited with the color scheme changed from 6 to 3. 

Minor alterations were in the shape of the elements, including the creature's eye being more distinctive including a Saber-Toothed Tiger with 3 colored emblem in 2012.

New Jersey Devils

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  • First Initial Logo - The Statue Featuring Sioux Indian 
  • Year Formed - 1974

The NJ Devils logo seems a perfect example of how much you can say with the simple emblem. 

The red monogram has N and the J word with pointed tails and horns for the Devils.

The first featured a Sioux Indian on a horse encircled by a thick red frame. It later went into two transitions, first in 1976 and second in 1982 with the latest in 1999 being only the logo with a change in color scheme rather than the design.

New York Islanders

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  • First Initial Logo - "NJ" with Long Y stylized hockey stick bar 
  • Year Formed - 1972

New York Islanders have had almost the same logo throughout the decades with exceptional seasons, one in 1995 and the second in 1997.

The logo hasn't been changed over the years after 2010 but the only change you can find is the color scheme inside the logo. 

The redesign brought back the old emblem again in 2010, which was created in 1972 with elements being untouched. 

Only the hockey stick was changed from a Y-shaped to the four horizontal orange stripes. 

To make it more intense and strong, the color was refined again in 2017, adding a delicate and thin outline to the Islander's part.

New York Rangers

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  • First Initial Logo - Crest with New York on Top and Rangers diagonally on Blue Banner.
  • Year Formed - 1926

The very first crest was designed with blue, red, and white, the national colors of the American flag with New York inscribed in white and Rangers on a blue banner.

The crest shape may have changed one or two seasons over decades but the minor modifications to the emblem protecting its style, and color palette by the club show its value of legacy and roots.

The last change was made in 1999 when the color scheme was made of a blue shade in between the tones of two older versions showing a sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Ottawa Senators

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  • First Initial Logo - Tribal Image With 3 Legs and 6 Pointed Lines
  • Year Formed - 1974
  • New Logo - 1997 Roman Centurion portrait with Gold and Red Helmet.
  • Year Redesigned - 2020

Ottawa Senators are one of the oldest hockey clubs but were out of hockey stages over decades. It returned in 1990 with a new logo and a new uniform. 

Before 1990, the club's last logo was the horizontally oriented rectangular flag divided into red and black halves with the enlarged letter "O"

After the new era started, the logo changed into a rounded badge with a thick gold outline with a Roman Centurion portrait in the middle. Three black feathers kept running out in the left part of the logo.

In 2020, the iconic 1997 returned with a slightly elevated palette with a calmer more beige version refining the colors and contours.

Philadelphia Flyers

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  • First Initial Logo - The Statue Featuring Sioux Indian 
  • Year Formed - 1967

The Philadelphia flyers have held the same appearances throughout the decades with the only exception being the subtle color modification in 1990.

The original logo features a black color as the main and was outlined in white and block with a smaller white circle in the emblem's middle rounded part.

The letter P resembles the word Philadelphia and the white encircled orange dot, which stands for a hockey puck.

The color was made more intense with the orange dot being bright evoking a sense of energy, strength, and determination.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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  • First Initial Logo - Golden Triangle
  • Year Formed - 1967

The logo was first initiated in 1967 by the team with a perfect combination of symbols and meanings. 

It is composed of the yellow triangle, a pointing dow, and a white and black penguin in ice skates with a hockey stick.

Over the years the logo has been in modification for the four or 5 times. The first one being in 1968, second in 1972, third in 1992, and fourth in 2002.

The change in 2016 features only the color schemes of the penguins which was reverted back to gold color inside a triangle excluding the pale ones from 2002. 

San Jose Sharks

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  • First Initial Logo - Black Shark with Broken Hockey Stick
  • Year Formed - 1991

San Jose Sharks logo history shows that there has not been so much transformation in the initial logo from 1991.

The original logo has stayed unchanged for more than 20 years and includes a composition of visual identity featuring a black shark with a broken stick in between its tech.

In 2013, the logo got another form redrawing a shark's contour and switching the color scheme from black to the dark turquoise and black mix color. The sharks can be seen as more futuristic and mechanic with its dangerous looks.

Seattle Kraken

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  • First Initial Logo - Seattle Kraken Emblem with Letter S ( Stylized)
  • Formed Year - 2018.

