Best Hockey Goalie Pads In The Market Right Now

By Biraj Khanal / 18 January 2024 08:32 AM

Source : puckpath

The humble goalie pad - your fortress against blistering slapshots and sneaky writhers. They're your second skin, transforming you into a wall of defiance.

Modern pads are marvels of engineering, boasting flexible cores for butterfly mastery, sleek profiles for lightning-fast reactions, and grippy textures for ice dominance.

Stiff thigh rises block pucks like brick walls, while flexible knees dance with agility. Think of them as your second skin, absorbing impact and amplifying your every move.

Choose your weapon: pre-curved for instant closure, single break for natural movement, or custom-build your dream armor.

1. Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Senior

Source : puckpath

Price: $1799.99 

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 senior goalie leg pads are designed for goalies who demand elite performance and lightweight construction. 

They feature several innovative technologies that make them some of the most advanced pads on the market.

They are lightweight, durable, and provide excellent performance.

Notable Features

  • CURV Composite Technology
  • Double-Bracket MACH, the Single-Bracket Hybrid System
  • Coated Material on the surface of the Stabiliflex Knee Block
  • New adjustable lower calf strap
  • Hyperlite Skin
  • Rebound Boost Core
  • Free-Flex 110 Degree Boot

2. True L12.2 Pro

Source : puckpath

Price: $1799.99

The True L12.2 Pro goalie pads are a high-end option designed for elite-level goalies who prioritize flexibility and mobility.

It comes with a 110° flex boot, providing a deeper angle for a more aggressive stance and improved pad closure in the butterfly.

Notable Features: 

  • Curvaflex Faceplate
  • V-Shaped Core
  • Fast Rotation System (FRS)
  • 110° Flex Boot
  • Adjustable strapping system
  • Durable outer material
  • Customizable graphic options
  • Powerful push and dynamic movements.

3. CCM Axis 2 Pro

Source : puckpath

Price: $1799.99

The CCM Axis 2 Pro goalie pads are another top-tier option for elite-level netminders, known for their focus on lightweight construction, powerful rebounds, and advanced technologies.

The new LITEXCORE and Max Rebound+ tech make pucks disappear with powerful rebounds. Plus, the boot flexes like a ninja, aiding agile cross-crease movements.

Notable Features:

  • LITEXCORE and Max Rebound+ Technology
  • DRS PRO Landing Zone
  • Pre-Curved Single Inner, No Break Outer Design
  • Butterfly Biomechanics Strap System
  • SpeedSkin technology
  • 90-degree angle boot with shallow channel
  • Lightweight performance

4. Warrior Ritual G6 Pro +

Source : puckpath

Price: $1699.99

The Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ goalie pads are top-of-the-line gear designed for high-performance goalies.

They come at a premium price tag, but their advanced features and high-quality materials are sure to please serious players.

Notable Features: 

  • CoverEDGE+ maximizes coverage using an innovative face-forward design
  • AIRslide 3.0 provides the fastest sliding Ritual pad to date
  • Contoured shin channel increases connectivity and control 
  • 360Trifit leg channel
  • RVH Optimized outer roll
  • Super lightweight design with high quality materials
  • Adjustable width knee cradle
  • Adjustable Active Response straps

5. Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior

Source : puckpath

Price: $899.99

The Bauer Supreme M5 Pro ice hockey skates are high-end footwear designed for elite and performance players who prioritize power and explosiveness on the ice.

Its advanced features, customizable options, and responsive design make it ideal for players who skate 3-4+ times per week.

Notable Features:

  • Stabilislide Knee Block
  • Tune-Fit + Strapping
  • C.O.R Tech + Calf Plate
  • Dual Density Core featuring CURV® composite thigh
  • 120 Degree Soft Flex Boot
  • Adjustable Bridge + Elastic Toe System (S22 1060690

6. Brian’s Optik 3 Pro

Source : puckpath

Price: $1929.99

Brian's top-of-the-line Optik 3 Pro goalie gear sets the bar for elite performance. Ultra-light for agility, these pads boast maximum coverage with features like flat faces, wide blockers, and carbon fiber reinforcement.

It is a premium goalie set that offers the highest level of performance, comfort, and customization.

Notable Features: 

  • lightweight yet durable materials like high-density foams and advanced composites
  • flat laceless face on the leg pads and a beveled blocker board
  • longer leg pads and a wider blocker
  • Opti-Slide Primo
  • Removable knee flaps
  • Bri-Core carbon fiber reinforcement
  • BOA wrist strapping
  • Adjustable finger straps

7. CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior

Source : puckpath

Price: $929.99

The CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior Goalie Pads is a high-performance option for competitive goalies seeking a blend of flexibility, protection, and lightweight construction.

They're not the most protective pads on the market, but they offer a good balance of features for advanced butterfly-style goalies.

Notable Features:

  • Dual1teCore Technology provides both impact protection and flexibility
  • SpeedSkin outer material for quick lateral movements
  • The pre-curved single-break design provides a natural feel for the butterfly
  • Raised inner edge
  • Outer Single Break + Pre-Curved Single Breakcore
  • Leg attachment straps

8. Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro

Source : puckpath

Price: $999.99

The Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro goalie pads are for elite-level players who prioritize a combination of protection, flexibility, and lightweight performance.

They're specifically tailored for the modern butterfly style and boast several innovative features that cater to this playing style.

Notable Features: 

  • Pro-core internal structure
  • Balance stabilizer inside knee design
  • Solid outside roll with beveled puck-deflecting shape
  • Flat inner edge with higher-density foam
  • HD foam internal core front panel
  • Flexible scoop for increased mobility
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
  • Bunge cord toe attachment

9. Brians G-Netik X5

Source : puckpath

Price: $1049,99

The Brians G-Netik X5 is a high-performance goalie pad line designed for modern butterfly-style goalies. It boasts a range of features aimed at enhancing agility, coverage, and overall performance.

It's particularly well-suited for butterfly-style players seeking a lightweight and responsive pad set.

Notable Features: 

  • Lightweight construction allows for quick movements and reactions.
  • Advanced flex for butterfly movements
  • Flat laceless face and angled outer roll close gaps and increase stopping surface
  • Enhanced glide
  • Durable Har-Suede knee cradle
  • Pro 2 Knee Pad compatibility
  • Simple and adjustable calf wrap strapping system

10. True Catalyst PX3

Source : puckpath

Price: $1999.99

The True Catalyst PX3 is a line of high-performance goalie equipment designed for professional and serious amateur players.

It's a popular choice for hockey goalies. The PX3 is a high-end professional goalie pad set known for its lightweight design, balanced performance, and customizable options.

Notable Features: 

  • 30% stiffer and 40% thinner for a better seal along the ice
  • Easier overlap contributes to faster reactions
  • Single break outer roll
  • A stiff core provides stability and responsiveness
  • Recessed with a removable inner knee wrap
  • Suregrip material
  • Jenpro toe attachment with hybrid bungee lace
  • Elastic leg strap

11. CCM E-Flex 6 Pads Senior

Source : puckpath

Price: $1799.99

The CCM E-Flex 6 Pro is a top-of-the-line goalie set designed for elite-level performance.

It features several new and innovative technologies that are designed to help you move faster, react quicker, and control the game.

Notable Features: 

  • Dualitecore with Control Rebound Technology
  • DRS PRO knee stack & stabilizer design
  • 90-degree angle with shallow channel and bungee toe system
  • Compression-molded HD foam shoulder caps
  • Floaters with quick-release Velcro adjustments
  • Air-Tec Suspension system
  • Double break wrist strap
  • Improved paddle control

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