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Avalanche ft Nathan Mackinnon Fantasy Hockey Names

By Abhay Acharya / 11 October 2023 07:24 AM

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Nathan Mackinnon Fantasy Hockey names are Mack Daddy, Nate the Great, Mackinnon Cannon, Nathan Puckers, MacAttack, and many more.

The Avalanche alternate captain is one of the best players in the league. Mackinnon was awarded the Lady Byng Award for demonstrating the best gentlemanly ability, conduct, and sportsmanship in the 2019-20 season. 

As the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Nathan debuted as the Avs' youngest player in history on 2 October 2013 at the age of 18 years. 

With the 2023-24 NHL regular season at our doorsteps, Fantasy Hockey exhilaration has also raised with the fanatics constantly signing up on Yahoo and ESPN. Before signing up to play Fantasy, filling up your team's name comes first. 

Hence, if you are an Avalanche fan and an admirer of Mackinnon, we have you covered with team name suggestions for your fantasy hockey. 

Some of the best Colorado Avalanche fantasy hockey names could be Avalanche Fall, Av A Great Day, Fiesty Avalanche, Red Fall, and many more. 

The Avalanche is one of the powerhouses in the NHL with three Stanley Cup wins, incorporating the 2022 Stanley Cup Championship against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Avalanche Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Avalanche Hockey Fantasy names are Rockey Mountain Avalanche, Avalanche Stampede, Colorado Kings, Avalanche Express, and more.

The Avs were founded in 1972 and have since been a part of the National Hockey League. The team is based in Denver and competes in the NHL as the Central Division member of the Western Conference.

Ball Arena is their home venue, which they share with the NLL's Colorado Mammoth and NBA's Denver Nuggets. They are all set to start this season on Thursday, 12 October, against the Los Angeles Kings at Crypto.com Arena.

Being a Colorado Avalanche fan, you might wish to add an Avalanche theme to your fantasy team roused by the team, players, and coaches.

Not only would the name be amusing enough, but your fantasy league mates will comprehend you to be an Avalanche fan with such names. 

Before starting any fantasy hockey, a team name is first required. The nature of your team name makes an impression on the foes accordingly.

But, creatively and uniquely naming your fantasy team can sometimes be very difficult. With that in mind, we present a collection of names for your fantasy hockey team concerning the Avalanche. 

Names inspired by the team

  • Av A Good Day
  • Avalanche Stampede
  • Rocky Mountain Avalanche
  • Avalanche Army
  • Avalanche Dynasty
  • Avalanche Nation
  • Avalanche Pride
  • Avalanche Express
  • Rocky Mountain Vibes
  • Colorado Chill
  • Northern Colorado Wolfpack
  • Colorado Gold Kings
  • Colorado Raptors
  • Colorado Flames
  • Colorado Mammoth
  • Avalanche of Destruction
  • Avalanche of Fun
  • Avalanche of Win
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Colorado Cougars
  • North Metro Thunder
  • Colorado Crusaders
  • Avalanche of Excitement
  • Colorado Kings
  • Rocky Mountain Thunder
  • Colorado Crossover
  • Rocky Mountain Rage
  • Rocky Mountain Reapers
  • Colorado Crush
  • Greeley Blaze
  • Avalanche Monsters
  • Rocky Mountain Climbers
  • Avalanche Cup
  • Mile High Grizzlies
  • Mile High Eagles

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Names inspired by players

  • Kadri's Krew
  • Mile High Makar
  • Sakic Medium
  • Bowen Arrow
  • Hejda's Gonna Hate
  • Big Foote
  • Valeri's ChooChoo Train
  • Going on a Rant(anen)
  • Mackinnon's Minions
  • Rantanen's Renegade
  • Landeskog's Legion
  • Byram Boys
  • Cap'n Newhook
  • Frosty Josty
  • Wood You Mind?
  • Ivan the Great
  • Good Will Colton
  • O'Connor's Furry
  • Nichushkin's Ninjas
  • Mack in the Box
  • Johnson and Ride

