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Kevin Koe Curling Team 2023 and Roster Changes

By Kapil Sapkota / 29 September 2023 06:39 AM

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Kevin Koe Curling Team 2023 consists of Tyler Tardi, Jacques Gauthier, and Karrick Martin. The roster was changed after the 2021-22 season.

Until the 2022-23 season, Kevin Koe rink had B.J. Neufeld, John Morris, and Ben Hebert. Koe would be hoping to get more triumphs in 2023-24.

The Grand Slam of Curling will start with the Tour Challenge on October 17, 2023. Sportsnet has an exclusive broadcasting rights for the event.

There are four members in a curling team; skip, third, second, and lead. The Sportsnet Grand Slam of Curling has a total payout of $2.1 million.

Who is Brent Laing curling with in 2023? Prominent Canadian curler Brent Laing is curling with his mixed doubles partner Jennifer Jones in 2023.

Kevin Koe New Curling Team

Kevin Koe himself is the skip (captain) of the team. His new curling team consists of the following curlers:

  • Tyler Tardi - Third
  • Jacques Gauthier -  Second
  • Karrick Martin - Lead

Source : twitter

Koe teamed up with B.J. Neufeld, John Morris, and Ben Hebert before the 2018-19 season. The team curled together till the 2021-22 season. Bradley Thiessen was the second during the 2022-23 season and was replaced by Gauthier.

The Canadian curler, Koe has clinched the World Curling Championships titles two times, most recently in 2016. He won silver in 2019. Koe was the skip of the Canadian national team at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Tyler Tardi has won back-to-back gold in the World Junior Curling Championships in 2018 and 2019. He also became the champion of the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympics representing Canada.

Jacques Gauthier skips for his own team, as well as he is the second of the team Kevin Koe. He competed in and won the title of the World Junior Curling Championships in 2018 and 2020.

Gauthier and his team competed in the 2020 Canadian Junior Curling Championships and clinched an 8-6 victory over Newfoundland and Labrador's Daniel Bruce.

Source : twitter

Karrick Martin is the lead in the team Kevin Koe on the World Curling Tour. Before stepping into curling at the age of 19, Martin played ice hockey in high school for the Beaumont Chiefs.

Martin and his team defeated the Kevin Koe rink at the 2012 Red Deer Curling Classic while he played with the University of Alberta team.

The new Kevin Koe team participated in the inaugural 2022 PointsBet Invitational and lost in the quarterfinals to Reid Carruthers and his team. In October 2022, Team Kevin competed in the 2022 National and lost in quarters to Matt Dunstone.

A few weeks later, they competed in the 2022 Tour Challenge and went 2-2 in pool play. The match went tiebreaker with John Epping, and team Koe won. They also triumphed over Joel Retornaz in the quarterfinals but lost to Dunstone again in the semifinal.

Team Koe concluded their season after playing at the 2023 Players' Championship. They went 4-1 in pool play and then got victory in all of their playoff games.

McEwen Curling Team 2023

McEwen curling team for 2023 comprises the following players:

  • Skip: Mike McEwen
  • Third: Colton Flasch
  • Second: Kevin Marsh
  • Lead: Daniel Marsh
  • Mixed doubles partner: Dawn McEwen

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McEwen is the winner of seven Grand Slams of Curling. He had Ryan Fry, Brent Laing, and Joey Hart on his team during the 2022-23 season.

Mike curled with Matt Wozniak, B. J. Neufeld, and Denni Neufeld from the 2007-08 season to 2017-18. They are also the longest-serving team members of McEwen.

The new team was formed ahead of the 2023-24 season. Colton Flasch is the third on Mike McEwen's curling team. During his junior career, he curled with Mike Armstrong's junior rink and Braeden Moskowy rink at second position in 2010.

After his junior career, Flasch became the second at Steve Laycock's rink along with his former teammate Kirk Muyres. Flasch captured silver at the 2019 World Curling Championship representing the Canadian team. He won gold at Tim Hortons Brier in 2019.

The second of the team, Kevin Marsh played at the 2016 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship with Team Bruce Korte and reached the finals.

In 2018, team Marsh qualified to play at the Humpty's Championship Cup after winning the College Clean Restoration Classic. They lost the championship in a tiebreaker to Team Mike McEwen.

Daniel Marsh (Dan) plays the lead on Team Mike McEwen. He had been a member of Team Flasch since the 2020-21 season. Dan's team qualified to represent Saskatchewan at the 2022 Tim Hortons Brier.

The team finished the championship with a 6-2 round-robin record and had a victory against the Dunstone rink in the final draw. However, they settled for fourth at the end.

John Epping Curling Team

Epping Curling Team for the new season includes:

  • Skip: John Epping
  • Third: Mat Camm
  • Second: Pat Janssen
  • Lead: Jason Camm
  • Mixed doubles partner: Lisa Weagle

Epping was regarded as a top curler during his junior career. In 2004, he won the Ontario Junior Championship. Epping's team completed the 2004 Canadian Junior Curling Championships with an 8-4 record out of the playoffs.

