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What are NHL Ice Hockey Sticks made of?

By Usha Shrestha / 30 May 2023 07:01 AM

Adin Hill, goalie of the Vegas Golden blocking the puck using hockey stick
Source : instagram

What are NHL ice hockey sticks made of? NHL ice hockey sticks are made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and boron fiber.

The first hockey stick was made of sugar maple wood for William "Dilly" Moffatt in the mid-1830s. Now, the pusher belongs to the Canadian Museum of History. The Nova Scotian people are believed to have invented the stick in the 18th century.

Later in the 19th century, a manufacturing company named Starr started to sell its hockey sticks nationally and internationally. In the mid-90s, materials like hardwoods, were used as they were comparatively cost-effective.

The manufacturing companies kept experimenting to make lighter sticks. Aluminum sticks are more durable than advanced composite sticks. The latter design uses two or more constituent materials. 

It weighs less, and varieties of particulars can be suitable to make them.

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Best Hockey Sticks 2023

Best hockey sticks 2023 Bauer Vapor Hyperlite, Bauer Supreme UltraSonic, Bauer Nexus Geo, and others. Warrior Covert QRE10 is also in the list.

Each year, the suppliers introduce a new set of hockey sticks. And every year, ice sticks get more durable and lighter than the previous year.

Choosing a hockey stick determines the players' abilities to control and handle the puck. Followings are counted as the best game-winning sticks for the year.

Hockey Stick NameWeight
1. Bauer Vapor Hyperlite$117.11 - $239
2. Bauer Supreme UltraSonic390 grams
3. Bauer Nexus Geo390 grams
4. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro380 grams
5. Warrior Covert QRE 10447 grams
6. CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro401 grams

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite tops the checklist of the finest ice stick for the year. It was first released in 2021.

At the time, ice skaters like Cole Caufield, Trevor Zegras, Jack Hughes, Patrick Kane, Aaron Ekblad, and some others hit the puck with it.

The 385-gram weight was designed less weight to increase the release speed. It costs around $117.11 to $239.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite stick and Supreme #sPro Gloves
Source : twitter

It features advanced carbon layering technology in both the shaft and blade. Also, it ensures long-lasting durability.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic can be the best alternative for the athlete seeking maximum power, accuracy, and energy transfer.

Regarding its materials, the Supreme is made using lightweight carbon fiber in the blade for explosive shots and affix longevity.

One of the popular sticks on the market costs around $100 to @200.

Chris Kreider, Jordan Staal, Jesper Bratt, Bryan Rust, Aleksande Brakov, and T, J, Brodie have used this stick to showcase their power in the icerink.

Bauer Nexus Geo

The new production of the Nexus, Bauer Nexus Geo, is tailored under mono-comp technology for versatility, control, and accuracy.

With a price range of $105 to $220, the Geo matches the weight of the Supreme Ultrasonic. In the history of the National Hockey League, the Florida Panthers leader Aleksander Barkov was first spotted with the stick.

Barkove tested it in the exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Other users are Cale Maker, Victor Hedman, and Brady Tkachuk.

The mid-kick-point ice stick is made of TeXtreme carbon fiber material. It helped to reduce the weight by 20% and maximize the durability.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

CCM released the Super Tacks AS3 on June 26, 2020. Canada Cycle and Motor Co . Ltd began supplying hockey equipment as their secondary business.

Super Tacks AS3 is made using Nano Lite carbon, one of the strongest fibers on the market. With that, the stick gets a unique, fused two-piece NanoLite shaft for elite toughness and performance.

This type of stick has a mid-kick point. Kick point means the point where a stick bends the most.

It beats the AS4 Pro in the case of rigidness. Even though the latter has softer linearly, it is stiffer than the first one.

Miro Heiskanen, Patrice Bergeron, Dylan Samberg, Thomas Harley, and a few others are seen making the score with the AS4 Pro. AS3 Pro costs around $95 to $300.