Names inspired by coaches

  • Just Bennett
  • Bednar Goal Blizzard
  • Pratt to Victory
  • Jared Jewels of the Avalanche
  • Bednar's Bandits of the Ice Rink

Mikko Rantanen Fantasy Names

  • Magicman Mikko
  • Rantanen Roars
  • The Finnish Fury
  • Rantanen Frozen Frenzy
  • Mikko Mavericks
  • The Finnish Finishers
  • Rantanen Regulators
  • Mikko Monarchs
  • The Rantanen Runners
  • Mikko Mayhem Begins

Nathan Mackinnon Fantasy Names

Canadian center Mackinnon is one of the best picks for the fantasy leagues, standing amongst the top in the point projections and rankings.

He has been the alternate captain for the Avalanche since the 2016-17 season. He also led Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL to the Memorial Cup in 2013 with 13 points and an MVP award. 

With his massive popularity amongst fellow Avalanche fans, many of them are desperate to name their fantasy team that delivers his vibes.

If you fall in that category and are in a dilemma of choosing your team's name with a Nathan Mackinnon theme, here are some suggestions. 

  • Nathan Powers
  • Mack Daddy
  • Mack-ni-fi-cent
  • Nathan's Nation
  • Mack in the Box
  • Mackinnon's Minions
  • Nathan Crew
  • Mack Attacker
  • Mackinnon Cannon
  • Colorado Mackinnon
  • Nathan Avalanche
  • Mack Attack
  • Mack-ni-fi-cent force
  • Mackinnon's Macmagic
  • MacAttack
  • MacForce
  • Mackinnon's Magnificent Seven
  • Nathan Rockets
  • Nathan Pucks
  • Mac-ni-fi-cent Avalanche
  • MacMenace
  • Nightmare Nathan
  • Mighty Nathan
  • Mackinnon's Boyz
  • Nathan Hour
  • Nathan Matters

Nathan Mackinnon NHL Fantasy Outlook 2023-24

Nathan Mackinnon Fantasy Rankings for the 2023-24 season is 4th per the NHL forward projections. He has an early point projection of 115

Being the 1st overall pick of the Avs in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Nathan had a breakout season in 2017-18, finishing 5th in the league with 97 points (58 assists and 39 goals) in 74 games. 

He is placed at the 3rd rank in the NHL top 250 fantasy hockey player rankings for the 2023-24 season, only behind Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers

With his NHL debut on 2 October 2013 against the Anaheim Ducks, Mackinnon became the youngest player in franchise history. He helped the Avalanche to a 6-1 win with two assists.

Source : instagram

Furthermore, the season ended with him being awarded the Calder Trophy as the NHL's best rookie with 63 points (39 assists and 24 goals). Also, he became the youngest player to win this award in league history. 

In addition to finishing 5th in the league the same season, Nathan became a finalist for the Hart Trophy given to the Most Valuable Player. Also, after the team finished last in the 2016-17 NHL season, he aided them in returning to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

He then scored six points with three assists and three goals in six games in the First round of the Western Conference against the Predators. 

Moreover, Nathan recorded his first Stanley Cup win during the 2022 Playoffs. He helped the team triumph in the playoffs with 13 goals, four consecutive game goals, and a hat trick in the Western Conference Second Round's fifth game. 

Likewise, he acquired his 700th NHL point on 24 January 2023 in the Avalanche's 3-2 win against the Washington Capitals. He earned his 100th playoff point in a 2-1 overtime loss against the Seattle Kraken during the 2023 Western Conference First Round's seventh game. 

Nathan played in the 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2023 NHL All-Star Games and was part of the NHL Second All-Star Team in 2018 and 2020. 

Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Nikita Kucherov rank higher than Nathan in the fantasy hockey forward points for the 2023-24 season. They have a point projection of 160, 130, and 117, respectively. 

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