NCAA D1 Field Hockey Rankings 2023 RPI

By Swikriti Kandel / 12 September 2023 05:27 AM

North Carolina Athlete Alli Meehan Holding A Stick On 26 August 2022
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NCAA D1 Field Hockey rankings RPI 1. UNC 2. Northwestern 3. Pennsylvania State University 4. University of Maryland 5. University of Michigan.

North Carolina recorded wins in all 7 road, six neutral, and 8 home games. In 2022, they were considered the top institution in field hockey by RPI and the NFHCA Poll. 

Rating Percentage Index(RPI) is a mathematical tool the NCAA uses to rank teams and coaches from National Field Hockey Coaches Association( NFHCA).

North Carolina secured the highest number of points, 675, throughout the season. They are still in the same position since the upcoming field hockey season has not begun.

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College Field Hockey Rankings

NCAA field hockey rankings have the University of North Carolina in the topmost position. Carolina has ranked first based on RPI and NFHCA Poll.

Northwestern and Pennsylvania have followed the list. The former institution holds a record of 20 wins and 5 losses while the latter has 17 victories and 4 defeats.

The college positionings based on the National Collegiate Athletic Association's RPI are as follows:

1. University of North CarolinaACC
2. Northwestern UniversityBig Ten
3. Pennsylvania State UniversityBig Ten
4. University of MarylandBig Ten
5. University of MichiganBig Ten
6. University of VirginiaACC
7. Saint Joseph's UniversityAtlantic 10
8. Princeton UniversityIvy League
9. Syracuse UniversityACC
10. University of IowaBig Ten

University of North Carolina

North Carolina incorporated field hockey in the 1940s. When the university received membership in the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) in 1971, it became a university sport.

Carolina became a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1982. Though they became runner-ups in 1987, they earned their first championship in 1989.

Known for the Carolina blue and white uniform, the varsity team won the 2022 tournament championship. They received the title consecutively from 2018 to 2020.

Northwestern University

Northwestern is a part of the Big Ten Conference of Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The lakeside field of the university campus in Illinois is their home.

Field hockey was declared a varsity sport at Northwestern in 1980. They received their first National Collegiate Athletic Association championship in 2021.

Before that, the university reached the Final Fours of the championship four times. Likewise, they have been up to the first round of the title six times.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State made hockey a varsity sport in 1964. After being associated with the AIAW, they became a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1982.

Ongoing Match Between Penn State and Louisville On 6 July 2023
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By now, the team has appeared in 30 tournaments. They have competed seven times in the semifinals and twice during the championship game.

Despite playing hockey for roughly 6 decades, Penn State has not received the title once. Olympic bronze medalist Charlene Morrett currently coaches them.

University of Maryland

Maryland has incorporated hockey as their varsity sport since 1974. They are one of the accomplished members of the Big Ten Conference.

The varsity team has recorded 8 national championships and appeared in 15 Final Fours. They also have a record of 57 wins in the tournament so far.

Mayland went on a success spree since Messy Meharg joined the team as a coach. In the 2022 season, they won 19 games and lost 4 in the tournament.  

University of Michigan

Michigan declared hockey as their university sport in 1973. They play their home games at Phyllis Ocker Field at their Ann Harbour campus.

The team is famous for the color palette of their uniform, which consists of maize and blue colors. They have competed in the tournament 19 times.

Despite such efforts, Michigan has held the title only once under coach Marcia Pankratz. In the former season, they recorded 14 wins and 6 losses.

NCAA Field Hockey Champions Last 10 Years

NCAA Field Hockey winner in 2022 is North Carolina Women's team. They have earned the title four times in the past decade.

Likewise, Connecticut has gained victory over the tournament thrice. Northwestern, Delaware, and Syracuse received their first-ever championship title in these years.

Past winners of the tournament are listed below:

YearD1 Champion
2022University of North Carolina
2021Northwestern University
2020University of North Carolina
2019University of North Carolina
2018University of North Carolina
2017University of Connecticut
2016University of Delaware
2015Syracuse University
2014University of Connecticut
2013University of Connecticut

NCAA field hockey championship winner North Carolina beat Northwestern in the final round. They won the game by a 2-1 overall score.

Similarly, North Carolina consecutively won the titles in 2018, 2019, and 2020 with head coach Karen Shelton. Moreover, they were the runner-up in 2015 and 2016. 

