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Lightweight Freestyle Bindings For All Mountain Adventure

By Biraj Khanal / 25 January 2024 08:29 AM

Source : puckpath

Freestyle bindings let you to let loose your inner clown. They are the height of style and agility. They give you the confidence to stomp landings, press rails, and butter boxes like never before.

These bindings emphasize control and flexibility and are designed for flying adventures and gravity-defying tricks. 

At the heart of freestyle bindings lies a softer flex, allowing for effortless tweaking and smooth presses.

This forgiving feel empowers you to push your limits and experiment with new moves, knowing your bindings will bend with your every whim.

In addition, freestyle bindings have lightweight constructions that, when paired with their simple strap layouts, make it simple to enter and depart, maintaining the flow between tricks.

1. Salomon Strive 14 GW

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $259.95
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine or GripWalk
  • Weight: 1960 grams
  • DIN Range: 5 - 14

The Salomon Strive 14 GW is a unisex all-mountain ski binding designed for intermediate to advanced skiers.

It features a low-profile toe piece that provides a close connection to the ski for improved power and control. 

The binding also has a DIN setting of 5-14, which makes it suitable for a wide range of skiers.

The Strive 14 GW is also compatible with GripWalk boots, which makes it easier to walk in your ski boots.

Key Features: 

  • Low-profile toe piece for improved power and control
  • DIN setting of 5-14
  • Compatible with GripWalk boots
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable construction

2. Salomon Stage 10 GW

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $159.95
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine or GripWalk
  • Weight: 860 grams
  • DIN Range: 3 - 10

The Salomon Stage 10 GW is a lightweight, all-mountain ski binding designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, particularly those who prioritize ease of use and comfort.

They are easy to put on, lightweight, and offer toe flexibility comparable to more sophisticated bindings.

They include Salomon's back rollers technology to make them simpler to get into, and they have fancy automated wing and toe height adjustments.


  • Easy to step into
  • Automatic wing adjustment
  • Reliable release
  • Toe height adjustment for alpine or GripWalk boots
  • Lightweight

3. Tyrolia Attack 14 GripWalk

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $375.00
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine or GripWalk
  • Weight: 1720 grams
  • DIN Range: 4 - 14

Tyrolia Attack 14 GripWalk (GW) is a high-performance, all-mountain ski binding designed for aggressive skiers who demand stability and power in any terrain.

FR PRO 3 Toe feature guaranteed constant release values for reliable performance, even in demanding situations.

Adjustable to different boot sole heights for optimal performance with both alpine and GripWalk boots.


  • FR PRO 3 Toe
  • 3-piece heel
  • AFD (Anti Friction Device)
  • Easy step-in
  • Super lightweight
  • Cool colors to match your skis

4. Look Pivot 15 GripWalk

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $429.95
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine or GripWalk
  • Weight: 1245 grams
  • DIN Range: 5 - 14

Look Pivot 15 GripWalk (GW) is another excellent ski binding worth considering, especially if you're an advanced or expert skier seeking a powerful and precise option.

Turntable heel design provides 180° multi-directional release for reduced risk of injuries during falls.

45mm elastic travel absorbs shocks, dampens vibrations for a smoother ride, and reduces unwanted pre-release.

Easily fine-tune DIN settings and AFD (Anti Friction Device) for optimal performance with different boots.


  • Race-inspired toe piece with 45mm of elasticity
  • Metal construction
  • Lateral release in the heel
  • Lightweight with a smaller mounting zone

5. Arbor Hemlock

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $249.99
  • Binding Style: Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, Channel
  • Weight: 960 grams (per binding) (2lbs, 1.9oz)

The Hemlock bindings are known for their comfortable, forgiving flex, making them a good choice for beginner and intermediate riders who enjoy jibbing, buttering, and riding park features.

The 2024 model has been redesigned with a re-engineered symmetrical highback for more freedom of movement and improved System X integration for a better board feel.


  • Re-engineered symmetrical highback with 5° of lateral pre-rotation
  • System X baseplate for better board feel and response 
  • Bow-Strap adjuster for easy entry and exit.
  • Comfortable and supportive ankle and toe straps.

