How To Drop Pass NHL 24?

By Abhay Acharya / 11 October 2023 04:08 AM

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Press RB in Xbox and R1 in Sony Controller to Drop Pass in NHL 24. Do not move the left stick of the controller to succeed this pass.

The control settings for undertaking a drop pass are the same in all three control schemes; Skill Stick, Hybrid Controls, and Total Controls.

The drop pass is mainly undertaken when the passer, by skating past the puck, leaves it behind for his teammate, who is tailing close back. 

Alongside the drop pass, NHL 24 has changed numerous settings compared to the previous editions. The settings remain somewhat similar in the Hybrid Controls and Skill Stick case.

However, the newly added Total Control scheme features different but simple control settings. It enables players to perform most of the complex skills in NHL 24 with a single or a combination of two buttons.

In addition, the latest NHL video game installment offers a dynamic World of Chel experience that immerses us in a mesmerizing world of hockey, which we can customize to our liking. Also, it features a streamlined, authentic knock-out 16-game path to the championship with the EASHL

Regardless, this year's title might be slightly challenging for some features compared to the past editions, with overhauled physics, an all-new exhaust engine, and animation-based reactions. Yet, once conquered, they tend to be equally rewarding. 

Loose Puck Deke NHL 24

Hold the LB on your controller and rotate the left stick clockwise or anti-clockwise to perform loose puck deke in NHL 24. Hold L1 on the Sony console. 

Loose puck deke or One Touch Deke is further divided into One Touch Forehand and One Touch Backhand, depending upon the rotation of the left stick.

One Touch Forehand is undertaken by rotating the left bar to the left, while the Backhand is succeeded with the stick's clockwise rotation. 

The rotation, however, is vice-versa for left-handed players within the game. Any deke in NHL 24 is a loose puck deke if the puck leaves the stick. With that in mind, a Toe-drag isn't a loose puck deke. 

Two significant factors should be considered while performing any deke: Selection of a high deke skill rating player and Timing and Spacing. 

Choosing a player with a high Deke rating is crucial as it will ease the execution of the moves. Cover athlete Cale Makar has the highest deke rating of 97. 

Likewise, timing and spacing play a vital role in the successful execution of the deke. For instance, if you wait too long before perpetrating the deke or attempt a deke enclosed by too many defenders, you risk losing the puck, which can be costly. 

Furthermore, to perform some dekes, you need accuracy and precision timing as they are slightly more challenging than the others. Lacrosse deke is one of those deke in Skill Stick control mode. 

You can do the lacrosse deke NHL 24 by holding Y (Xbox) or Triangle (Sony) and then releasing it at the right time in the Total Control option. 

However, press and hold the L1 or LB with the right stick in a Skill Stick option. Then, move the right bar diagonally down to the bottom left and rotate the shaft to the bottom right. 

There are several types of deke you can perform in the newly launched ice hockey simulation video game. In the Total control scheme, you can adapt the following control settings to achieve some dekes in NHL 24.

Deke TypeControl
Quick DekePress LB (Xbox), L1 (Sony)
Finesse Deke (hold and release)LB (Xbox), L1 (Sony)
One Touch Deke (hold)L1 (Sony), LB (Xbox) + Rotate Left Stick Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
Lacrosse Deke (hold and release)Y (Xbox), Traingle (Sony)
Jump Deke (hold)L1 (Sony), LB (Xbox) + Move Right Stick Up
Skate Kick Deke (hold)L1 (Sony), LB (Xbox) + Move Right Stick Down

How to change lines in NHL 24?

You can change lines IN NHL 24 by clicking the D-Pad left/right. The left click changes the defensive line, while the right click changes the offensive line. 

While the Total control scheme allows the line change via the Directional Pad (D-Pad), pressing B or X (Xbox) and Circle (Sony) on your controller can change the line in the Skill Stick case. NHL 23 featured the same settings in its Hybrid Controls option for changing the line. 

