PWHL Team Names [Montreal Echo and Toronto Torch]

By Kapil Sapkota / 1 November 2023 11:16 AM

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PWHL team names are Montreal Echo, Toronto Torch, Ottawa Alert, New York Sound, Minnesota Superior and Boston Wicked per trademark filings.

According to a post published by CBC, the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) has applied trademark for six possible team names. 

The United States Patent and Trademark Office's database suggested that the team names were filed by PWHL Holdings LLC on Wednesday, October 25. 

The PWHL was founded on August 29, 2023, and has 6 original teams. Three of the teams are based in Canada while the remaining three are the United States-based teams. The League and the teams are owned by the Mark Walter Group.

Stan Kasten, the PWHL advisory board member hinted to CBC Sports in earlier October that the franchises will have names by January 2024.

The league is also expected to start playing in the same month, but the teams' logos are still uncertain.

However, the league unveiled its logo on October 24. The newly launched PWHL logo placed a big emphasis on the "W" in its emblem which certainly represents Women.

The table here shows the possible team names for the PWHL teams:

PWHL names filed for trademark applications

PWHL TeamsPossible Names
PWHL MontrealMontreal Echo
PWHL TorontoToronto Torch
PWHL OttawaOttawa Alert
PWHL MinnesotaMinnesota Superior
PWHL BostonBoston Wicked
PWHL New YorkNew York Sound

Montreal Echo

The Quebec-based PWHL team has four players in its team including three forwards and a goaltender.

Marie-Philip Poulin, Ann-Renee Desbiens, and Laura Stacey were signed during the league's free agency period on September 5, 2023. These players are members of the Canadian national team.

According to recent rumors, the team is expected to play at Verdun Auditorium. The arena is located in the borough of Verdun in Montreal. Previously, the club was expected to play at Bell Centre.

The jerseys and logo for the franchise are yet to be decided.

The team's general manager Daniele Sauvageau is a former coach of the Canadian women's national hockey team.

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Kori Cheverie is serving the franchise as its head coach, who is an assistant coach of the women's national team.

Inaugural head coach Cheverie became the first female to have coached a Canadian men's hockey team as an assistant coach in 2022.

Montreal is one of the first PWHL clubs to have a female general manager and head coach along with Boston.

The franchise drafted a total of 15 players at the 2023 PWHL Draft on September 18. The team selected Erin Ambrose as their first pick who also is a Canadian national team member.

Among the draft selections, 9 of the players are Canadians. Three of them are from the United States while two are Czech. Lina Ljungblom is the only Swedish athlete on the team.

Recently, the Montreal PWHL team signed Kristin O’Neill to a three-year contract. O’Neill became the first draft pick to sign a contract with the franchise.

Some of the other notable draft picks in the team are Maureen Murphy, Dominika Lsskova, Kati Tabin, Kennedy Marchment, Tereza Vanisova, and more.

Toronto Torch

Former vice president of hockey operations at Hockey Canada, Gina Kingsbury is working as the general manager of team Toronto. Kingsbury also worked for the Canadian women's national team as a GM.

The league hired Troy Ryan the inaugural head coach for the team on September 15, who is also the head coach of the Canadian women's national team.

The uniforms and logos of the team have not been revealed yet. But we can expect that preparations regarding them are going on and they will be official very soon.

Toronto has been using the blue color as its theme color in its social media accounts. It will be no surprise if they come up with the same color in their jerseys and emblems.

The arena for the team has not been announced officially. However, the club will most likely play at Coca-Cola Coliseum, which is the most convenient place for them.

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Sarah Nurse and Blayre Turnbull are two forwards in Toronto's PWHL team. Another roster member in the club is defense Renata Fast. They are some of the best players available currently in the league.

These Canadian national team members signed with the team to a 3-year contract on September 5, 2023.

Like other franchises, Toronto also got to draft 15 players in the 2023 PWHL Draft followed by a "snake draft" format. Some of the best selection of Toronto includes Jocelyne Larocque, Emma Maltais, Kristen Campbell, and more.

The players Jesse Compher and Kali Flanagan are from the United States and the rest of the draft selections are Canadians.

Ottawa Alert

Ottawa's PWHL team can bring back a historical name from Canadian women's hockey.

According to Brian McFarlane's book, Proud Past, Bright Future: One Hundred Years of Canadian Women's Hockey, the Ottawa Alerts were a successful women's hockey team during the 1920s.

The TD Place Arena has been announced to be the home arena of the Ottawa PWHL team.

The head coach of the Czech women's national ice hockey team, Carla MacLeod has been hired by the franchise as its coach.

On October 17, Haley Irwin and Cassea Schols were selected as the assistant coaches for the team while Pierre Groulx was named the goaltending coach.

