NHL 24 Technical and Community Playtest [Beta]

By Swikriti Kandel / 1 August 2023 10:43 AM

Virtual Jakob Chychrun Of Ottawa Senators On The 2023 Version Of The Game
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NHL 24 technical test is a confidential program by Electronic Arts Studio to test the game before its official release. One has to sign up for the procedure.

Testing is essential to maintain the quality of the game. It helps to increase efficiency by eliminating bugs, lagging, and other software issues.

NHL 24 is a forthcoming video game series related to the National Hockey League. The first version of the game was initially released in 1991.

The simulation has grabbed the attention of e-hockey players. The players can enjoy the virtual ice hockey matchup on their devices from anywhere in the world.

The developers add new features to the games every year, making them more interesting. The former version featured Michigan's goal and Last chance puck movement.

People are expecting the addition of extra elements in the upcoming series. The game's publisher has hinted that the new version will be on the market soon.

NHL 24 Beta Version

The testers will evaluate NHL 24 Beta Version. It is speculated to have a new engine, career mode, multiplayer mode, and presentation features.

The players expect the newest version to be more user-friendly. A new physics engine might be adopted, allowing a smooth movement of the puck and players in the game.

The game might feature a custom player creation and roster update. It could also introduce a mode where multiple users can compete in the league simultaneously.

Moreover, the updated version could have new commentary and a view of the pre-tournament game and goal replay. Cross-console invitations might be supported.

These are just speculation since the official notice from the game's creator is yet to be announced. Hopefully, some of the projected features will be included in it.

NHL 24 is projected to come out on 13 October 2023. It is estimated based on the former release dates, which fell on the second Friday of October.

The previous version of the video game lagged in many features. There were glitches and controller issues, and the screen froze after a goal was secured.

Fans believe the game lacked innovation and recycled most of the codes from its predecessor NHL 22. Though a few features were added, it was not up to the mark of hardcore gamers.

Despite the issues, the 2023 version of the game was well-rated. It received an 8 score from the website of IGN and a 70% rating from OpenCritic.

NHL 24 Community Playtest

NHL 24 community playtest sign up application was opened on 30 July 2023. It can be filled out on the official website of Electronic Arts.

To register for playtesting the 2024 version of the video game, follow the given steps:

  • Click on the registration link of Electronic Arts(EA).
  • Tap on 'Sign in to EA Playtesting.'
  • You can sign in with your EA account credentials. If you do not have it, you can sign via Xbox or PlayStation account as well.
  • After signing in, you will be asked questions about the playtests you are interested in.
  • Following registration, you can apply and wait for the team's response.

Once you apply, the playtesting team will review it. The team will then filter the interested candidates as per eligibility criteria and informs them.

NHL 24 Playtest eligibility criteria note that the candidates must be a resident of the USA or Canada. The age of the participants should be at least 18 years. 

Since the playtesting program is confidential, the selected ones should accept a Pre-Release Feedback Agreement. It restricts users to capture, produce, distribute, or publish NHL 24-related content.

If you breach those rules, you will be excluded from partaking in the upcoming events. The team will call the selected candidates for further proceedings.

NHL 24 Cover Athlete Predictions

NHL 24 Cover Athletes include Connor McDavid, Linus Ullmark, Jack Hughes, Matthew Tkachuk, Leon Draisatl, and Cale Makar as possibilities.

These athletes performed competently in the 2022-23 season. Connor's record with the Edmonton Oilers was the most impressive of all.

In the 82 regular season games, McDavid secured a career-high of 64 goals and 89 assists. Moreover, he acquired 20 points in 12 playoff games.

Connor Is The Recipient Of 2023 Ted Lindsay Award
Source : instagram

Linus Ullmark obtained the highest save percentage of his career in the former season. With a .938 save percentage in 49 games, he is one of the potential candidates.

Forward Jack Hughes also made a new career record in the past season. He scored 43 goals and 56 assists in the 78 games of the National Hockey League.

In the 2023 version of the game, Trevor Zegras and Sarah Nurse were featured on the cover. The two hockey athletes came together to represent the men's and women's hockey games.

Zegras was a star in the 2021-22 season and made a string case for the game cover. Olympic gold medalist Sarah became the first woman to land on the cover of the simulation. 

The athletes who were on the cover of the NHL video game for the past decade are as follows:

YearAthlete On Cover
2022Trevor Zegras and Sarah Nurse
2021Auston Matthews
2020Alexander Ovechkin
2019Auston Matthews
2018P. K. Subban
2017Connor McDavid
2016Vladimir Tarasenko
2015Jonathan Toews
2014Patrice Bergeron
2013Martin Brodeur

Auston Matthews and Alexander Ovechkin have graced the cover twice in their career. Matthews starred in NHL 20 and NHL 22.

Ovechkin became the face of the NHL 07 and NHL 21. The series also facilitate secondary covers where a distinct player is featured. Those are sold in specific regions.

Patrik Laine and Elias Petterson represented the NHL 20 in Winnipeg and Vancouver, respectively. The former version had Laine for Winnipeg and Willian Nylander for Toronto.

Roman Josi was on the covers of NHL 18 for Nashville. The trend of having a secondary cover for a specific area began in 2000.

Markus Naslund and Richard Smehlik were the first athletes who were selected for it. Naslund posed for the poster in Vancouver and Smehlik in Buffalo.

Is NHL 24 Cross Platform?

Yes, NHL 24 is cross-platform. The players with a device with the same console generation can compete in the game.

XBox Series and PS5 have the same console generation as the PS4 and Xbox One. It means that the players from XBox Series can compete against PS5 and the like.

The 2024 game is also expected to have cross-play between different console generations. This will take the series to the next level if it happens.

The former versions did not support cross-platform invitations. Due to that, players from different devices with the same console could not team up and play on behalf of the same team.

EA announced that the playtesting of the 2024 version will be available on the following devices:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series

It hints that the game will also be available on the former console generations. Some are joyous since they need not buy a new console to play the video game.

Others are not satisfied with the creator's decision. A Twitter user named Spike Folganan was confused about why the team was not focusing on the next-generation consoles.

Besides, fans are expecting the upcoming version to be available on PC. The company has not released a PC-compatible game version since NHL 17.

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