Northwestern became the first-time title champion in 2021. Head coach Tracey Fuchs led the team to victory with a 2-0 overall score against Liberty. The team crawled up to the runner-up position in 2022.

Connecticut recorded 23 wins in the 2017 season under the mentorship of Nancy Stevens. They beat Maryland in the championship's final round with an overall score of 2-1.

Delaware competed with North Carolina in the finals of 2016. They beat their competitors by securing 3 scores against 2. The varsity team had a successful season with 23 wins and 2 losses.

Syracuse became the winner of the tournament for the first time in 2015. Ange Bradley was the head coach during that time.

The overall game score of the final match against North Carolina was 4-2. Likewise, Syracuse held the record of 21 wins and a loss.

NCAA field Hockey Tournament 2023

NCAA field Hockey Tournament 2023 will be held at Karen Shelton Stadium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, from 17-19 November.

The semifinals will be organized on 17 November whilst the finals are on 19 November. The tournament will feature 16 teams: 10 from national rankings and 6 from at-large bids.

The ten teams who rank highest will receive an automatic bid to the tournament. The remaining teams will be invited based on their pairwise rankings of the regular season.

College Athlete Litiana Field Was Nominated For The National Collegiate Athletic Association's Woman Of The Year Award
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Single-elimination format is used in the championship games. It means that the losing team of the matchup will be eliminated directly from the tournament.

NCAA Field Hockey Schedule

NCAA field hockey schedule runs from 17 November to 19 November. The semifinals will occur on the former date and the championship game on the latter.

The tournament's selection show is set to occur on 2 November 2023. The title's bracket and more precise matchup details are yet to be released.

The former champion North Carolina will host the games at their arena in Chapel Hill. The stadium holds a capacity of 1,000 people with 900 seats and a standing room for 100 people.

It is named after the team's former head coach, Karen Shelton. The 1,000-square-foot complex is one of the best facilities for that particular sport in the U.S. It features restaurants, lounges, offices, medical rooms, and more.

High School Field Hockey Rankings

High school field hockey rankings first position is secured by Camden Catholic High School. The Hill School and Delmar High School are next on the list.

The sport is quite famous among the boys and girls enrolled in high school. In the US, thousands of schools offer competitive on-grass sports for students.

The games usually begin in late August and end in early November. The weather conditions, the school calendar, and the game schedule determine the sports season.

The top ten schools with the highest positions as per Max Field Hockey are as follows:

1. Camden Catholic High SchoolNew Jersey
2. The Hill SchoolPennsylvania
3. Delmar High SchoolDelaware
4. Lower Dauphin High SchoolPennsylvania
5. St. John's SchoolTexas
6. Kinkaid SchoolTexas
7. Kingsway Regional High SchoolNew Jersey
8. West Essex Regional High SchoolNew Jersey
9. Mechanicsburg High SchoolPennsylvania
10. Palmyra Area High SchoolPennsylvania

Camden Catholic High School has a record of 21-1-0 in the 2022 season. They became non-public state champions with their excellent roster and gameplay.

The Hill School located at Pottstown has successfully ranked 2nd. They won the PAISAA and MAPL Championships with 20 wins and a single loss.

Division 2 State Champions Delmar High School holds the third position. Hailing from Delaware, they won all 19 games they played in the 2022 season.

Camden Catholic Team Celebrating Their Victory On 15 November 2022
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Pennsylvania-based Lower Dauphin High School secures the fourth rank. They are the winners of the PIAA AAA State and District 2 AAA Championships.

Holding the fifth position is the St. John's School located in Houston. For the 2022 season, the SPC 4A Champions have recorded 18 victories and 2 defeats.

SPC 4A Runner-Up Kinkaid School was ranked sixth for the previous season. The team performed decently, securing 15 wins in 17 total matches.

Kingsway Regional High School from Woolwich Township holds a record of 20-2-1. They received victory over the Group 4 State Championship in 2022.

Group 2 State Champions West Essex Regional High School is ranked eighth. The team played 25 games throughout the season and won 21 matchups.

Mechanicsburg High School has a seasonal record of 21-4-1. They earned third place in the District 3 AA Championship while winning PIAA AA State Championship.

Palmyra Area High School also falls in the top ten list. With a 21-3-2 record, they became a PIAA AA State Finalist and won the District 3 AA Championship.

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