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How Old Are The Hughes Brothers Hockey?

By Usha Shrestha / 16 May 2023 05:07 AM

Jack posted a picture with his siblings on Luke's 2020 birthday
Source : instagram

How old are the Hughes brothers hockey? The Hughes brothers, Quinn Hughes is 23, Jack Hughes is 21, and Luke Hughes is 19 years old.

The eldest of the family, Quinn Hughes, is 23 years old, two years older than his younger sibling and four years than the youngest. Quinn plays defense for the Vancouver Canucks. Moreover, he is the alternate captain of the club.

Jack was born on 14 May 2001 and is 22 years old. He joined the NHL team, the New Jersey Devils, through the NHL Entry Draft in June 2019. Currently, he serves as the alternate leader and center of the team.

The youngest came to the National Hockey League recently, in April. Luke (19) entered the New Jersey Devils after signing a three-year entry-level contract in April 2023.

Where Are The Hughes Brothers From?

The Hughes brothers are from Orlando, Florida. However, they spent their childhood in Toronto, Ontario.

His parents raised the players in Jewish background. They celebrated Passover every year. Mr. Hughes is Catholic.

The Hughes siblings grew up in a family of ice hockey players. Their father, Jim Hughes, is a former ice hockey athlete and assistant mentor for the Boston Bruins.

New Jersey Devils center player wished his mom Ellen a Happy Birthday
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Moreover, he was the director for Toronto Maples in the player development department. On the other hand, their mother, Ellen Weinberg Hughes, played ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer during college.

She is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. Ellen is a silver medal winner of the 1992 World Championship. Furthermore, their uncle Marty and cousin Teddy were also involved in the sport.

Are Jack and Luke Hughes Brothers?

Yes, Jack Hughes and Luke Hughes are biological brothers. Luke plays defenseman for the New Jersey Devils in National Hockey League.

Luke is two years younger than his siblings from the same club. He was born on September 9, 2003, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Just like his older sibling, Luke started playing hockey in college for the University of Michigan.

The 19-year-old athlete recently joined the New Jersey Devils on April 8, 2023, through a three-year entry-level contract. That makes his entry into the Devils four years later than his sibling.

Jack and Luke walked together to the New Jersey Devils workplace
Source : twitter

On April 11, he debuted in the NHL against Buffalo Sabres. His first NHL goal was recorded in a winning game against the Washington Capitals. However, the Devils lost in the second round with Carolina Hurricanes and couldn't qualify for the Conference Finals.

The Devil's ice hockey players have an elder sibling as well. He is Quintin Hughes, a defenseman and alternate captain for the Vancouver Canucks. The eldest is 23 years old.

How and When Did Jack Hughes Lose His Tooth?

Jack Hughes lost his teeth on May 5 while playing against the Carolina Hurricanes. Hughes entered the ice rink on May 7 with missing front teeth.

The center player probably lost one of his front teeth due to an unpenalized high stick. In Game 3, he fought with Sebastian Aho from the opponent team.

Even though more details about the incident are yet to come, the Orlando native took the incident normally as a hockey player.

He stated that every hockey athlete loses them at least once while playing, and he faced the incident after playing 240 games on the rink. Hughes replied with a smile that he hoped to get it fit in the coming summer.

The Devils and Hurricanes were playing at PNC Arena. It was the second team playoff of the Eastern Conference in round two.

The Hurricanes defeated the Devils 6-1 that day. Overall, the Hurricanes won the game 4-1 and have qualified for the Conference Finals.

Does Jack Hughes Have a Girlfriend?

No, Jack Hughes does not have a girlfriend. Hughes is single at the moment after breaking up with Sienna Raine.

Raine is a TikTok Star, a social media influencer, and a model. She has modeled for New York Model Management, LA Models, and PRM. The 22-year-old rose to fame after uploading a lipsync video on TikTok.

Raine has over 336.8K followers and 7.2 million likes on the platform. Likewise, 141 thousand people follow her on Instagram.

Jack and Sienna went to Hawaii in May 2022 with their common friends
Source : instagram

The former couple was private about their romantic relationship. Both of them were of the same age. In June 2022, there was news about the lovebirds' separation. None of them has spoken about the reason behind their breakup.

However, Sienna confirmed the breakup via a reply to a comment in her TikTok video. Most probably, all the couple's pictures have been pulled out from their social media handles.

However, both of them haven't deleted the picture captured in Hawaii. The athlete and the TikTok star went to Hawaii last year in May.

Hair Evolution

Jack Hughes hair color is medium blonde. The center player had grayish, short hair during his childhood which he kept medium size in his senior class. 

In 2018, he shared a picture wearing the team uniform, where he changed his hairdo back to short. The professional hockey athlete also spiced up his looks in-between NHL seasons by trying out long, wavy hair.


Short and long hairstyles both suited the player to the fullest. Depending on his mood, he chopped off his hair and grew it back long.

In 2017, Hughes kept his hair long and colored it dark blonde. That was the only time he grew his hair that long.

Jack chopped his hair short during the USHL season 2018
Source : instagram

At present, he has a short-medium hairdo. The style gives him a dapper look. During 2021–2022, he preferred to wear a cap whenever he walked out of the house.

Recently, the world's largest salon brand, Great Clips, brought up the offer for hockey fans to show their hockey hair like Hughes to get a chance to be inducted into the Hockey Hair Hall of Fame for the first time. 

Chipotle Commercial

Jack Hughes Chipotle commercial went viral that he showed his skating skills in rink. Hughes depicted Chipotle as the best ingredient for the best athletes.

Not just featuring in an advertisement, a few months back, Hughes surprised players from Boys Select 15 Player Development Camp with a special delivery from Chipotle. They had a quick chit-chat with him and shared the lunch.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a chain of fast-casual restaurants serving bowls, tacos, and mission burritos, to customers since 1993. It operates mainly in United America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France.

The restaurant has been a title sponsor of American women's and Men Hockey teams since 2018. Moreover, it recently renewed its long-standing partnership with USA Hockey.

Matty Beniers from the Seattle Kraken has also joined the restaurant for an advertisement. Not just the paid partner, these athletes are also fans of products from the eatery.

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