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LA Kings Tv Announcers and Radio Broadcast

By Swikriti Kandel / 31 July 2023 03:04 AM

Alex Faust is replaced by Nick Nickson for the upcoming NHL season
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LA Kings TV announcers are Nick Nickson, Jim Fox and Daryl Evans. Nickson is the oldest member who joined the channel back in 1981.

Alex Faust is the former announcer of the LA Kings. His contract recently expired and the team opted not to renew it since they are headed towards a singular broadcast team.

The broadcast team will host the games on television and streaming sites as per the announcement made by the NHL franchise in June 2023.

The simulcast (simultaneous broadcast) system provides the viewers consistent listening and watching experience. Likewise, it reduces the production cost and helps in generating quality content.

However, it can be technically challenging since advanced equipments are required. The Kings will hopefully manage all the prerequisites before the upcoming season begins.

LA Kings Commentators on TV

LA Kings TV commentators are Nick Nickson, Jim Fox, and Daryl Evans. The trio will also handle broadcasts on radio and digital platforms.

Nickson is working with the sportscasting team of the Kings for the past 42 years. Jim and Daryl are the alums who represented the team in NHL games.

Both the former athletes started broadcasting following their retirement. They have now become the King's fan-favorite on-air personalities.

Nick Nickson

Nick Nickson is the play-by-play announcer of the Los Angeles Kings. He started commentating games for the WICB in the early 1970s.

The 69-year-old host graduated from Ithaca College. He started a professional career in broadcasting in 1975 with the AHL team Rochester Americans.

Nickson started calling Kings' games in 1981. He was commentating behind the TV and radio when the team secured their first-ever Stanley Cup victory.

Daryl has been assisting Nick in broadcasting for over two decades
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The sportscaster has announced NHL Championship and World Series as well. Moreover, he called the MLB game for the LA Dodgers from 1983 to 1989. 

Nick was honored with the 2015 Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for his contributions. He is the sole play-by-play caller of the team in 2023.

Jim Fox

Jim Fox is a former ice hockey right winger who played 9 seasons in the NHL. Fox spent all his professional years with the Kings.

Following retirement, the franchise hired him as their TV color analyst. He along with then-lead commentator Bob Miller broadcasted the games.

Jim's interest in wine took him to study Oenology at the University of California. In 2011, he co-founded a single-vineyard pinot noir-making company Patine Cellars.

Fox covered the playoff victories of the Kings in 2012 and 2014. After Miller's departure, he worked with Alex Faust till the end of the 2022-23 season.

Jim became the League Commissioner of the LA Kings High School Hockey League in 2015. The following year, he was placed into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame. 

Daryl Evans

Evans began his professional ice hockey with the Kings in 1981. Daryl then played for Washington Capitals, Los Angeles Kings and Whitley Warriors before departing from the arena in 1991.

The former athlete got an offer to join Los Angeles as their radio color analyst in 1998. He has since worked alongside Nick and will continue to do so in the 2023-24 season.

Besides, Daryl has briefly made a TV appearance for the Kings. The 62-year-old is set to make his debut on all broadcasting channels of the Kings at once this year.

LA Kings Channel Direct TV

LA Kings channel Direct TV stream costs $103 on average. The streaming site is linked to the channels like ESPN and ESPN2 which broadcasts the Kings games.

To watch the NHL games on Direct TV, you will need a satellite or internet connection. Connect the network to your gadget and buy the subscription. The cost can go up from $64 to $154 a month.

Since Direct TV is a streaming platform, you can watch the games on your device from anywhere. Moreover, the games can be streamed on ESPN Plus, Hulu, and the NHL network.

Furthermore, LA Kings game on TV can be watched on cable television by switching the channel to ESPN, TNT, TBS, or Bally Sports. 

Kings matchups might be available on other television channels and digital sites as well. They are yet to give more insights on their broadcasting partners.

LA Kings Hockey Radio Broadcast

LA Kings radio broadcasts were moved to the iHeartRadio in 2018. Previously, the games could be heard on the 1150 AM and 790 AM.

Since everyone was moving to a digital platform, the NHL franchise also took the bold decision five years back. They opted to get rid of all the traditional radio stations.

The team broadcasted two of their preseason games of the 2018-19 season at 1150 AM. Since then, LA Kings Audio Network on iHeartRadio has been their cloud flagship station.

The radio announcement of the Kings games is completely free. You can hear the commentary of the matchups just by downloading the application.