In addition, you can use the D-Pad to change Strategies along with the line. To do so, click the LB or RB (Xbox) and L1 or R1 (Sony) on your controller while on the line change menu.

Then, click the D-Pad Up or Down. Clicking the D-Pad up changes your forecheck strategy and clicking it down changes the breakout strategy. 

Furthermore, you can check in NHL 24 by pressing the 'Circle' button on your Sony controller. In the Xbox controller, you can body-check by clicking the 'B' button while in the Total Control scheme. 

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The Skill Stick control option requires you to skate toward your target and hold the right stick up in both controllers. In addition to body check, you can hip check in NHL 24 by holding the 'Square' or 'X' on your Sony or Xbox controller, respectively. 

Alongside body and hip check, you can perform the following in the Total Control option. 

  • Push Check: Move the Right Stick Up (Both Controllers)
  • Shoulder Check: Move the Right Stick Down and then Up (Both Controllers)
  • Poke Check: Sony (Press R1), Xbox (Press RB)

How to do the Michigan in NHL 24?

You can do the Michigan in NHL 24 by hopping behind the net and tapping 'Y' on your Xbox controller. Click 'Triangle' for the PlayStation. 

The 'Y' or 'Triangle' button on the controller is held and released in the direction aiming towards the goalie to realize the Michigan Shot in the Total Control scheme. 

Michigan, also called the Lacrosse-style goal, is one of the most challenging moves to pull off as it implicates flinging the puck toward the net after putting it on the blade as one would do in lacrosse. However, you can make the shot almost every time with the new Total Control option.

Unlike Total Controls, pulling off Michigan in Skill Stick mode is slightly challenging. Hold the puck to your forehand and simultaneously hold down your controller's LB (Xbox) or L1 (Sony) button. 

After that, hold the right stick down and rotate it to the left and right. If timed correctly, you should be able to pull off the Michigan. In addition, you are not obliged to commit to Michigan every time. 

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The initiated Michigan can be canceled by pressing your controller's LB or L1 button. This is useful if the defenses are in a good position once you hop behind the net or if they predict your move. 

It also aids in ensuring the possession of the puck to be with your team, limiting the risks and enhancing your goal-scoring chance. 

Toe Drag Shot NHL 24 Guide

The toe Drag Shot in NHL 24 can be done by moving the right stick below the left between the 6-clock and 9-clock position and then rotating it anti-clockwise. 

You must hold the puck to your forehand before clicking and rotating the right stick to successfully perform the toe drag shot. This move is completed chiefly to tempt the defenseman.

When you hold the puck in your forehand, the defenseman is tempted and makes a move for the puck. The action begins by pulling the puck backward using the stick's toe and dragging it along the ice to make the shot. 

This is a tough shot to pull, as a slight mistake in your timing might cost you the possession and even the game. Also, you can perform the toe drag with your backhand in NHL 24. 

To achieve that, press X or Square, depending on your controller (Xbox or PlayStation) in Total Control mode. To make the shot, instead of pressing X or Square, hold and release them. 

In the Skill Stick setting, a Backhand Toe Drag can be performed in NHL 24 by pressing the right stick and moving it down in both controller options. Likewise, to make the Backhand Toe Drag Shot, push the right bar, move it down, and then move it up. 

Below are some toe drag control settings in Total Control mode in NHL 24.

  • Toe Drag: Move the Right Stick down to the left between the 6-clock and 9-clock positions and then rotate it anti-clockwise (Both Controllers)
  • Backhand Toe Drag (press): Sony (Square), Xbox (X)
  • Backhand Toe Drag Flip: Sony (Press Square + R1), Xbox (Hold X + RB)
  • Backhand Toe Drag Fake (press): Xbox (Y + LB), Sony (Triangle + L1)
  • Backhand Toe Drag Shot (hold and release): Sony (Square), Xbox (X)

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