Warrior Covert QRE 10

Warrior Covert QRE 10 provides an excellent feel for all parts of the game. It is a premier carbon composite stick. 

First look of Covet QRE 10 stick relased in December 2019
Source : twitter

The Covet Line is well known for its lively puck feel and extra shot pop. Also, it is cost-effective and ranges from $60 to $125.

Some of the features of Covert QRE 10 are:

  • A Fuelcore blade
  • round corner, straight sidewall shaft
  • minimus carbon 1000 construction

CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro

CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro gives an instant feeling of lightweight once the player holds it in his hand. Moreover, it is comparatively tough and durable.

Likewise, impressive power upon impact while passing the puck can be felt. And that's because of the Fuelcore+25K Enigma Carbon fiber blade.

FilipForsberg, Shayne Gostisbehere, Gustav Forsling, Colin Miller, Nic Dowd, Brad Malone and Joel Hanley are familier with the Pro Stick.

New Hockey Sticks Coming Out in 2023

New hockey sticks coming out in 2023 are CCM JetSpeed FT6 grip composite hockey stick senior junior and intermediate. These would cost around $200 to $300.

Bauer hockey stick with hole in blade namely Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick is one of the most revolutionary innovations in the history of hockey sticks. Using the Slingtech technology, the manufactures invented a hockey stick with a hole in the stick's blade. 

It aims to create a slingshot effect when releasing the puck. It came out in 2020 as the lightest Nexus stick at the time.

Similarly, Bauer Supreme Mach is set to come out in June 2023. Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak will be the first NHL player to use them in a game.

Hockey Stick Size chart

Hockey stick size chart consists of four sizes- senior intermediate, junior, and youth. In NHL, the hockey stick is around 160 cm long.

The measurement of the hockey stick varies. It can be 150 to 200 cm long. One end of the stick is called a shaft. It is a long thin part that a player holds onto while playing.

Another end is called the blade, which is to contact and control the puck. It is around 20 to 40 cm long. A player keeps the blade at approximately a 135-degree angle keeping the sticky partly 'L-shaped.'

Vegas Golden forward player, Jonathan leading the puck at American Airlines Center
Source : instagram

How long a hockey stick should be, depends upon the player's height, keeping his personal preference aside.

How Tall Should A Hockey Stick Be?

The general rule depicts that a hockey stick should stand from the ice to below the chin of the player.

However, the size differs according to the position a player chooses to play from. For instance, the defenseman uses a longer stick. It helps him get more power out of their slap shot.

On the other hand, forward players keep their sticks shorter to increase their ability to handle the puck.

How To Measure A Hockey Stick?

Firstly, get the player to stand without the skate. And then, place the stick vertically between the player's feet.

A perfect measurement establishes if the end comes to about the nose.

If the athlete is with his skates on, the end of the stick should lie below the chin. Random hockey sticks do not necessarily suit all players.

That means a player can't just grab a stick of any size. If long, it has to be cut down and an end plug can be used to enlarge the stick.

Why Do Hockey Players Tape Their Sticks?

Hockey players tape their sticks to protect them from wear, tear, and damage. Also, it provides a better grip on the stick shaft.

Likewise, adding hockey tape to the stick helps the player customize the knob size to fit his hand. When a player wraps tape on the blade, it prevents moisture and buildup.

Grayson Hanley with PAMA hockey stick
Source : twitter

Thus, the puck tracks with the blade instead of slipping out of control. The player can have more control over where he's shooting or cross-passing to his teammate.

Taping the stick is a pre-game ritual for almost every NHL player. They call it a "TJ," which stands for tape job. Normally, there are three types of hockey tape:

  • Stick Tape
  • Shin Tape
  • Grip Tape

Stick tape can be either friction or cloth-based self-adhesive. Friction tape helps the stick last longer in case the stick develops a crack. Adhesive modern tapes are much lighter than the previous ones.

Shin tape is used to keep the shin pads in place. It is one-time use and is available in many colors. Grip tapes consist of cohesive, which stick to themselves but not on other surfaces.

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