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16 NHL Teams With Most Stanley Cups

By Dipak BK / 30 November 2023 11:19 AM

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Montreal Canadiens leads the pack after winning their 24th Stanley Cup in 1993. The irony is they are the last Canadian team to lift the championship coming into the 2024 season.

The Stanley Cup has been awarded to hockey teams since 1893; it has been the de facto trophy of the NHL since 1926, as no non-NHL team has competed for the trophy since then.

The original Ottawa Senators have won 11 Stanley Cups, but seven were in the Challenge Cup Era. They won 4 times after the 1914 agreement between the National Hockey Association (predecessor of the NHL) and the PCHA (ceased -1924); the champions of each league would compete for the trophy.

The original Senators played as part of the NHL from 1917 - 1934, spending their final season in the league as the St. Louis Eagles. The Ottawa Senators we know today began play in 1992-93; the club keeps the records for the two teams separately.

Vegas Golden Knights, the 31st expansion team of the NHL, are the most recent champions. They won the 2023 Finals Series 4-1 over the Panthers to get their first franchise championship.

Montreal Canadiens - 24

The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful franchises in NHL history with 24 championships, they are the only team to win the trophy for five straight years.

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The team founded in 1909 won their first trophy in 1916, the Canadiens were the NHA champions, and they went on to face the Pacific Coast Hockey Association(PCHA) champions Portland Rosebuds 3-2 in the best-of-five finals series. 

Their most recent championship was in 1993, when they defeated the LA Kings in five games. Here are the years and the coaches who led them to their titles.

  • 1916: Newsy Lalonde (player-coach)
  • 1924: Leo Dandurand 
  • 1930, 1931: Cecil Hart
  • 1944, 1946, 1953: Dick Irvin
  • 1956-60, 1965, 1966, 1968: Toe Blake
  • 1969: Claude Ruel
  • 1971: Al MacNeil
  • 1973, 1976-79, Scotty Bowman
  • 1986: Jean Perron
  • 1993: Jacques Demers

Toronto Maple Leafs - 13

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the most Stanley Cups after the Canadiens. They have won the trophy 13 times since the team was founded in 1917 as the Toronto Arenas. 

They won their first championship in 1918; they defeated the Vancouver Millionaires of the PCHA 3-2 in the best-of-five finals series. They won their second Cup in 1922 as the Toronto St. Patricks before the team was rebranded as the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1927.

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The Leafs won their most recent Stanley Cup in 1967 when they defeated the Canadiens 4-2. Their championship drought of 56 years is the longest in NHL history going into the 2023-24 season.

Here are the years the Leafs won the championship and the coaches who led them to victory.

  • 1918: Dick Caroll
  • 1922: George O'Donoghue
  • 1932: Dick Irvin
  • 1942, 1945, 1947-49: Hap Day
  • 1951: Joe Primeau
  • 1962-64, 1967: Punch Imlach

Detroit Red Wings - 11

The Detroit Red Wings are third on the list of teams with the most Stanley Cups in NHL history; they have won it 11 times since the team was founded in 1926.

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They won their first championship in 1936, defeating the Maple Leafs 3-1 in the Finals. The "Jack Adams Award," introduced in 1974, was named in honor of Jack Adams, the Wings coach who led the team to their first three Championships.

The Wings won their most recent championship in 2008; they beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games to grab their 11th trophy in franchise history. Here are all the years the Wings won the Stanley Cup Championships.

  • 1936, 1937, 1943: Jack Adams
  • 1950, 1952, 1954: Tommy Ivan
  • 1955: Jimmy Skinner
  • 1997, 1998, 2002: Scotty Bowman
  • 2008: Mike Babcock

Boston Bruins - 6

The Boston Bruins have won six Stanley Cup Championships since the team began play in the NHL in 1924-25.

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The team led by Art Ross at the time won their first Championship in 1929 after defeating the New York Rangers in the finals. Their first head coach is credited with coming up with the name "Bruins," and the "Art Ross Trophy" in the NHL is named after him.

The Bruins' latest trophy came in 2011; they beat the Vancouver Canucks in the Finals to grab their sixth trophy in franchise history. This was their 18th trip to the FInals; the team has made 21 appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Here are the years the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and the head coaches that led them.

