Elite Ice Hockey League Salaries 2023-24

By Dipak BK / 2 November 2023 06:35 AM

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Elite Ice Hockey League Salaries 2023-24 season ranges from around $30k - to $65K which is Tax-Free. The players earn around near to 2,224 Euros per month.

EIHL is an Ice Hockey League based out of the United Kingdom founded in 2003. 

The league currently has 10 teams from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland playing with the most titles held by the Belfast Giants.

Teams in the EIHL play around 54 regular season games per season which includes Overtime and shootouts at the end of 60 minutes of regulation time.

The player's salaries in the Russian KHL range from $70,000 to $1.6 million whereas EIHL makes less than the average KHL player.

The salary of players in EIHL and other leagues across Europe is determined by several factors like the player's experience, the budget of the team, the size of the franchise, age, citizenship, tax regulation, and the country the league is situated in.

The number of ticket sales, support from local authorities, and sponsors available are all factors that go into determining the size of the organization. 

How Much Do EIHL Players Make?

EIHL player salary on average ranges from 15,000 to 50,000 euros which is around 15,800 to 52,800 USD. It is the top-level ice hockey league in the UK.

For leagues that pay players less make up for it with other benefits and incentives provided like housing, car allowance, paid masters program, and more. The KHL players are some of the highest-paid players in all of the European Leagues with the average salary ranging from $70,000 - $1.6 million. 

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Before we look at the salaries paid by the professional leagues in Europe it is important to establish a baseline by looking at the salaries paid for players in different levels of leagues in North America mentioned below are the rough average numbers:

  • National Hockey League – $750,000 to $13 million
  • East Coast Hockey League ECHL – $25,000 Average
  • American Hockey League AHL – $55,000 to $120,000
  • Southern Professional Hockey League – $250 to $400 per week plus living expenses and housing

With the baseline established here is a look at the average salary players can expect from leagues other than the EIHL across Europe:

  • llsvenskan Salary: 19,000-50,000 USD
  • Denmark Metal Ligaen Salary: 17,900- 41,000 USD
  • Erste Liga Salary (Hungary & Romania): 15,800-52,000 USD
  • Slovakia Extraliga: 19,000-67,000 USD
  • Alps Hockey League: 15,800-36,000 USD
  • Poland (Polish Hockey League) Salary: 12,600-52,000 USD
  • Norway Get Ligaen Salary: 23,000-52,000 USD
  • ICEHL (formerly EBEL) Salary: 42,000- 158,000 USD
  • UK EIHL Salary: 15,800-52,000 USD
  • NLB Salary: 42,000-95,000 USD
  • Czech ExtraLiga Salary: 26,000-237,000 USD
  • France Ligue Magnus Salary: 15,800-42,000 USD

In a 2017 Radio Canada interview with Omar Pacha, the then-coach of the Manchester Storm mentioned the benefits of joining the EIHL Despite the average pay of 15,000 to 50,000 euros which is shorter travel time and the opportunity for players to finish their Master's degree. 

"The big advantage for players to come here is that the teams offer the opportunity to complete a master’s degree while playing hockey and being paid to do so. We pay for the house, and the car, we pay for their trips, with their credit cards. Salaries may not be as high, but there are several other benefits", said Pacha mentioning all the benefits provided by the Manchester Storm of the EIHL. 

Highest-Paid EIHL Players

The highest-paid EIHL players are those who are the best at what they do. Some such players are Matt Greenfield, Marcus Crawford, and Scott Conway.

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Here is the list of top EIHL players mentioned below:

  • Danny Cristo
  • Diavd Clarke
  • Paul Bissonnette
  • Scott Conway
  • Marcus Crawford

Danny Cristo

Danny Cristo of the Coventry Blaze currently leads the league with 9 points earned in 5 games trailed closely by Mathieu Lemay, the Nottingham Panthers forward with 8 points.

Matthew Greenfield the Sheffield Steelers goalie had 7 shutouts last season and as of yet has 2 shutouts which is the highest in the league so far. 