The franchise has been using the red color widely in its Instagram and X accounts. It has also used the PWHL's logo as a profile photo with a red background on its social media handles.

Most probably, the team will show up in games with red jerseys. Like other PWHL franchises, logos and uniforms for the team are yet to be decided.

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Ottawa signed three Canadian national team members, Emily Clark, Emerance Maschmeyer, and Brianne Jenner prior to the 2023 PWHL Draft. It expanded the team size by 15 players selected from the entry draft.

The club has 4 forwards, one defenceman, and a goalie in its current roster.

Savannah Harmon became the first draft pick of the franchise and 5th league-wide. The American defenseman previously played for the Team Harvey's of the PWHPA.

Some of the other notable players on Team Ottawa are Lexie Adzija, Gabbie Hughes, Jincy Roese, Ashton Bell, and so on.

Minnesota Superior

One of the PWHL's six original teams, Minnesota will be tagged as "Superior" soon if the proposed names get accepted.

Natalie Darwitz was selected as the general manager for the Minnesota-based team on August 29. Darwitz is a former captain of the United States national team who captured 3 Olympic medals.

On September 15, Charlie Burggraf was named the inaugural head coach of the team. He was the head coach for Bethel University men's and women's teams.

In advance of the 2023 Draft, Minnesota signed three United States national team players Lee Stecklein, Kendall Coyne Schofield, and Kelly Pannek.

Minnesota won the right to select first overall in the first-ever PWHL draft through a lottery. The team drafted Minnesota Golden Gophers forward Taylor Heise as the first overall pick.

Heise has also signed a contract with the team.

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Some other honorable draft picks of Minnesota are Nicole Hensley, Grace Zumwinkle, Maggie Flaherty, and more.

The American team comprises players from Finland, Canada, and the Czech Republic, in addition to the United States.

Xcel Energy Center will be their official home. The arena in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is also home to the NHL's Minnesota Wild.

The fans will have to wait to see their emblems and jerseys. Since Minnesota has taken purple as its primary color, the team can wear purple uniforms for its games.

Boston Wicked

The term "Wicked" may not be loved by everyone but the Boston PWHL team is about to receive this name very soon. Undoubtedly, they decided on this unique name by themselves.

A former scout and player development assistant for the NHL's Boston Bruins, Danielle Marmer has been hired by the PWHL franchise as the team's first general manager.

Courtney Kessel was named the club's first head coach on September 15. Kessel is an associate head coach for the Boston University women's team.

Though male staff and executives are prevalent in the NHL, the PWHL is trying to balance it by hiring females in a significant number for different positions.

The PWHL franchise is expected to play its home games at Boston University’s Walter Brown Arena.

Boston boasts green themes. The color is used primarily in their social media accounts. It suggests that the team will wear green jerseys during its games. Also, the green color may come up in their logos and other identities.

According to the PWHL's policy, Boston also had an opportunity like other franchises to sign three players during the league's initial free-agency period.

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The team signed the United States national team players Hilary Knight, Megan Keller, and Aerin Frankel.

Boston selected the Swiss player Alina Muller as its first draft pick. The forward became the third overall selection.

Interestingly, Boston has only 5 players drafted from the United States. The team selected 7 Canadian players in the 2023 PWHL Draft.

Some of the mentionable names in the team include Hilary Knight, Megan Keller, Sophie Jaques, Jamie Lee Rattray, and so on.

New York Sound

The league has proposed the name "New York Sound" for the New York-based franchise. The term "Sound" may represent the Long Island Sound between New York and Connecticut.

On September 1, 2023, Pascal Daoust was hired by the league as the New York franchise's first general manager. In advance of his new role, Daoust worked for the QMJHL's Val-d'Or Foreurs in the same position.

Furthermore, Howie Draper was selected as the team's inaugural head coach on September 15. Draper was working as a head coach for the University of Alberta's hockey program.

Team New York signed the United States national team members Abby Roque and Alex Carpenter and Canadian national team member Micah Zandee-Hart during the free agency period prior to the 2023 PWHL Draft.

Furthermore, the team has placed these players on the list of active roster of the team. Roque and Carpenter are forwards, and Zandee-Hart plays defense.

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Ella Shelton became the first draft selection of New York and was the 4th overall pick. Jaime Bourbonnais, Jessie Eldridge, Chloe Aurard, Elizabeth Giguere, and others were drafted by the New York franchise.

Like other PWHL clubs, New York is yet to release its jerseys and logo. The players will most likely wear uniforms of teal/green color during their games, being teal their primary color.

The home arena of the franchise has not been announced officially. However, the team is rumored to play its home games at Total Mortgage Arena, Bridgeport.

The club may also play some of their games at UBS Arena, which is home to the NHL's New York Islanders.

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