Auston Matthews Fantasy Hockey Names [Maple Leafs]

By Kapil Sapkota / 3 November 2023 10:09 AM

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Auston Matthews fantasy hockey names are Auston Powers, Matthews Hour, Maple Matthews, Auston Must-on, Lost on Auston, and more.

The Maple Leafs' alternate captain Matthews is one of the best players in the league currently. He was awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy in 2022 as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the regular season.

As the new season is less than a week away, the thrill of Fantasy Hockey has also picked up with the enthusiasts signing up on ESPN and Yahoo.

Some of the best Maple Leafs Fantasy Hockey names could be Leaf Me Alone, Apple Leafs, Mad Mapplers, Apple and Maple, among many others.

The Leafs are one of the most successful teams in the NHL with 13 Stanley Cup championship triumphs, only behind the Montreal Canadiens (24).

Maple Leafs Fantasy Team Name Ideas

If you're an avid fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you definitely want to add a theme of the Leafs to your fantasy team inspired by the players, coaches, and team itself.

With such names, your fantasy league members will understand that you're a Maple fan and they will find the name amusing at the same time.

Naming is the first requirement before starting any fantasy league. The name of your team obviously makes an impression on the opponents.

However, naming your fantasy team in a unique way sometimes becomes difficult. Here, we have prepared a collection of names for fantasy hockey dedicated to the Maple Leafs fans.

Name ideas inspired by the team

  • Maple Leaves
  • Toronto Titans
  • Apple Leafs
  • Apple and Maple
  • Dynamic Duos of Leafs
  • Maple Street Boyz
  • Leaf Me Alone
  • Leafy Legends
  • The Ice Leafs
  • Maple Leaf Mystics
  • Skater Leafs
  • Maple Monsters
  • Maple Leafs Mages
  • Leafs of Destiny
  • Mad Mapplers
  • Maple Climbers
  • Maple Junglemen
  • Maplefire Magicians
  • Tryin' Apple
  • Icy Toronto Titans
  • Map-All Men
  • Bay Street Bullies
  • Frozen Fury Leafs
  • Carlton Bear Groupie

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Name ideas inspired by players

  • Son of a Mitch
  • Meet Me Sunday
  • Johnny Tonny
  • Billy Berry
  • Good Will Bunting
  • Messy Manner
  • Team Hurt On
  • Austew Mattew
  • Modern Rally
  • Mind Your Marners
  • Ready Reddy
  • Friedman’s Destitute Barber
  • Robbers Rampage
  • Lion Dion
  • David Be Kalm
  • William Highlanders
  • Conor Timings
  • Glamorous Dogs
  • Mighty Mouse

Name ideas inspired by coaches

  • Seldom Puckers
  • Puck Burners
  • Randy Candy

Auston Matthews Fantasy Names

Matthews is currently the highest-paid player in the league, thanks to his phenomenal abilities to score goals and assists for the Maple Leafs.

The ice hockey center is one of the best choices for the fantasy leagues and also stands amongst the top in the rankings and point projections.

His fans are desperate to name their fantasy team that gives the vibe of him. If you are among such fans and searching for fantasy names with an Auston Matthews theme, here are some of the suggestions.

  • Auston Powers
  • Auston 3:16
  • Papi Matthews
  • Nashty Matthews
  • Auston Moustache
  • Auston Rockets
  • Matthews Nation
  • Lost on Auston
  • Magic Matthews
  • Auston Pucks
  • Matthews Hour
  • Auston of Boston
  • Matthews Motion
  • Auston Wizards
  • Maple Matthews
  • Maths of Auston
  • Liberty of Matthew
  • Auston Skaters
  • Austie Mustie
  • Auston Matters
  • Augusty Matthews
  • Auston Must-on
  • Mighty Auston
  • Matthew's Boyz
  • Auston Stashews

Matthews Fantasy Outlook For 2023-24 Season

Auston Matthews is placed at 10th in the NHL fantasy projected rankings for the 2023-24 season. He has an early point projection of 110.

Matthews is the 1st overall pick of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. He is the first player in modern NHL history to score 4 goals in his debut game.

Auston was awarded the coveted Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy for leading the league in goals in both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.

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Matthews completed the 2022-23 regular season by registering 40 goals and 45 goals for 85 points appearing in 74 games. He stands 4th in goals (100) in the past two seasons combined.

Furthermore, the Leafs center ranks second in even-strength goals (71) and in shots on goal (675), and seventh in points (191 in 147 games).

Though his linemate Michael Bunting departed to Carolina Hurricanes, Matthews still has some strong leftwingers such as Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi, and rookie Matthew Knies.

Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Nathan MacKinnon, and Nikita Kucherov are ranked top of the league for the season and have even better point projections than Matthews.

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