6. Burton Mission Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $229.95
  • Binding Style: Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, 4x4, Channel

The Burton Mission Re: Flex Snowboard Bindings are all-mountain bindings designed for riders of all skill levels. 

They feature a comfortable, supportive design with a medium flex, making them perfect for cruising, carving, and freestyle riding.


  • Re: Flex FullBED cushioning system
  • Single-component baseplate construction 
  • Re: Flex mounting system 
  • DialFLAD system 
  • Smooth Glide buckles
  • Reactstrap ankle strap

7. Jones Meteorite

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $329.95
  • Flex Rating – 8 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
  • Binding Style: Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, 4x4, Channel

The Jones Meteorite bindings are another popular option for snowboarders, often compared to the Burton Mission Re: Flex.

It features a medium-soft flex, making it comfortable for cruising and carving, but still responsive enough for freestyle riding.

The Skate Tech baseplate provides excellent energy transfer and edge control, while the Dynamic Flex highback offers support and tweakability.


  • Med-Soft Flex
  • Skate Tech baseplate
  • Dynamic Flex Highback
  • 3D Flex Fit 2.0 Toe Straps
  • Full-length EVA foam 
  • Swap Bushings + Straps to Customize Response
  • Comfort Flex Ankle Straps

8. Union Ultra

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $299.95
  • Binding Style: Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, Channel

The Union Ultra is a high-performance freestyle snowboard binding designed for advanced and expert riders.

It features a stiff flex, which provides maximum responsiveness and control, and a lightweight construction that makes it easy to maneuver in the air.


  • Asym Duraflex ST – Asymmetrical Baseplate with Astro Washer made with Duraflex ST Nylon
  • Stiff flex for maximum responsiveness and control
  • Supportive highback for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Duraflex ST baseplate for durability and shock absorption
  • TS-1.5 toe strap for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Forma ankle strap for a custom fit

9. Marker Squire 11

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $229.99
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine or GripWalk
  • Weight: 820 grams
  • DIN Range: 3 - 11

The Marker Squire 11 is a progressive, lightweight ski binding designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, especially those interested in freeride and freestyle terrain.

This year's version of their Triple Pivot Light 2 Toe incorporates an anti-ce rail to protect the toe piece, including the DIN window.

You can use it to scrape snow off your boots before stepping in. It is compatible with both Alpine and GripWalk boots.


  • Lightweight Triple Pivot Light toe piece:
  • Hollow Linkage heel
  • GripWalk compatible
  • DIN 3-11 release value
  • Compact design

10. Bent Metal Stylist 2023-2024

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $289.99
  • Binding Style: Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, 4x4, Channel

The Bent Metal Stylist is a versatile all-mountain snowboard binding known for its peak performance, lightweight design, and artistic flair.

It is a great choice for intermediate to advanced riders who want a binding that can handle all aspects of all-mountain riding.


  • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate
  • Solid Nylon Asymmetric Highback
  • Dual Band Ankle Strap and PowerCuff Toe Strap
  • EVA Suspension Layer for added shock absorption
  • Durable construction

11. Flow Mayon Plus

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $279.95
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry
  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, 4x4, Burton 3D, Channel

The Flow Mayon Plus is a great snowboarding binding choice for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for a versatile binding that can handle all aspects of all-mountain riding.

It's particularly suited for riders who want a comfortable and supportive fit, a smooth flex for freestyle tricks and carving, and a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of snowboarding.


  • Asymmetrical highback
  • ExoKush PowerStrap
  • Hybrid or Fusion closure
  • Glass-filled nylon baseplate
  • Fusion Exo-Frame – All new Exo-Frame straps
  • Active Strap Technology
  • Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR)

12. 22 Designs Vice

Source : puckpath

  • Price: $319.95
  • Boot Compatibility: 75mm Telemark Boots
  • Weight: 760 grams

The 22 Designs Vice is a high-performance telemark binding designed for advanced and expert skiers who demand the best in control, precision, and power.

It's known for its bombproof construction, innovative features, and aggressive downhill performance.


  • Super durable: 2000 lb test cable attachments won't break
  • Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability.
  • Cables routed underfoot for maximum control
  • Ultra-secure mounting pattern
  • Fits all 75mm "duckbill" telemark boots.

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