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New NHL Uniforms 2023-24 Season Every Team

By Swikriti Kandel / 25 September 2023 05:15 AM

Flyers unveiled their new attire on June 20, 2023
Source : twitter

New NHL Uniforms 2023-24 include 1. Philadephia Flyers 2. Arizona Coyotes 3. Tampa Bay Lightning 4. Toronto Maple Leafs 5. Anaheim Ducks

In the early years, simple attires made up of wool and lace-up colors with basic striping were used. As the league grew, the teams had a formal logo and attire to recognize their team on the ice.

The Original Six teams started the trend of timeless uniforms and the expansion teams followed them. The logos and jerseys of the teams have constantly evolved.

The advancement of technology has aided in breathable and lightweight materials for uniforms. The franchises are still playing with new color schemes and aesthetics to suit their needs.

The teams are using the once-dropped designs to honor past accomplishments. Overall, the jerseys of the franchises indicate how the teams have matured over the years. 

Flyers New Uniforms 2023

Flyers New Uniforms 2023 flaunts the burnt orange color. Both their home and road jerseys are made similar to the ones in the 1980s and 1990s.

The game dress of the team usually represents the team's modern adaptation of their rich history. They are honoring their former eras with a tad bit of a twist.

The Flyers had not changed their costume since 2010. Independence Blue Cross is their first-ever patch partner. The company has claimed the place in the front part of the jersey just above the team's logo.

The Adidas logo is on the back since they produce the attire for the league. However, Fanatics will replace the brand starting from the 2024-25 season.

The NHL franchise has utilized its color palette of burnt orange, black, and white to the fullest. The logo of the team consists of a slanted P with four stylized wings in black and white.

The orange dot is embedded inside the alphabet which represents the puck. The franchise has two helmets that have a logo on the back. 

Edmonton Oilers New Uniforms

Edmonton Oilers new uniforms are based on their royal blue jerseys. They sported the iconic attire in the games of the 2022-23 season.

The jersey reflects the victorious times of the team. The attire from Wayne Gretzky's era was announced to make a comeback on 7 July 2022.

The athletes will sport the same game dress for the upcoming season as well. The one with a royal blue base is used for home games and the white for road games.

The Oilers have an alternate jersey with midnight blue as the base with minimal striping. Royal blue, orange, and white sum up the color palette of the team.

Though simple, the logo of Edmonton is captivating. It has Oilers written inside a blue circle with an orange oil drop on the top. Canadian Lynx serves as the mascot of the team.

Toronto Maple Leafs New Uniforms

Toronto Maple Leafs new uniforms were made in sponsorship with Dairy Farmers of Ontario. It contains Milk insignia on the upper left side of the front part.

The alternate jersey of the franchise was released on 22 March 2022. It was made in collaboration with popular Canadian singer, Justin Beiber.

Maple Leafs Jersey for the 2023-24 season
Source : skysports

The attire featured a base color of black, which was the first time in the team's history. The trim part consisted of their traditional blue color with yellow stripes and drew house insignia.

Matching the name of the team, the logo consists of a maple leaf with 31 points. The points symbolize the year 1931 which marks the opening of Maple Leaf Gardens.

TikTok is the helmet entitlement partner of the club since the 2021-22 season. Their logo is imprinted on the team's blue and white helmets. Carlton the Bear serves as the mascot of the team.

Boston Bruins new logo consists of a spoked B design inside a yellow circle. It resembles the emblem that was used by the team in 1995.

The franchise is entering its 100th playing season in the NHL. To honor their journey and a century of establishment, they have revealed an anniversary crest.

The crest has its bear mascot in the center with 100 written on its body. Bruins are written on the top part and Centennial on the lower area. The years 1924 and 2024 are mentioned on the sides.

Bruins Anniversary Logos since their establishment in 1924
Source : instagram

Boston Bruins new jerseys will have an anniversary crest stitched to them. The vintage logo will be featured on the jersey from Bobby Orr's playing era.

The team is set to host multiple Era Nights to celebrate a different era of Bruins hockey. The celebratory night begins on October 11 as a tribute to their Rafters Union.

The Bruins are the first team from the US to be affiliated with the National Hockey League. Black and gold are the colors of the franchise.  

LA Kings New Jerseys

LA Kings jerseys are timeless with black, white, and silver being the only colors. Their home attire has a black base with white and silver stripes.

The franchise has an alternate costume that draws inspiration from the 1990s heritage jersey. The logo from the Retro uniform is used in the center of the front part.

2023-24 jersey of the LA Kings
Source : twitter

The precise silver detailing and stripes give a splendid outlook to the attire. Likewise, white gloves and chrome helmets complete the look of the athletes. 

A second 'Reverse Retro' uniform of the franchise was revealed in the 2022-23 season. It was completely unique with purple stripes and gold accents adding depth.

Kings logo consists of a shield shape divided into two compartments. The upper half consists of the initials of the team's name and the lower part features a crown. Bailey the Lion serves as the mascot of the Los Angeles Kings. 

Anaheim Ducks New Uniform

Anaheim Ducks new uniform for their 30th anniversary has a perfect blend of purple, jade, silver, and white. It will serve as their alternate attire.

The new costume consists of slightly hidden words in their silver stripes. The original duck-shaped goalie mask logo is stitched on the dress.

Purple-based uniforms will only be sported by the team in special matches. For the rest of the games, they will wear a modified version of the orange third jersey used from 2015 to 2017.

Ducks revealed their newest eggplant colored jersey on 29 June 2023
Source : twitter

The primary home jersey of the club features a black base with gold, white and orange stripes. Ducks road games attire includes a white base which gives summer vibes. 

The Anaheim Ducks logo consists of a webbed foot representing the initial D. Wild Wing the Duck serves as a fiesty mascot of the NHL franchise.

Arizona Coyotes New Uniforms

Arizona Coyotes third jersey is designed by Rhuigi Villasenor. He reflected on the environment, community, and culture of Arizona to draw inspiration.

The apparel of the team is rather unique with burgundy as the primary color. Sand color is used for names, numbers, and other striping.

It features a star instead of a dot in the 'i' in the word Arizona. To determine the captaincy, a C-shape moon is used while saguaros are used in the attire of alternate captains.

Coyotes Alternate Jersey
Source : bizjournals

Kachina patterns are drawn to the entire uniform. Burgundy-colored gloves and helmets are made to complete the outfit. It serves as the alternate apparel of the team.

Coyotes' home jersey features a black base with burgundy and green stripes and white Kachina prints. The road attire of the team consists of a white body with red patterns.

Tampa Bay Lightning New Jersey

Tampa Bay Lightning third jersey will be unveiled on 15 August 2023. It will be a fusion of midnight black, storm grey, and flash silver colors.

The silver thunderbolt is printed on the pants and the shoulder consists of a tonal patch. Black gloves with a grey cuff are one of the unique aspects of the uniform.

The vision behind the attire is to represent speed, innovation, electrified might, and a new interpretation of the past. All of these concepts are merged in a modern yet bold way.

Lightning's home and road jerseys are sponsored by Dex Imaging. The blue color-based attires along with white bands are sported while playing in their home arena and white while playing road games.

Tampa Bay logo comprises a circle with a thunder symbol in the center. A lightning bug named ThunderBug is the mascot of the franchise.

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