Seattle Kraken doesn't have a rich and long identity history on logos. The initial version featured a stylized letter S with its contours sleek and sharp. 

The logo looks like a true Kraken and shows the character and mood of the team with the only aim to win.

Later in 2020, the logo was redesigned with the letter S with a red eye of the emblem which looks brighter and even more aggressive. 

St. Louis Blues

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  • First Logo - The Note Logo
  • Year Formed - 1968

The St Louis Blues logo history has been connected with the music, with the Blues emblem boasting a musical note in blue color. 

The team redesigned its logo two times first in 1978 and second in 1984, but decided to return to its old initial logo in 1987, making little noticeable changes. 

The two logos redesigned in 1987 and 1989 featured the team name on the top inside the musical note lines but were removed after 1998.

Till 2023, the last modifications took place in 2008, which consisted of three colors - yellow, white, and blue. The logo also displays the blue note, the wing, and the outline.

Tampa Bay Lightning

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  • First Initial Logo - Lightning Bolt Striking Through Grey Circle
  • Year Formed - 1992

The official logo was introduced in 1992 and was changed slightly modernized and refined keeping the original cold and freshness. 

In 2001, it was modified with the change in the color scheme refining the inner blue lines in the team's name.

Tampa Bay Lightning name was removed from the logo in 2011 when the iconic logo was modernized and minimized, 

It now featured a blue and white composition consisting of an outlined circle with a blue lightning bolt inside it. 

The clean lines and sharp angles of the image evoke a sense of progressiveness and energy alongside the reliability of the hockey team.

Toronto Maple Leafs

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  • First Initial Logo - The Green Maple Leaf with Script
  • Year Formed - 1926

The Maple Leafs logo history featured the same maple leaf since the club received its name more than 90 years ago. 

The changes include the shape and the color of the leaves more than once throughout the years. 

The initial logo featured a green colored leaf with Toronto written underneath which stayed only for a year.

Throughout the years, the leaf shape and color have been changed for seven times including the last one in 2016 with the team name being the same.

Vancouver Canucks

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  • First Initial Logo - Stick In Rink Logo
  • Year Formed - 1970

Throughout the Maple Leafs logo history, the team has had three several modifications but hasn't lost its core. 

The first and the second logo featured a hockey player nicknamed " Johnny Canuck." The first shows a player skating in a blue, white, and red color palette.

 However, in the second one, the player was seen kneeling not skating, showing the honors to the hockey.

The second change was in 1970, which featured a hockey stick in a horizontally oriented rectangular badge in a double, white, and green outline. 

The third change was in 1978, and the fourth in 1997, which became the consistent logo till 2023 but features only the color scheme changes and small modifications.

Vegas Golden Knights

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  • First Initial Logo - TGold And Steel Grey Knight Helmet
  • Year Formed - 2017

The Vegas Golden Knights have gone through only one primary logo modification so far.

The team introduced its first logo in 2016 before the 2017-18 season. It was a simple logo with the letter " Vegas Hockey" paired with NHL insignia, on a solid black background.

Later in 2017, the logo was changed due to its noble symbolism. The Knight helmet seems to be the visual center of the logo in grey and gold, covered in black and white highlights.

The V is seen in negative space, which stands for Las Vegas.

Washington Capitals

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  • First Initial Logo - Capitals in Blue Lowercase with T as Hockey Stick
  • Year Formed - 1974

Throughout the Washington Capitals logo history, the logo was first changed in 1995, second in 1997, third in 2002, and fourth in 2007.

The team introduced the initial logo in 1974. It featured a wordmark with the star line above it in a patriotic blue, red, and white color palette. 

The last logo transformation was in 2007, a font-based logo where the team name was featured in different types. 

The Washington looks generic, whereas the Capitals shines through the simple type. Meanwhile, "T" has the shape of a hockey stick.

Winnipeg Jets

Source : facebook

  • First Initial Logo -  Yellow Sun with Small Triangular Rays
  • Year Formed - 1999

Winnipeg Jets has a memorable logo of the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

Dated back in 1993, the team introduced its first logo featuring an image of a jumping panther with lots of details in dark yellow and blue color. 

The redesign took place in 2016, creating a new emblem giving its second breath. The new ones featured a sleek triangular crest with its side arched. 

Inside the circle is the Royal Canadian Air Force jet plane based on the silhouette of a McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet placed over a maple leaf.

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