Inappropriate NHL Fantasy Hockey Team Names 2024

By Saroj Karki / 3 November 2023 10:01 AM

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Inappropriate fantasy hockey team names are 1. Stick Handlers 2. Benn Dover 3. De Haan Job 4. Mudda Puckers 5. Czech Mates and more.

As the 2023-24 NHL season is all set to start on October 10, the hype and excitement around hockey fantasy have also begun to grow immensely.

There are various popular sites on the internet for NHL Fantasy such as Yahoo Sports, ESPN, DraftKings, Sportsnet Fantasy, and Fantrax among many others. Needless to say, each platform offers diverse experiences with various types of game modes and drafts.

Before you start picking up the players for your fantasy team, it is always better to start with a creative team name and head on to a good onset.

From simple yet elegant names to double-entente funny names to those inspired by the 32 NHL teams, we have listed it all in this article.

10+ Dirty Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Some of the dirty fantasy team names are:

  • Stick Handlers
  • Mudda Puckers
  • Puckin' Awesome
  • Babcock Gobblers
  • Slapshot Seduction
  • Stick in the Rink
  • Benn Dover
  • The Puck Dynasty
  • Deke Dream Team
  • Pucker Bedard
  • Saucy Snipers
  • Czech Mates
  • De Haan Job
  • Breakaway Temptations
  • I Just Don't Give a Puck
  • Center Ice Sinners
  • Blue Line Bandits
  • Goaltender Nirvana

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All the above funny hockey fantasy names are suggested in a playful lighthearted manner with some double meaning twist in relevance to the hockey terms.

For instance, Stick Handlers indicate the ability of the team to control the puck and steer the game, whilst also providing some play on words. Stick Magicians can also be the alternative name that somewhat portrays the same double entente.

Likewise, another name "Puck Dynasty" taken from the American reality TV series Duck Dynasty is a playful blend of the series in relation to the dominance of the hockey team in the ice rink.

Good Hockey Fantasy Team Names

Simple yet best fantasy hockey names with their meaning are listed below:

  • Rink Royalty - Team of esteemed hockey players
  • Pinnacle Pucks - At the peak of puck-handling abilities
  • Ice Sculptors - Artistic players on the ice
  • Luminous Ice - Glowing presence on the rink
  • Noble Netminders - In recognition of the goalies' endeavors
  • Silken Skaters - Team of simple yet smooth skating players
  • Glacial Knights - Ice hockey defenseman shielding the team
  • Opulent Slapshots - Powerful shots with goal-scoring opportunities
  • Diamond Blades - Picture perfect precision on the ice
  • Snow Leopards - Agility and bravery like a leopard in the arena
  • Stickhandlers - Elite abilities with the ice hockey stick
  • Frozen Elegance - Captivating playing style with an abundance of grace
  • Chill Champs - Ability to stay cool and calm under pressure
  • Majestic Maneuvers - Sublime skating skills and movements
  • The Wolverines - Intense and formidable competitors

NHL Fantasy Team Names Funny

If you are looking for funny NHL fantasy team names, then we have got you covered with the following suggestions:

  • The Puckaneers
  • Rookie Roasters
  • The Ice-o-topes
  • The Quack Pack
  • High-Five Hockeytics
  • Rendezvous with Ramo
  • NHL Wannabees
  • Frozen Fury
  • Straight Outta Conklin
  • Benn There Doan That
  • No Regretzkys
  • Dateline Predators
  • Stastny and Hutch
  • Ice Huggers
  • Raanta and Rave

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  • NHL Puckaholics
  • Chronicles of Sarnia
  • Not Your Stepan Stone
  • Probert Etiquette
  • The Penalty Box Heroes
  • Bumbling Bisons
  • The Puck Pundits
  • Puck Norris
  • Puckaroo Bandits
  • Blue Line Bloopers
  • Hockey Fools Gold
  • The Mighty Ducklings
  • Chicks With Sticks
  • The Ice-olated Ones
  • May The Forsberg With You
  • Eberle and Ivory
  • Don’t Toews me bro
  • Puck Dynasty
  • Frosty Flyers
  • The High-Sticking Hijinks
  • Backcheck Yourself
  • The Flying Zambinis
  • The Fasth and the Furious
  • The Icebreakers
  • Run Kessel Run
  • The Stick Jockeys
  • The Vezina Monologues
  • Semyon Says
  • Toews in the Water
  • The Tlusty Trombones
  • The Puck Buddies
  • Net Crushers
  • The Mighty Morphin Power Puckers
  • Bettman Returns
  • The Netminder Ninjas
  • The Iceholes
  • Doan Bring Me Down

Name Ideas Based On NHL Teams

Best fantasy hockey team names based on all NHL Teams are listed below:

Anaheim Ducks - Quacken Sorcerers, Duck Puck, The Mighty Ducklings, Radiant Raptors, Enchanted Emperors

Arizona Coyotes - Starlit Coyotes, Twilight Tricksters, Ember Echoes, Astral Alphas, Shadowed Stalkers

Boston Bruins - Backes Spasms, Thunderclap Titans, Backes Door Bangers, Arcane Bruinlords, Frostfang Maulers

Buffalo Sabres - Saberclaw Sentinels, Celestial Sabres, Team Okposo, Bladebound Blizzards, Glimmering Gladiators

Calgary Flames - Huska Puckers, Ignited Invokers, Scorching Sages, Jacob Saves, Solar Flare Flames

Carolina Hurricanes - Cyclone Conjurers, Hurricane Harbingers, Thundering Tempests, Tempest Titans, Vortex Vanguards

Chicago Blackhawks - Kane is Able, Midnight Magicians, Saad Excuse, Nightfall Nomads, Shadowed Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche - Iceborn Titans, Permafrost Pyromancers, The Avs, Crystalblaze Conjurers, Avalanche Archons

Columbus Blue Jackets - Team Boone, Nova Nomads, Galactic Guardians, Cosmic Champs, Astral Admirals

Dallas Stars - Benn Dover, Radiant Rodeo, Since You Benn Gone, Solar Sages, Keep Calm and Chiasson

Detroit Red Wings - Shwimp Fwide Weiss, Flameflight Furies, Aero Aces, Nightmare on Helm Street, Skyward Seekers

Edmonton Oilers - Scooby Dubnyk, Ember Engineers, Elemental Oilers, Starlight Siphoners, Whose Line is it Eberle?

Connor McDavid tops the overall fantasy hockey player rankings ahead of the new season
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Florida Panthers - Bjugstad Bites, Panther Prowlers, Hard to Yandle, Astral Apex Predators, The Luongo Run

Los Angeles Kings - Laich Ness Monsters, Majestic Monarchs, Big Doughty Kane, Crowned Conjurers, Free Folin

Minnesota Wild - Wildwood Wizards, Lunar Lumberjacks, Wyld Stallyns, Better Call Staal, Salt Water Taffe

Montreal Canadiens - Quebec Questers, In Hockey We Prust, Chivalric Champions, Sopel on a Riopel, Montreal Magicians

Nashville Predators - Starlit Stalkers, Rinnebourhood Watch, Celestial Predators, Josi Puckers, Tennessee Preds

New Jersey Devils - Henrique Iglesais, Cursed Conjurers, Cammalleri Toews, Even Stevens, King of the JHughes

New York Islanders - Greiss is the Word, Aqua Alchemists, The Eberle Brothers, Leddy Zeppelin, Mistbound Mariners

New York Rangers - Raanta and Rave, Celestial Rangers, Questing Quiver, Moves Like Jagr, Starward Squires

Ottawa Senators - Karlssons of Anarchy, Methot to the Madness, Celestial Senators, Galactic Governors, Nine inch Legwand

Philadelphia Flyers - Giroux Your Own Way, Nimbus Navigators, Phoenix Phalanx, Fresh Prince of Briere, Fantasy Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins - The Kessel Run, Penguin Pioneers, The Crosby Show, Rust Never Sleeps, Dark Matta

San Jose Sharks - Aquatic Avatars, I Havlat Problems, Tempest Titans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Hertls, Celestial Sharks

Seattle Kraken - The Nauti Boys, Seattle Seamen, Chance of Fleurys, Hakstol Rulz, Kraken Necks

St. Louis Blues - Snap Cracknell Pop, Echoes of Elysium, Serene Serenaders, Osh It, ShawShatt Redemption

Tampa Bay Lightning - Leave me All Malone, Nimbus Navigators, Red Salo Cup, Tempest Thaumaturges, Astral Arcanists

Toronto Maple Leafs - One Kessticle, Maplefire Magicians, Laich Ness Monsters, Phillip My TeaKessel, Tavares Buddies

Vancouver Canucks - Cascade Conjurers, Coy Hogson, The Nude Keslers, Barkers Bottle, Should Have Drafted Kopitar

Vegas Golden Knights - Stanley Cup Says Hello, Realmwarp Renegades, The Knight Rangers, Astral Archers, Stone Strikers

Washington Capitals - Laich it Orlov it, Starlit Sovereigns, Bettman Laichs Semin, Capital Icekings, Carbery Trusters

Winnipeg Jets - Fiddler Clitsome, Tempest Thrusters, Big Buff Balls, The Jet Rule Continues, Everyday Im Byfuglien

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