  • 1929, 1939: Art Ross
  • 1941: Cooney Weiland
  • 1970: Harry Sinden
  • 1972: Tom Johnson
  • 2011: Claude Julien

Chicago Blackhawks - 6

The Chicago Blackhawks were founded in 1926; they have lifted the Stanley Cup Trophy six times since then.

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The team won their first championship in 1934; they beat the Wings 3-1 in the FInals. This was their second trip to the Finals; they had lost the 1931 finals 2-0 to the Canadiens.

Their most recent trophy came in 2015, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games. They have appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals thirteen times, and here are all the times they won and the coaches who were leading the team at the time.

  • 1934: Tommy Gorman
  • 1938: Bill Stewart
  • 1961: Rudy Pilous
  • 2010, 2013, 2015: Joel Quenneville

Edmonton Oilers - 5

The Edmonton Oilers have won the Stanley Cup 5 times since the team was founded in 1972, the NHL's Expansion era.

The team won their first Stanley Cup in '84, defeating the defending champs, NY Islanders, 4-1 in the Finals. Wayne Gretzky was on the Oilers' squad for four Stanley Cup Wins. 

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Most of the Trophies won by "the great one" in his career came during his Oilers' tenure. He won the Hart Trophy for eight years straight from 1980 to 1987.

They won their fifth Cup in 1990 by defeating the Bruins 4-1 in the Finals, and since then, the team has appeared in the Finals only once in 2006. Here are the coaches who led them to their championships.

  • 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988: Glen Sather won the Jack Adams in 1985-86
  • 1990: John Muckler

Pittsburgh Penguins - 5

The Pittsburgh Penguins were founded in the 1967 NHL expansion. They have won the Stanley Cup trophy 5 times in their six trips to the Finals. 

They won their first two trophies back-to-back in 1991 and 1992, beating the Minnesota North Stars (now Dallas Stars) 4-2 in '91 and the Blackhawks 4-0 in '92. Mario Lemieux became the second player in the NHL to win the Conn Smythe back-to-back after Bernie Parent('74 & '75, Flyers).

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Their latest two Cups won in 2016 and 2017, are back-to-back championships; Sidney Crosby became the third NHL player to win the Conn Smythe in consecutive years.  Here are the years the team won the championships and the coaches who led them.

  • 1991: Bob Johnson
  • 1992: Scotty Bowman
  • 2009: Dan Bylsma
  • 2016, 2017: Mike Sullivan

New York Islanders - 4

The New York Islanders won all four Championship trophies back-to-back from 1980 to 1983. Al Arbour was the head coach leading the team.

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The Isles won their first championship in 1980, defeating the Philadelphia Flyers 4-2. Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier won the Conn Smythe as the playoffs MVP. 

In 1983, they won their fourth championship by sweeping the Oilers in the finals. They met the Oilers again for the 1984 finals which ended with them emerging victorious over the Isles, on their fifth trip to the Finals.

New York Rangers - 4

The New York Rangers have been operational since 1926 and have won the Championship 4 times in team history. They won their first championship in 1928, beating the Montreal Maroons 3-2. 

The 1928 Rangers were being led by Hall of Famer and inaugural coach Lester Patrick, who served as a player-coach at the time; he led the team to their second cup in 1933.

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The "Lester Patrick Trophy" was first presented in 1966 by the Rangers in honor of the late Patrick. 

The Rangers won their fourth Cup in 1994,  54 years after their third one in 1940. Here are the years the Rangers won the trophy and the coaches who led them to it.

1928: Lester Patrick (player-coach)

1933: Lester Patrick

1940: Frank Boucher

1994: Mike Keenan

St. Louis Eagles (Ottawa Senators) - 4

The Original Ottawa Senators, operational between 1883 and 1954, were listed as the St. Louis Eagles in their last(1934-35) NHL season. They played for 17 seasons as part of the NHL. 

The team is credited with 4 Stanley Cup championships per the NHL team records for most Stanley Cup Wins. Their history is kept separate from the current Ottawa Senators (founded in 1992) by the NHL.

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They moved to St. Louis to become the St. Louis Eagles for 1934-35; they played for a season and suspended operations. The original senators continued as an amateur/semi-pro team called the Senior Senators until 1954.

Here are the years the team won the Stanley Cup as part of the NHL and the coaches who led them.

1920, 1921, 1923: Pete Green

1927: Dave Gill

Colorado Avalanche - 3

The Colorado Avalanche have appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals three times in franchise history; they won on all three occasions. 