David Clarke

Diavd Clarke, the retired Nottingham Panthers forward is the record holder for most goals with 370 goals scored. Clarke played for the British National Ice Hockey Team and officially retired after the 2017/18 season. 

Paul Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette, the analyst for NHL on TNT, played 11 games in the EIHL in the 2012/13 season for the Cardiff Devils when the 2012/13 NHL lock-out was in effect. Bissionette finished the 2012/13 season with the Phoenix Coyotes and has played in the NHL briefly for the Pittsburgh Penguins as well. 

Scott Conway

Scott Conway finished last season with 91 points earned(40 G & 51 A) in 51 games played after finishing the previous 2021/22 season in second place with 78 points in 53 games which is certainly an improvement looking at the raw numbers. Conway was the winner of the EIHL Forward of the Year and Player of the Year awards for his performance last season. 

Given below is the full list of the 2022/23 EIHL awards winners. The EIHL awards are awarded at the end of seasons, voted by coaches and general managers in the league. 

  • Netminder of the year: Matt Greenfield (Sheffield Steelers)
  • Defenseman of the Year: Marcus Crawford (Cardiff Devils)
  • Forward of the year: Scott Conway (Belfast Giants)
  • British player of the year: Ben O'Connor (Guildford Flames)
  • Young British Player of the Year: Josh Waller (Cardiff Devils)
  • Player of the year: Scott Conway (Belfast Giants)
  • Coach of the year: Adam Keefe (Belfast Giants)

Elite Ice Hockey League Teams

Elite Ice Hockey League has 10 teams competing for the Challenge Cup. with the most recent Champions, the Belfast Giants. They hold the most titles in the league.

The Elite Ice Hockey League came into being after the end of the Ice Hockey Superleague in 2003 and currently stands as the top ice hockey competition in the United Kingdom. Viaplay Sports is the Television Partner of the EIHL.

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Here are the following mentioned teams below in EIHL:

  • Belfast Giants 
  • Cardiff Devils 
  • Coventry Blaze 
  • Dundee Stars 
  • Fife Flyers 
  • Glasgow Clan 
  • Guildford Flames 
  • Manchester Storm 
  • Nottingham Panthers 
  • Sheffield Steelers

The Belfast Giants, founded in 2000 during the Superleague Era have won the regular season titles seven times. The team led by Coach Ada Keefe and Captained by Mark Cooper, play their home games at the SSE Arena.

The Cardiff Devils are a Welsh team founded in 1986 that plays their home games at the Ice Arena Wales or Vindico Arena in Cardiff Bay. Their head coach is Pete Russel with Mark Richardson being the captain and Todd Kelman as their General Manager. 

Coventry Blaze, led by coach Danny Stewart was established in 1965 and has won 4 regular season titles, 2 Challenge Cups, and 2 Playoff Championships all won in the EIHL era. The team captained by Brady Norrish, plays their home games at the SkyDome Arena. 

The Dundee Stars were founded in 2001 and play their home games at the Dundee Ice Arena, led by head coach Marc LeFebvre and Captain Drynd Dow. 

The oldest club still in existence today, is the Fife Flyers, established in 1938 and based out of Kirkcaldy, Fife. The team is led by head coach Tom Coolen, a one-time assistant coach for the Buffalo Sabres, and plays their home games at the Fife Ice Arena.

Guildford Flames, founded in 1992, is led by Head Coach Paul Dixon. Brett Ferguson serves as the team's captain. They play their home games at the Guildford Spectrum Arena.

The Manchester Storm, established in 2015, is based out of Altrincham, Greater Manchester, and plays their home games at the Planet Ice Altrincham. The team has Cameron Critchlow as the captain and is led by Head Coach Matt Ginn.

The Nottingham Panthers, sponsored by the Nottingham Building Society, was established in 1946, and Jonathan Paredes serves as the Current Head Coach. They play their home games at the 7500 seating Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.

The Sheffield Steelers, founded in 1991, is primarily sponsored by the Sheffield Window Centre and owned by Tony Smith, with Aaron Fox serving as their current head coach. Robert Dowd leads the team as they play their home games at the Sheffield Arena.

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