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Movie About Ice Skater And Hockey Player

By Kapil Sapkota / 11 September 2023 09:05 AM

The Cutting Edge (1992)
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Best movie about ice skater and hockey player are 1. The Cutting Edge 2. Miracle 3. Red Army 4. The Ice King 5. Unbroken, and more.

The Cutting Edge definitely tops the list as it is a blend of the story of both the ice skater and a hockey player. Likewise, The Rocket (2005) is a movie about the legendary hockey icon Maurice Rocket Richard.

Slap Shot (1977) and Goon (2011) show the violent plays of hockey primarily focused on physical strengths and fights between the players.

Hockey and movies go hand in hand and it is no surprise that several films based on the sport have been made and done well in the box office.

The Cutting Edge - 1992

Scene from The Cutting Edge movie
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The Cutting Edge directed by Paul Michael Glaser is right up there among the best figure skater and hockey player movies. The sports romantic comedy film was released on March 27, 1992.

D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly are in the lead roles in the film. The movie portrays the story of a wealthy and spoiled figure skater competing in figure skating at the Olympics with an injured ice hockey player. 

Kate Moseley (played by Kelly) is shown as a world-class figure skater, who represented the United States in pairs at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Kate is a talented skater but is impossible to work with as she has been spoiled for many years by her wealthy widowed father Jack.

Sweeney has played the role of Doug Dorsey, who is the captain of the US ice hockey team at the same Winter Olympics. Dorsey and Kate clashed in the hallway of the arena minutes before the match.

Doug suffers a head injury during the game. The injury permanently damages his peripheral vision. He becomes unable to play in the NHL and is forced to retire from ice hockey.

During Moseley's event, her partner unintentionally drops her during the program. As such, Kate's chance for a gold medal also goes away.

All the potential skating partners of Kate leave her because of her her attitude and perfectionism while training for the 1992 Winter Olympics. Anton Pamchenko, Kate's Russian coach is a spoiled and hard-nosed outsider and she is looking for his replacement.

Anton follows Dorsey to his hometown in Minnesota. He works in a steel mill and also plays bar league hockey. Dorsey agrees to work as Kate's partner as he is desperate for another chance at Olympic glory.

Kate's attitude quickly becomes annoying and the initial practices go awful against each other. Eventually, the sports partners develop mutual respect as both of them strive to outdo each other in their work ethic.

Luckily, Dorsey and Kate qualify for the Olympic team. Kate reveals that she has broken off her engagement to wealthy investor Hale Forrest after a drunken night of celebration and shows her attraction to Dorsey.

What will happen next? Will their attraction stop them from winning the gold medal? You will get the answers after watching the movie. For those wondering where to watch The Cutting Edge, you can watch it on Prime Video.

Slap Shot - 1977

The official poster of Slap Shot
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Slap Shot, written by Nancy Dowd and directed by George Roy Hill is one of the best hockey movies ever made. Slap Shot came out in 1977.

Paul Newman, Strother Martin, Michael Ontkean, and Jennifer Warren are in the lead roles in the movie. The classic movie follows a fictional minor-league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs led by player-coach Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman).

The team is underperforming and rumors spread among the players that the team will fold if the local mill closes. The Chiefs' aging player and coach, Reggie gets the information that the mill is closing for real and the ongoing season will be the team's last.

Dunlop begins to focus on how to renew interest in the team for a possible sale. Because he knows his hockey career will be over if the team folds. Reggie spreads a rumor that the owner is negotiating a sale with a city in Florida.

Reggie decides to use the untapped talents of the recently acquired childlike but quietly menacing Hanson brothers who play "goon" hockey to regain the local interest.

His plan works as the team starts to attract new fans and sell out games. Sell-out away games are attended largely by their groups and win. This promotes the rumor of a sale of the team.

Ned Braden, a member of the team doesn't like this style and plays hockey solely. His wife Lily hates everything about hockey and Charlestown.

As Reggie finally meets the team's owner and discovers her purpose, his desire to win the league championship and have the team sold is changed.

Braden may come up with an unexpected way to achieve their goals who previously had his own views of what is right and wrong in hockey.

Goon - 2011

The official poster of Goon initially released on September 10, 2011
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Goon (2011) is a sports-drama movie written by Jay Baruchel, Evan Goldberg, and Adam Frattasio. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill, and Liev Schreiber are the lead actors in the film directed by Michael Dowse. It also features Eugene Levy, Marc-André Grondin, Kim Coates, and more.

Some of the audiences have even termed Goon to be the modern version of Slap Shot with more blood and gore. The movie depicts the comedic story of Doug Glatt, an unintelligent but kind-hearted bar bouncer (played by Seann William Scott) from a brainy family.