Epping along with his team members Julie Reddick, Leigh Armstrong, and Scott Foster won the 2006 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship.

Team Epping has recorded a total of 4 Grand Slam victories, most recently in 2018. Following the team's success throughout the 2018-19 season, they qualified for the 2019 Tim Hortons Brier Wild Card game but lost to the Brendan Bottcher rink 8-4.

Source : instagram

Mat Cam (Matthew) plays third for the John Epping team in 2007. He played second for the Neil Sinclair rink and won the Ontario Bantam boy's championship. The team also captured silver at the Canada Winter Games the same year.

Cam joined Team Epping in 2015. They appeared in the seven Grand Slam events and won the 2015 Meridian Canadian Open.

The Epping rink competed in all seven slams in the next season and advanced to the semifinals of the 2017 Humpty's Champions Cup.

Pat Janssen (Patrick) is the second on Team John Epping. He was a skip at the University of Toronto men's curling team at the CIS/CCA Curling Championships in 2010.

Janssen played for Team Epping at the 2014 Players' Championship and lost in the quarterfinals. The team however won the  Village of Taunton Mills Gord Carroll Curling Classic that year.

The lead on the team is played by Jason Camm. During the 2016-17 season, Camm played second for Pat Ferris. Next season, he was third for Team Mike McLean. He again played second for Martin Ferland in 2018-19.

Camm joined Team Matthew Hall for the 2021-22 season. The team was invited to play in the 2022 Ontario Tankard and qualified for the playoffs. The team eventually lost the semifinals to John Epping.

Brad Gushue Curling Team

Team Brad Gushue comprises the following members:

  • Skip: Brad Gushue
  • Third: Mark Nichols
  • Second: E. J. Harnden
  • Lead: Geoff Walker

Gushue along with his team won gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics representing Canada. In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he won bronze.

His team became the champion of the 2017 World Men's Curling Championship. Furthermore, Gushue is a five-time Brier champion skip, winning it most recently in 2023.

During his junior career, Gushue became the provincial junior curling champion in his home province of Newfoundland. Completing his junior career, he made an impressive transition into men's curling.

Source : facebook

Playing the third on Team Gushue rink is Mark Nichols. With Gushue, Nichols won the 2006 Winter Olympics as well as the 2017 World Men's Curling Championship.

Nichols has also represented the Canadian Junior Curling Championships with Gushue in 1999, 2000, and 2001, winning it in the latest year.

Mark has captured a total of twelve Grand Slams of Curling throughout his career, among which ten were won with Gushue.

E. J. Harnden currently plays second for Team Brad Gushue. Harnden has made 14 Brier appearances and 3 World Curling Championships. He is a champion of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

Harnden won 3 silver medals throughout his appearances in World Championships competitions. He has competed in 5 Tim Hortons Brier and won gold at the 2013 Edmonton.

Geoff Walker plays lead for Team Brad Gushue. Walker became the Men's World Champion in 2017. He captured silver in the following year. Walker is also a five-time national champion and a two-time World Junior champion.

Walker's team qualified for the 2022 Winer Olympics following a victory at the 2021 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials. Gushhue was in the skip and they won bronze in the Olympic Games.

Pointsbet Invitational Curling Teams

The 2023 Pointsbet Invitational tournament starts the new curling season in Canada. It is played with the 16 best men's and women's teams.

The tournament started on September 27 and the finals are scheduled on October 1. The total prize money of the tournament is $350,000.

TSN will provide the live coverage of the event. All the participating teams in the 2023 Pointsbet Invitational tournament are listed below.

Women's Teams

1. Team Black

  • Skip: Christina Black
  • Third: Jennifer Baxter
  • Second: Karlee Everist
  • Lead: Shelley Barker

2. Team Duncan

  • Skip: Hollie Duncan
  • Third: Megan Balsdon
  • Second: Rachelle Strybosch
  • Lead: Tess Guyatt
  • Alternate: Julie Tippin

3. Team Einarson

  • Skip: Kerri Einarson
  • Third: Val Sweeting
  • Second: Shannon Birchard
  • Lead: Briane Harris

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4. Team Grandy

  • Skip: Clancy Grandy
  • Vice-Skip: Kayla Macmillan
  • Second: Lindsay Dubue
  • Lead: Sarah Loken
  • Alternate: Rachel Brown

5. Team Gray-Withers

  • Skip: Serena Gray-Withers
  • Vice-Skip: Catherine Clifford
  • Second: Brianna Cullen
  • Lead: Zoe Cinnamon
  • Alternate: Gracelyn Richards

6. Team Homan

  • Skip: Rachel Homan
  • Third: Tracy Fleury
  • Second: Emma Miskew
  • Lead: Sarah Wilkes

