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Hockey Canada Shower Rules and New Change Room Policy

By Kapil Sapkota / 6 November 2023 09:07 AM

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Hockey Canada shower rules state all athletes should wear minimum attire, including swimwear in open showers. They can dress up in private restroom stalls.

The rule is set to maintain the privacy of all the participants creating a safe environment where the players feel safe and secure.

The new change room policy of Hockey Canada has restricted and prohibited any kind of violent activities inside the dressing room.

Furthermore, there is a restriction on the use of video and audio recording devices in the changing room. The concerned authorities including the coach are responsible for the supervision of the safety of the participants.

The old Two-Deep principle has been replaced with the Rule of Two. It means that all interactions with participants should be carried out in open, observable, and justifiable environments. This applies to dressing rooms as well.

Hockey Canada New Changing Room Policy

The new changing room policy of Hockey Canada comprises The Minimum Attire Rule, Prohibition on Violent Activities in Dressing Rooms, and so on.

Hockey Canada strongly believes all participants, including players, coaches, team staff, officials, etc. have a right to access safe, inclusive, and equitable dressing spaces.

In this regard, all participants have the right to use the dressing room or appropriate dressing environment based on their gender, religious beliefs, body image concerns, or other reasons related to their personal needs.

The new Dressing Room Policy came into effect on September 12, 2023, and has the following rules included in it:

The Minimum Attire Rule

Hockey Canada has made it mandatory to wear ‘minimum attire’ at all times in a dressing room or place where more than one participant is present.

The participants are supposed to arrive at the rink wearing a base layer such as shorts, a T-shirt, a sports bra, compression shorts, and so on.

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A participant who arrives at the rink without wearing a base layer shall use an appropriate space such as an empty/unused dressing room or private restroom stall, to change into the base layer.

The player then can enter the team's dressing hall with the other participants.

All coaches and team staff should act responsibly to instruct players regarding the minimum attire rule. They are encouraged to ensure that all participants comply with the 'minimum attire' policy.

Team Talks

Hockey Canada encourages to treat all participants equally to their coaches and team staff. Pre- and post-game talks should take place only when all participants are present in the dressing room.

Use of Showers

A participant may require privacy for different reasons, including body image, gender, chronic conditions, religious reasons, etc. 

When showers are not private stalls, they should be used in a way that respects the privacy of all participants.

Participants should wear their  “minimum attire" all the time, including swimwear when they are in open-concept showers.

Participants can use private restroom stalls to change out of their base layer and into their swimwear before using the shower.

Likewise, a private restroom stall can be used to dress after they have completed their shower.

Coaches and team staff should supervise the dressing room while players are showering, following the "Rule of Two."

Prohibition on Violent Activities in Dressing Rooms

Any violent conduct, including locker room boxing, bullying, or hazing is strictly prohibited in the dressing room to ensure the safety of all participants.

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Coaches and team staff must ensure that such behavior won't occur in the dressing room or environments.

If a participant experiences maltreatment in violation of this policy, the player shall submit a complaint to Hockey Canada Independent Third Party.

Prohibition on Recording Devices in Dressing Rooms

Photos, videos, or voice recordings should not be done using any electronic devices with recording capabilities to respect the privacy of every participant in a dressing room or dressing environment.

Minor Hockey Players Dressing Rules

Hockey Canada's dressing rule made it mandatory to wear a base layer in the dressing room before and after being on the ice for the minor league players.

All minor hockey players are required to wear the minimum attire under their gear to the arena. If they don't wear a base layer, they will have to change into their base layer inside a closed washroom or a proper dressing place.

The dressing rule tries to keep the young players away from bullying, harassment, and body shaming. It provides a sense of privacy and security to the participants.

The policy is focused on the comfort of the young players and is trying to promote inclusion and respect the privacy of all participants.

Furthermore, the new policy has tried to make the coaches and team staff more responsible regarding the privacy of the players.

Regarding their dressing policy, Hockey Canada said in a statement with TSN, "Hockey Canada’s Dressing Room Policy, which will be implemented for the 2023-24 season, was designed to enhance the safety of all participants through proper supervision and minimum attire requirements.”

Every participant has the right to utilize the dressing room or proper dressing environment based on their gender identity, body image concerns, religious beliefs, and/or other reasons.

NHL Teams With Best Dressing Room

NHL Teams with the Best dressing rooms include the Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

NHL is one of the richest professional leagues in the world and most of the teams own modern facilities in their arena. Most of the franchises own an arena full of services for their players.

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Having a locker stall inside an NHL dressing hall with your name on it is a privilege only a few experiences.

The locker room is not just a place to change dresses and keep the belongings of the players but is also a hub where the players get together and discuss strategies during the game days.

Here are listed the top-ten NHL Teams that have the most awesome dressing rooms in their arena:

  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Nashville Predators
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Dallas Stars

1.  Buffalo Sabres

Though the Sabres' locker room is not the biggest one, the bowl-shaped dressing room of the franchise makes it look spacious. 

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Buffalo's renovated dressing hall is the best-looking dressing room in the NHL franchises. Lights inside the room are set up aesthetically. Their big logo is visible at the top.

One of the coolest dressing rooms of the NHL has a great combination of colors. In addition to the locker room, the hallway from there to the ice is really beautiful.

2. Edmonton Oilers

The huge semi-circular dressing hall at Rogers Place is one of the biggest locker rooms in the NHL. The massive chamber of the Oilers is rich in every aspect.

The arena at Rogers Place was built in 2016. With a top-notch view, its dressing hall looks like a penthouse. Edmonton's locker hall even has a mini-theatre for watching videos.

When the players are injured, the players can be diagnosed in the locker room right away. The Oilers' locker hall is a treat to Connor McDavid and his teammates.

3. Vegas Golden Knights

Another best locker room to discuss is the Golden Knights. The giant dressing hall is carpeted with grey and black-tiled carpets that have gold and red accents.

Locker stalls occupy three walls completely, while the far left wall holds three flat-screen televisions. The nine stalls to the right are occupied by seven defensemen and two goaltenders have been dubbed “D-Row” by the players.

T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada features one of the finest locker rooms for the Golden Knights players. Black and white colors are abundantly used in their modern-looking dressing hall.