Doug is invited to join a hockey team after he shows his savage fighting skills at a local game to protect the talented but troubled young star, Marc-Andre Grondin. He makes his opponents hospitalized.

Glatt is filled with compassion and courtesy. He is a simple guy who knows that his existence on earth is to fight and does it all with loyalty to his team.

Doug's team Highlanders starts getting success with him as their savior. He takes no long time to become popular among fans and teammates.

Red Army - 2014

Red Army was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
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Red Army is a sports documentary that centers on the Soviet hockey team of the 1980s and ‘90s. It was written and directed by Gabe Polsky.

Prominent actors like Viacheslav Fetisov, Vladislav Tretiak, Scotty Bowman, Vladimir Pozner, and others are featured in the film released in 2014.

The movie narrates the Soviet Union national ice hockey team through the perspective of Slava Fetisov, captain of the team. The film shows the interlink between sports and politics.

Fetisov was on the U.S.S.R.’s national team as a teenager, known as the 'Red Army'. He came under the tutorship of coach Anatoli Tarasov's
rigorous training exercises. During the 1970s, the 'Red Army' became virtually unbeatable, a strong and beautifully coordinated unit.

At the peak of the Cold War, their teamwork became a powerful symbol of the power of the collective. The team's golden age came to an end when dictatorial former KGB agent Viktor Tikhonov replaced Tarasov in 1977.

The players were forced to train 11 months out of the year and were placed in prison-like barracks. It has also shown how National Hockey League scouts wooed the players and eventually flooded NHL rosters.

Miracle - 2004

Miracle depicts the true story of Herb Brooks
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Miracle is a biography of the player-turned-coach Herb Brooks, who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the Soviet squad.

It was written by Eric Guggenheim and directed by Gavin O'Connor. The movie features Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West, Noah Emmerich, Sean McCann, and many other actors. Kurt Russel has played the role of Herb Brooks.

The head ice hockey coach at the University of Minnesota, Herb Brooks is interviewed with the US Olympic Committee for the national team coach's job.

They discussed Brooks' philosophy on how to beat the dominant Soviet team, who was the winner of the gold medal in the previous four Olympics. Brooks finally becomes the national team's coach though the USOC is skeptical at first.

Herb meets assistant coach Craig Patrick in Colorado Springs at the tryouts. Brooks forms a preliminary roster of 26 players, which is not in the preference of senior USOC hockey officials.

Walter Bush, USOC executive director believes Herb has their best interests at heart, and reluctantly agrees to take the pressure from the committee.

Forward Rob McClanahan and defenseman Jack O'Callahan start a fight based on college rivalry during initial practice and there rises a heat. Brooks tells all the players that they need to forget old rivalries and start becoming a team.

An unorthodox method is used to reduce the roster. American team plays against the Soviets in an exhibition game at Madison Square Garden. The Soviets win the game with a big score of 10–3.

The Americans are behind Sweden 2-1 in the first game of the 1980 Winter Olympics. Brooks energizes the team during intermission by throwing a table. He accuses McClanahan of quitting for a minor leg injury. Afterward, McClanahan plays injured.

Bill Baker records a goal in the third period for a dramatic 2–2 tie with only 27 seconds remaining. The team won with the final score of 7-3 against Czechoslovakia. They get a victory against Norway, Romania, and West Germany to reach the medal round.

The Soviets are the major challenge for the US team as the Soviets are professional players and they lost only a single Olympic game since 1964. The Soviets make the first goal before O'Callahan. He strongly checks Vladimir Krutov on a play that leads to a goal by Buzz Schneider.

Finally, the Americans win the game with a score of 4-3 against the Soviets. The team plays to defeat Finland 4–2 to win the gold medal.

The Rocket - 2005

A film based on the life of Maurice Richard, The Rocket (2005) poster
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The Rocket is a movie about hockey player, Maurice Richard from Quebec. Ken Scott wrote the film and Charles Biname directed the movie.

It features Roy Dupuis, Stephen McHattie, Julie LeBreton, Philip Craig, Patrice Robitaille, and others. Dupuis plays the role of Maurice Richard.

The movie tries to show a full spectrum of Richard's career including his beginning as a teenager, pairing up with Montreal Canadiens to the Richard Riot.

The movie starts as the Canadiens coach argues for continuing the game even during the Richard Riot. The film then takes you to the teenage struggle of Maurice.

Richard later plays hockey for a minor league. He soon tries out for the Canadiens and successfully makes it on the team. He accumulates several goals but gets injured early in his first season. However, people start calling Richard a lemon and a waste of money.

Maurice continues to play and breaks the record of 44 goals in a season. Rocket encounters Bob Dill, a player sent out to attack Maurice who was sent out to prevent Maurice from beating the record. Richard takes Dill out.

