How Does NHL 24 Shoulder Check Work?

By Dipak BK / 7 November 2023 08:50 AM

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Shoulder Check in NHL 24 is done by first pressing the right stick down and then up on both controllers. You don't have to press only Up button from the start.

It can be performed by pressing the B in Xbox and the circle in PlayStation Controllers. The control options can be selected by going to the Controller settings which now includes the Hybrid Controls.

EASports released a patch that went live on October 24th, 2023 which included the addition of Hybrid Controls(with the same button mapping as NHL 23) which had been removed previously. 

Body Checks in Hybrid Controls can be performed by pressing the B button on Your Xbox Controller. An update is planned out for an early November patch by EA where they will be addressing issues with the lacrosse move, push checks, the Hip Checks, and more. 

One of the new features highlighted in NHL 24 by EA is the physics-based contact which makes things like hitting more realistic but fans have commented that it makes the game less intuitive and fun than previous iterations of the game. 

Shoulder Check In NHL 24 Guide

Shoulder Check In NHL 24 is mapped out on PlayStation Controllers as the Circle button and as B on your Xbox Controllers.

Shoulder checking in ice hockey is a defensive move that involves the player using their shoulder to push their opposition out of position.

The elbows must be tucked in to be considered a shoulder check legal as the penalty for elbowing will be issued otherwise. 

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The defensive Controls under the total control setting allow you to perform the Shoulder check by Moving the Right Stick down and then moving it up. It is important to get the timing down if you want to perform the move successfully as just moving the Right stick up will result in a push Check.

The Controls can be a headache as it requires some practice to get the timing down and perform the various defensive and offensive moves available under the total control setting.

Here are some of the checking options with their controls available in NHL 24 along with some additional defensive controls that you might find handy:

  • Push Check: Move the Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Shoulder Check: Move the Right Stick Down and then Move the Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Board Pin: Hold Y (Xbox) | Hold Triangle (PlayStation)
  • Hip Check: Hold X (Xbox) | Hold Square (PlayStation)
  • Poke Check: Press RB (Xbox) | Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Sweep Stick: Hold RB then Move Right Stick (Xbox) | Hold R1 then Move Right Stick (PlayStation)
  • Chop Puck: Press Right Stick then Move Right Stick (Xbox) | Press R3 then Move Right Stick (PlayStation)
  • Desperation Clear:  Double Tap Right Stick Up (both Controllers)
  • Pass Block + Sweep Stick: Press LB then Move the Right Stick Left or Move the Right Stick Right (Xbox)
  • Press L1 then Move Right Stick Left or Move Right Stick Right (PlayStation)
  • Stick Lift: Press A (Xbox) | Press X (PlayStation)
  • Tie Up Stick: Hold A (Xbox) | Hold X (PlayStation)
  • Block Pass: Press LB (Xbox) | Press L1 (PlayStation)
  • Dive / Block: Press LB + Press RB (Xbox) | Press L1 + Press R1 (PlayStation)
  • Slash: Press LT + Press Y after whistle (Xbox) | Press L2 + Press Triangle after whistle (PlayStation)
  • Initiate Net Battle (in open ice): Hold Y  (Xbox) | Hold Triangle (PlayStation)

How To Win A Faceoff In NHL 24?

You can win a faceoff in NHL 24 by moving the Right Stick on the PlayStation and Xbox Controllers. 

The Faceoff controls in NHL 24 are simplistic once you get the timing right, which can be affected by various factors, and staying observant of your opponent's movements can be helpful.

The simplistic nature of the controls means more skill might play a more significant factor in winning faceoffs but that issue can be addressed with a bit of practice. Using the backhand or forehand grip will help get your timing right. 

One of the things to be on the lookout for if you want to win faceoffs is the players with the Quick Draw trait. This trait is an X-factor that comes real handy in faceoffs and you might want to consider using such players yourself. 

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Looking at the Opponet's hands can also help inform you of their faceoff Strategy. The strategies for you to use based on the opponent's grip are given below.

  • Use a backhand faceoff or forehand stick if you see their thumbs and fingers, as it is most likely a forehand grip.
  • A tie-up move can be used if you see their knuckles instead of their fingers.
  • One option is to use the same grip if you are confident getting the timing better.

Press X(Xbox) or square(PlayStation) to go low on the puck, press A or X to go high, and R1 or RB on your controllers upon entering the Circle(the sooner you press the better) to go after the puck directly. The control for Select Grip is the same on both controllers and requires you to move the Right Stick left or Right. 

While it is crucial to get the timing right, it is also wise to familiarize yourself with the faceoff controls, and we have listed all the ones we reckon you will need. 