LA Kings Radio 1150 

LA Kings Radio 1150 partnership lasted 12 years. In 2006, they reached an agreement with the station then named KTLK.

The station was rebranded as KEIB and called The Patriot in 2014. It was the flagship outlet of the Kings until the same year. Currently, Kings has no terrestrial radio flagship station.

The frequency currently airs the games of the UCLA Bruins and Anaheim Ducks when they face conflict with their regular networks. The channel formerly hosted the games of the Clippers, Sparks, and Avengers.

Jim Fox pictured with the premier league trophy on 12 March 2023
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LA Kings Radio 790 

LA Kings Radio 790 flagship started in 2015 and concluded in 2018. The station is currently the flagship of the University of Southern California.

The network is named KABC and it is under the ownership of Cumulus Media. It was a pioneer of the talk radio format back in September 1960.

KABC was the home to the Dodgers from 1974 to 1997. The games of the Galaxy Soccer team and the Lakers were formerly broadcasted on the network.

Los Angeles Kings Schedule 2023

Los Angeles Kings schedule 2023 regular season begins on 12 October. Kings will play their last game of the 2023-24 season on 19 April 2024.

The LA-based NHL franchise will play a home and season opener on 23 September 2023. In the first matchup, they will compete against Arizona Coyotes.

Kings are set to compete in nine games in the pre-tournament games. Besides the Coyotes, they will play Anaheim Ducks, Vegas Golden Knights, and San Jose Sharks. The preseason concludes on 8 October.

Following that, the regular season game starts. Every team in the National Hockey League takes part in 82 games and so will the Kings.

LA Kings Schedule TV 

1. Colorado12 October 2023
2. Carolina15 October 2023
3. Winnipeg18 October 2023
4. Minnesota20 October 2023
5. Boston22 October 2023
6. Arizona25 October 2023
7. Arizona28 October 2023
8. Vegas29 October 2023
9. Toronto1 November 2023
10. Ottawa3 November 2023
11. Philadelphia5 November 2023
12. Vegas9 November 2023
13. Pittsburgh10 November 2023
14. Philadelphia12 November 2023
15. Florida17 November 2023
16. St. Louis19 November 2023
17. Arizona21 November 2023
18. Anaheim25 November 2023
19. Montreal26 November 2023
20. Washington30 November 2023
21. Colorado4 December 2023
22. Columbus6 December 2023
23. Montreal8 December 2023
24. New York10 December 2023
25. New York11 December 2023
26. Winnipeg14 December 2023
27. Seattle17 December 2023
28. San Jose20 December 2023
29. Seattle21 December 2023
30. Calgary24 December 2023
31. San Jose28 December 2023
32. Vegas29 December 2023
33. Edmonton31 December 2023
34. Toronto3 January 2024
35. Detroit5 January 2024
36. Washington8 January 2024
37. Tampa Bay10 January 2024
38. Florida12 January 2024
39. Detroit14 January 2024
40. Carolina16 January 2024
41. Dallas17 January 2024
42. Nashville19 January 2024
43. New York21 January 2024
44. San Jose23 January 2024
45. Buffalo25 January 2024
46. Colorado27 January 2024
47. St. Louis29 January 2024
48. Nashville1 February 2024
49. Edmonton11 February 2024
50. Buffalo14 February 2024
51. New Jersey16 February 2024
52. Boston18 February 2024
53. Pittsburgh19 February 2024
54. Columbus21 February 2024
55. Nashville23 February 2024
56. Anaheim25 February 2024
57. Edmonton27 February 2024
58. Calagary28 February 2024
59. Vancouver1 March 2024
60. New Jersey4 March 2024
61. Vancouver6 March 2024
62. Ottawa8 March 2024
63. Dallas10 March 2024
64. New York12 March 2024
65. St. Louis14 March 2024
66. Chicago16 March 2024
67. Dallas17 March 2024
68. Chicago20 March 2024
69. Minnesota21 March 2024
70. Tampa Bay24 March 2024
71. Vancouver26 March 2024
72. Edmonton29 March 2024
73. Calgary31 March 2024
74. Winnipeg2 April 2024
75. Seattle4 April 2024
76. San Jose5 April 2024
77. Vancouver7 April 2024
78. Anaheim10 April 2024
79. Calgary12 April 2024
80. Anaheim14 April 2024
81. Minnesota16 April 2024
82. Chicago19 April 2024

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