7. Team Inglis

  • Skip: Danielle Inglis
  • Vice-Skip: Kira Brunton
  • Second: Calissa Daly
  • Lead: Cassandra De Groot

8. Team Jones

  • Skip: Jennifer Jones
  • Third: Karlee Burgess
  • Second: Emily Zacharias
  • Lead: Lauren Lenentine

9. Team Ladouceur

  • Skip: Isabelle Ladouceur
  • Vice-Skip: Grace Lloyd
  • Second: Jamie Smith
  • Lead: Rachel Steele

10. Team Lawes

  • Skip: Kaitlyn Lawes
  • Third: Selena Njegovan
  • Second: Jocelyn Peterman
  • Lead: Kristin Maccuish

11. Team Marks

  • Skip: Abby Marks
  • Vice-Skip: Elysa Crough
  • Second: Kim Bonneau
  • Lead: Julianna Mackenzie

12. Team Martin

  • Skip: Nancy Martin
  • Vice-Skip: Lindsay Bertsch
  • Second: Madison Kleiter
  • Lead: Krysten Karwacki

13. Team Park

  • Skip: Shaelyn Park
  • Vice-Skip: Krista Flanagan
  • Second: Lynn L Leblanc
  • Lead: Shannon Tatlock

14. Team Plett

  • Skip: Myla Plett
  • Vice-Skip: Alyssa Nedohin
  • Second: Chloe Fediuk
  • Lead: Allie Iskiw

15. Team Skrlik

  • Skip: Kayla Skrlik
  • Vice-Skip: Brittany Tran
  • Second: Geri-Lynn Ramsay
  • Lead: Ashton Skrlik

16. Team Zimmerman

  • Skip: Josie Zimmerman
  • Vice-Skip: Bryn Woloshyn
  • Second: Claire Bevan-Stewart
  • Lead: Darby-Anne Swanson
  • Alternate: Hope Zimmerman

Men's Curling Teams

1. Team Balsdon

  • Skip:  Greg Balsdon
  • Vice-Skip: Jordan Keon
  • Second: Curtis Samoy
  • Lead: Trevor Talbott

2. Team Bottcher

  • Skip: Brendan Bottcher
  • Third: Marc Kennedy
  • Second: Brett Gallant
  • Lead: Ben Hebert

3. Team Carruthers

  • Skip: Reid Carruthers
  • Third: Brad Jacobs
  • Second: Derek Samagalski
  • Lead: Connor Njegovan

4. Team Dobson

  • Skip: Jacob Dobson
  • Vice-Skip: Austin Synder
  • Second: Noah Garner
  • Lead: Matthew Abrams
  • Alternate: Kevin Genjaga

5. Team Dunstone

  • Skip: Matt Dunstone
  • Third: B.J. Neufeld
  • Second: Colton Lott
  • Lead: Ryan Harnden

6. Team Epping

  • Skip: John Epping
  • Third: Mathew Camm
  • Second: Patrick Janssen
  • Lead: Jason Camm
  • Alternate: Aaron Squires

7. Team Gushue

  • Skip: Brad Gushue
  • Third: Mark Nichols
  • Second: E.J. Harnden
  • Lead: Geoff Walker

8. Team Howard

  • Skip: Glenn Howard
  • Third: Scott Howard
  • Second: David Mathers
  • Lead: Tim March

Source : instagram

9. Team Kleiter

  • Skip: Rylan Kleiter
  • Third: Joshua Mattern
  • Vice-Skip: Matthew Hall
  • Lead: Trevor Johnson

10. Team Koe

  • Skip: Kevin Koe
  • Third: Tyler Tardi
  • Second: Jacques Gauthier
  • Lead: Karrick Martin

11. Team Mcewen

  • Skip: Mike Mcewen
  • Third: Colton Flasch
  • Second: Kevin Marsh
  • Lead: Dan Marsh

12. Team Mooibroek

  • Skip: Sam Mooibroek
  • Vice-Skip: Kibo Mulima
  • Second: Wyatt Small
  • Lead: Ben Pearce
  • Alternate: Codie Harris

13. Team Sluchinski

  • Skip: Aaron Sluchinski
  • Vice-Skip: Jeremy Harty
  • Second: Kerr Drummond
  • Lead: Dylan Webster

14. Team Sturmay

  • Skip: Karsten Sturmay
  • Third: Kyle Doering
  • Second: Glenn Venance
  • Lead: Kurtis Goller
  • Alternate: J.D. Lind

15. Team Tao

  • Skip: Johnson Tao
  • Vice-Skip: Jaedon Neuert
  • Second: Zach Davies
  • Lead: Adam Naugler

16. Team Wiebe

  • Skip: Ryan Wiebe
  • Vice-Skip: Ty Dilello
  • Second: Sean Flatt
  • Lead: Adam Flatt

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