  • Select Grip: Move the Right Stick Left or Right (Both Controllers)
  • Tie-up: Move the left stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Faceoff Deke: Xbox (LB), Sony (L1) + Move the Right Stick UP without Selecting a Grip.
  • Stick Lift: Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Faceoff Shot: Without Selecting a Grip, Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Win Straight Back: Move the Right Stick Down (Both Controllers)

NHL 24 Total Control Layout

NHL 24 Total Control Layout introduced in this version of the game makes some of the more complex offensive and defensive moves easier to execute. 

The Skill Stick layout is still available to players who are more familiar with that and find that more comfortable.  Hybrid Controls which were not available in the release of the game are now available after the 24 October patch released by EA Sports.

The Goalie Control Layout for the Total Control settings is available in the game. The most recent patch includes the option to turn on/off the tether system which was unavailable before the late October patch release. 

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For players who want to use the new simplified Total Controls in NHL24, we have provided the basic Offensive and defensive control layout below. You can find the controls for Dekes, pass, and Checks.

Offensive Controls

  • Hustle: Press Left Stick (Xbox) | Press L3 (PlayStation)
  • Protect Puck:
    • Press the Left Stick and move the Right Stick to the Left or to the Right (Xbox)
    • Press L3 and Move the Right Stick to the Left or to the Right (PlayStation)
  • Glide: Release Left Stick (Xbox) | Release Left Stick (PlayStation)
  • Vision Control: Hold LT (Xbox) | Hold L2 (PlayStation)
  • Slap Shot: Move the Right Stick Down and then Up (both controllers)
  • Wrist Shot: Move the Right Stick Down then Roll Up (both controllers)
  • Snap Shot: Move Right Stick Up (both controllers)
  • Desperation Shot: Double Tap Right Stick Up (both controllers)
  • Fake Shot: LB + Press Right Stick (Xbox) | L2 + Press R3 (PlayStation)
  • Spin: Press LT (Xbox) | Press L2 (PlayStation)
  • Reverse Hit / Brace (while in a glide): Press Right Stick (Xbox) | Press R3 (PlayStation)
  • Dump Puck: Press RB + Move Right Stick Up (Xbox) | Press R1 + Move Right Stick Up (PlayStation)
  • Win Faceoff: Move Right Stick (both controllers)
  • Chop Puck: Press the Right Stick then Move the Right Stick (both controllers)

Defensive Controls 

  • Skate: Move Left Stick  (both controllers)
  • Hustle: Press the Left Stick while going straight (Xbox) | Press L3 while going straight (PlayStation)
  • Glide: Release Left Stick (Xbox) | Release Left Stick (PlayStation)
  • Vision Control: Hold LT (Xbox)  | Hold L2 (PlayStation)
  • Switch Player: Press RT (Xbox) | Press R2 (PlayStation)
  • Manual Switch Player: Hold RT + Move Right Stick (Xbox) | Hold R2 + Move Right Stick (PlayStation)
  • Cancel Manual Switch Player: Hold RT + Press LB (Xbox) | Hold R2 + Press L1 (PlayStation)
  • Manual Switch Player (Last Man Back): Hold RT + Press Right Stick (Xbox) | Hold R2 + Press R3 (PlayStation)

NHL 24 Total Control Vs Skill Stick

NHL 24 Total Control vs Skill Stick is Total Control is the Icon Passing System that allows you to pass by pressing a button, but Skill Stick requires you to aim and pass

 Both control schemes have merits and demerits to them, which makes claiming one as empirically better somewhat difficult to execute.

The total control in NHL 24 is the recent addition to the game, which makes executing the more complicated moves easier, while the Skill Stick is the traditional control scheme that players of the game series are more familiar with. 

Additional offensive options under this control scheme include the possibility to execute moves like toe drag, Lacrosse dekes,  One-Handed Tuck, and Between Legs Shot by pressing the controller's face button.

Source : ginx

While the new features are exciting, the focus on flashy moves rarely used during gameplay over some crucial functions is highlighted by Skill Stick. The line changes in total control require you to take your thumb off the left stick and use the D-Pad, unlike skill Stick where line changes can be done by pressing the Circle/B and square/X. 

The Skill Stick Controls are preferred by players familiar with the game as they have mastered the controls and are more used to them. The drawback, however, is that it takes time to get used to the controls, making the total controls the better-looking option of the two for beginners.

While some moves are easier to execute, some are less intuitive in the Total Control scheme. Determining which one is the right fit for you can depend on factors like experience with the game and personal preference,

One thing to keep in mind while exploring whether to use total control or the Skill Shift is that you can choose neither and go for the third option, which is Hybrid Controls, available on NHL 24 now.

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