As the movie continues, Richard is attempted to take out by other players but he keeps fighting back. At a point, he is tripped and requires to have stitches. Maurice continues to play near the end of the game and records the game-winning goal.

Later on, a referee grabs Richard and allows the other players to hit him. Maurice answers the referee by hitting him. Maurice is given a penalty that him from playing for the rest of the season including the playoffs. Then happens the Richard Riot.

Richard returned back the next season in the league and won five Stanley Cups in a row. The Rocket (2005) is available on Prime Video.

Unbroken - 2020

Unbroken has a captivating story of four athletes
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Unbroken is a documentary directed by Dan Grin where real athletes have performed. The movie was initially released on September 4, 2020.

It features Ashley Cain-Gribble, Timothy LeDuc, Alexandr Enbert, Nina Mozer, Natalia Zabiiako, Vladislav Zhovnirskiy, and Tatiana Druchinina.

Four athletes including two Russian Olympic medalists and two American Champions travel to Japan together. They have to work with Nina Mozer, who is a world-famous figure-skating coach.

The documentary tells a story about serious injuries, body shaming, and social prejudices during the tough training period. You get to witness an inspirational tale about how they overcome all of their challenges and made their journey back to the top.

The group of 4 forms a profound friendship on their way to redemption despite the political climate and being direct competitors of each other.

I, Tonya - 2017

Official Poster of I, Tonya
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I, Tonya is a figure skater movie that tells the story of ice skater Tonya Harding. Steven Rogers wrote the story and Craig Gillespie directed it.

Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Julianne Nicholson, and others are featured in the movie. Robbie has played the role of Tanya.

An abusive mother LaVona Golden forced her four-year-old daughter, Tonya Harding to ice-skate in 1974. Harding's parents take her out of school to focus on her skating career. She is trained under coach Diane Rawlinson.

Tonya is left with her abusive mother. She soon becomes one of the best figure skaters in the United States. However, Harding is held back by her "white trash" reputation, homemade costumes, and unconventional choice of performance music.

She starts dating 18-year-old Jeff Gillooly at the age of 15. The pair gets married, but Gillooly becomes abusive. LaVona scorns Tonya for putting up with it and Tonya blames LaVona for raising her badly.

Dody Teachman becomes her new coach as Tonya fires Diane for a dispute. Harding becomes the first American female figure skater who completed two triple Axel jumps in competition.

Tonya takes a job as a waitress after she is defeated at the 1992 Winter Olympics. Her mother convinces her to train for the 1994 Winter Olympics. We can't spoil the whole story here. You can stream the movie on Hulu.

The Ice King - 2018

Image: Poster of The Ice King (2018)
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A one and half hour documentary, The Ice King was written and directed by James Erskine. It was initially released on February 23, 2018.

The film features Freddie Fox, John Curry, Meg Streeter Lauck, Heinz Wirz, and Ed Mosler, among many others. Freddie is cast for the narration.

The movie tells the story of a lost cultural icon Curry. It has some incredible unseen footage of some of his most remarkable performances.

You have access to Curry's letters, archive interviews, and interviews with his family, friends, and collaborators. It shows the story of Curry, who changed ice skating from a dated sport into an exalted art form. 

From love affairs to violence in the clubs, Curry was the man whose body was a battleground. Curry saw the world's stages sheeted with ice after he won gold at the Winter Olympics for a rebellious balletic routine. He enthralled audiences and reviewers alike with his genius.

The Mighty Ducks - 1992

The Mighty Ducks (1992) poster
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The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is the NHL team named after Disney movie "The Mighty Ducks" released on October 2, 1992.

It is a comedy-drama written by Steven Brill and directed by Stephen Herek. Emilio Estevez, Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Heidi Kling and others are the major cast of the film.

The movie depicts a story of a Minnesota lawyer Godan Bombay, who is sentenced to community service for coaching a rag-tag youth hockey team, District 5, as a penalty for drunk driving.

Emilio has played the role of Gordon. Likewise, the roles of Hans, Coach Reilly, and Casey are played by Ackland, Smith, and Kling respectively.

Bombay's history with the sport is not pleasant. He used to be the Hawks’ star player as a youth in 1973. But he missed a penalty shot in the championship game as the man was struggling with the loss of his father.

It disappointed his hyper-competitive coach, Jack Reilly. Their team lost the match in overtime, which became their only championship defeat.

When Gordon meets the District 5 team, he realizes that the children don't have practice skills, facilities, and equipment. The team's first game is set against the Hawks with Bombay at the helm, where Reilly is still the Hawks' head coach.

Despite Gordon's coaching and strategies, the team loses the games. But this can't be the end of a story, can it? What will be the future of Bombay and the District 5 team? You may explore it if the beginning plot intrigued you.

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