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The team was founded in 1972 as the Quebec Nordiques, and they won their first Cup after their move to Colorado in 1995. They won it in 1996 sweeping the Panthers in the finals.

They most recently won the trophy in 2022, defeating former back-to-back champs Tampa Bay 4-2 in the Finals. Here are the years the Avs won the Cup and the coaches that led them to it. 

1996: Marc Crawford

2001: Bob Hartley

2022: Jared Bednar

New Jersey Devils - 3

The New Jersey Devils were founded in 1974 as the Kansas City Scouts, then moved to Colorado in 1976 to become the Colorado Rockies. They have won the Stanley Cup three times in franchise history. 

The Devils moved to New Jersey in 1982, and in 1995, they made their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance. The team came out victorious in their first final run. They swept Detroit in the finals to get the first Stanley Cup in team history.

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The Devils kicked off the new millennium, lifting the Stanley Cup as the champions of 2000 after beating the Dallas Stars 4-2 in the finals. They won it for the third time in 2003, defeating the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in seven games.

Out of the 5 trips to the Finals the Devils have made so far, they have won three, and here are the coaches that led them to victory.

1995: Jacques Lemaire

2000: Larry Robinson(interim)

2003: Pat Burns

Tampa Bay Lightning - 3

The Tampa Bay Lightning have won three Stanley Cups since the franchise was founded in 1992.

The Lightning beat Calgary 4-3 to grab their first Stanley Cup Championship in 2004. This was also their first time making it to the Cup Finals.

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The team has appeared in the Finals four more times since then, winning the Cup back-to-back in 2020 and 2021. The team defeated the Stars in 2020 and the Canadiens in 2021 to win the championship.

Here are the coaches who led the team to win the championship three times. 

2004: John Tortorella

2020, 2021: John Cooper

Philadelphia Flyers - 2

The Philadelphia Flyers have appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals on eight occasions. Out of those, they won the championship in their first two appearances.

The Flyers were founded in 1967 in the NHL expansion era. They appeared in the Finals for the first time in 1974; they beat the Bruins 4-2 to grab their first Stanley Cup. 

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In 1975, they made their second trip to the finals, where they defeated the Sabres 4-2 to grab their second consecutive Stanley Cup. Hall of Famer Bernie Parent became the first player(only goalie) in NHL history to win the Conn Smythe back-to-back.

Fred Shero was the head coach that led them to win the 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup Championships. He was the first recipient of the Jack Adams back in 1974.

Los Angeles Kings - 2

The Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup twice since the team was founded in 1967.

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The Kings won their first Stanley Cup in 2012 after defeating the Devils 4-2 in the Finals. This was their second trip to the Finals; their first in 1993 ended with them losing 4-1 to the Canadiens. 

The team got their second Stanley Cup in franchise history in 2014, their third appearance at the Finals. They had a 4-1 victory over the Rangers. Coach Darryl Sutter was leading the Kings on both occasions. 

Montreal Maroons - 2

The Montreal Maroons were operational in the league from 1924 to 1938. They have won the Stanley Cup two times.

The team won their first Stanley Cup in 1926, the defeated the Victoria Cougars of the WHL 3-1 in the finals. Eddie Gerard was the coach leading the Maroons for their first Stanley Cup Championship. 

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They won their second Championship in 1935 under the leadership of coach Tommy Gorman; they beat the Maple Leafs 3-0 in the finals. Gorman had led Chicago to their first Stanley Cup in the previous season. 

The Maroons suspended operations before the 1938-39 season. The franchise was canceled by the NHL in 1947 after a number of unsuccessful attempts at revival.

Teams with one Stanley Cup

Here are the NHL teams that have won the Stanley Cup once and the coaches that led each team; also mentioned are the teams they defeated in the finals.

Dallas Stars - 1999 |  Ken Hitchcock | 4-2 Buffalo

St. Louis Blues - 2019 | Craig Berube(interim) | 4-3 Boston

Calgary Flames - 1989 | Terry Crisp | 4-2 Montreal

Carolina Hurricanes - 2006 | Peter Laviolette | 4-3  Edmonton 

Anaheim Ducks - 2007 | Randy Carlyle | 4-1 Ottawa

Washington Capitals - 2018 | Barry Trotz | 4-1 Vegas

Vegas Golden Knights - 2023 | Bruce Cassidy |  4-1 Florida

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