NHL 24 Jersey Glitch and EASHL Club Rankings

By Abhay Acharya / 2 November 2023 02:22 AM

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NHL 24 Jersey Glitch is an issue for gamers where their custom made jersey turns black during the game. The at-hand NHL uniforms are immune to this glitch.

NHL 24 features augmented graphics with updated resolutions, overhauled physics, and animation-based reactions. Its physic-based contact and all-new exhaust engine game release the hockey game's thrills and power. 

Since its inauguration, the game has delivered a best-in-class gaming experience to players with its broad range of modes, incorporating World of Chel, EASHL, and Hockey Ultimate Team. Gamers can access all 32 NHL teams, while they can also create their team from scratch in NHL 24. 

With substantial refinements to the past editions, NHL 24 delivers a real-life escapade while creating a team with several customization options, incorporating the player's attributes, team origin, jersey, equipment, and many more. 

EA Sports NHL 24 has been on the market since October 6, 2023. The game showed no problems in the first few weeks of its playtest. However, after about two weeks into the game, the players across the globe came across a glitch.

The glitch, as mentioned above, turns the jersey of your custom-built team into a generic black NHL jersey, randomly mixes colors from your opponent team, or changes the color of the jersey number and captain logo during games. The defect triggers your home, alternate, and away jerseys separately once you customize each in the creation zone.

Can You Fix NHL 24 EASHL Jersey Glitch?

Yes, you can fix the NHL 24 EASHL Jersey Glitch once EA Sports releases the fix with their updates. Until then, we advise to use stock branding jerseys. 

The Jersey bug causes the team jersey to revert to a black NHL jersey in the WOC EASHL mode. The issue prevails such that the jersey in the creation zone for home/alternate/away looks as created, while during the games, it regresses to black. 

Sometimes, the color of the number or captain's mark on the jersey is only affected by the bug, while most of the time, the entire color of the jersey is either black or a random NHL stock jersey. Also, the jerseys occasionally revert to black during a shot in the game. 

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The bug, however, doesn't alter the stock NHL jerseys or cause any difficulties in controls. Hence, it would be practical to use the stock branding jerseys until the issue is resolved to avoid confusion during games. 

This glitch prevailed in last year's edition, too, where players would be stuck with a generic black NHL jersey after customization and be forced to rely on the stock branding jerseys. The bug even prevented switching jerseys in the EASHL games to the custom-built ones.

In NHL 23, you could eliminate the bug by deleting your club and re-creating a new one. However, it's not an ideal option as all your team's achievements would be lost, and you would be required to start from scratch.

Regardless, if you are new to NHL 24 and have experienced the EASHL Jersey Glitch early on in the game, you could try deleting your club to eliminate the bug.

However, with EA Sports assumed to release a patch in early November, it would be best to use a stock branding jersey for a while and preserve the experiences gained by your club while waiting for the release.

Best NHL 24 Black Jerseys

The Best NHL 24 Black Jerseys are the Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins jerseys. The Senators used the jersey from 2011 to 2017. 

The Senators jersey is among the best black jerseys available on NHL 24. The uniform perfectly balances uniqueness and familiarity, contemporary and classic, complexity and simplicity.

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The boldness of the off-white and red double chest stripe, with matching stripes on the bottom, adds the perfect contrast.

Following the Senators are the Bruins with their white/gold/black combo jersey. This is one of the best jerseys in NHL 24, which the Bruins have been wearing since 2007. The uniform depicts a very energetic, strong, and aggressive palette.

The jersey is perfectly balanced, with white and gold shoulder stripes and yoke framing. Also, the consistent and classic striping on the jersey bottom and the sleeves are among the best classic jersey design examples that are intense and visually impactful. 

The classic Pittsburgh Penguins jersey is among the best NHL 24 black jerseys. The Penguins adapted this jersey primarily from 1980 to 1992. They revised it back in 2014 and have been using it since.

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The jersey features thick white stripes on the bottom and the sleeves, along with a generous amount of gold on the sleeves, bringing some excellent contrast and energy to the black. The Penguins re-introduced this jersey in 2014 as an alternative initially.

Next in the line is the Chicago Blackhawks alternate jersey from 1996 to 2007. You can access this vintage jersey in NHL 24 HUT and World of Chel. This uniform is among the top jerseys to plague the NHL during the 2000s.

The simple white and red stripes, including the conventional shoulder patches and the Blackhawks' multi-colored logo crest, make an evenly balanced and striking jersey.

Eashl Club Rankings [Latest]

The EASHL pro clubs incorporate the journey and achievements of custom-made pro-NHL players in NHL 24 World of Chel. 

NHL 24 features a dynamic hockey world experience with the World of Chel EA Sports Hockey League. You are required to create a pro player, join a club in the league, and compete against other clubs to raise your rank. 

You can join a club with your pro player and collaborate with your friends or clubmates to carry out different pass and body checks to rank at the top of the league. For that, careful consideration should be made in deciding a position you would play while creating your player. 

Just like in the NHL, gamers get access to play season games and compete for the trophy with their club in NHL 24 EASHL. Here, you are required to triumph 16 times with your pro club over a best-of-seven-game series four times to win the championship. 

Virtual Athletics is the current top-ranking club in EASHL, with a season-high record of 2426 points in 50 seasons. The club has secured 57 titles and 24 league titles throughout the season, with 337 overall wins. 

One Unit ranks number one in the Club Top 100 rankings in EASHL, with a record of 157-38-5 and 1515 points. The team has secured 34 shootouts throughout the season. 

Below is the list of top EASHL pro clubs with points per the season rankings.

In cross-platform current gen:

  • Virtual Athletics - 2426
  • Via Dolorosa - 1946
  • PROFITS - 1790
  • Zippys Hooded Turtles - 1763
  • Mississauga Munch - 1643
  • The Grape Apes - 1613
  • X EVOLUTION - 1567
  • Kitimat and Friends - 1553
  • Red Lite - 1501

In cross-platform last gen:

  • SLAMPIGZZ - 2646
  • Popeyes - 1799
  • POWER RANGERS - 1669
  • Undertakers - 1498
  • 705 HOCKEY - 1380
  • Rivertown Raccoons - 1361
  • YOU BETCHA - 1352
  • Two Timer Hockey - 1320
  • Beer and Salsa - 1319
  • Army of Cycle - 1296
  • Toxic Avengers - 1284

The leading EASHL pro clubs with points per Club Top 100 rankings are listed below.

In cross-platform current gen:

  • One Unit - 1515
  • EMO GANG - 1473
  • hREDS - 1463
  • Composure - 1459
  • Red Lite - 1445
  • Kitimat and Friends - 1432
  • Scary Hours - 1425
  • MHG Tampa Bay Lightning - 1424
  • The Jenkem 3 - 1417
  • Bare Knuckles Hockey - 1405
  • Kallion Dynamo - 1395
  • IslesGT - 1386

In cross-platform last gen:

  • SLAMPIGZZ - 1601
  • POWER RANGERS - 1443
  • Swedes - 1433
  • Bunker Bros - 1424
  • Dry Jeans - 1365
  • Beer and Salsa - 1353
  • Les petter - 1346
  • Mannilan Seurakunta - 1343
  • Mussy Punchers - 1341
  • LMH Moose Jaw Warriors - 1328
  • Nashville Motor Boaters - 1325
  • Reedtampin - 1325
  • Les grinders - 1320
  • Q u e b e c Qc - 1319
  • Chat - 1310

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