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Connor Bedard Dad, Mom and Sister Makes A Perfect Family of Four

By Swikriti Kandel / 4 July 2023 03:29 AM

The Young Athlete Won CHL Top Scorer And Top Draft Prospect Award In 2023
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Connor Bedard dad and mom are Tom Bedard and Melanie Bedard. Connor Bedard's father Tom works in forestry while mother Melanie hosts international students at home.

He is an ice hockey center and captain for the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League (WHL) and is one of the eligible prospects for the 2023 NHL Draft.

The athlete is the first one to be given an exceptional status in the WHL. He represented the Pats in 134 regular and 7 playoff games in three seasons.

The North Vancouver native has received a goal medal at the 2021 World U18 Championship. Likewise, he led Team Canada to victory in the World Junior Championships of 2022 and 2023.

Connor has been awarded Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy, Four Broncos Memorial Trophy, and Bob Clarke Trophy so far. Moreover, he earned the title of CHL Player of the Year in 2023.

With his outstanding portfolio, Bedard is one of the greatest prospects of the present time. He is expected to be drafted first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Connor Bedard Family

Connor Bedard family consists of 5 members. Besides his father and mother, he has a loving sibling and a grandmother.

The leader got to play with his grandparents when he was a kid. His grandfather, Garth passed away in an accident on Highway 1 of Sicamous in British Columbia.

Regina Pats shared the news officially via their Twitter handle. They revealed that Garth was a big fan of Connor and he took pride in his grandson's passion for hockey.

The then 15-year-old Bedard talked to his grandmother Lynn and promised that he would score for his granddad. He secured two goals in the final game of the 2020-21 season.

The player started taking ice skating lessons alongside his sister. Initially, he did not want to skate but when he got hold of the hockey stick, he agreed to it.

Bedard's younger self enjoyed going out to play with a skate boot, stick, and puck. He practiced stickhandling in the kitchen and damaged several floorboards.

Connor Bedard Parents

Connor Bedard parents Tom Bedard and Melanie Bedard are supportive of his career. They raised him in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.

Tom works in the forestry department and his job is quite dangerous. He spends 12 hours at work and still manages time to be on Connor's games (formerly took him to practice sessions).

For the NHL prospect, his father Tom is a hero as per The Athletic. He instilled a hard-working attribute by watching Tom and understanding the work ethic that he possesses.

Melanie also contributes a lot to the family. Besides being a homemaker, she formerly hosted international students at her home as a way to generate side income.

The lady moved to Regina, Saskatchewan with her son to take care of him. She enjoys watching his games but in the back of her mind, she can not help thinking whether he is feeling pressurized.

Connor does not take his parents or family for granted. He is grateful for them and has stated that he would not have been this successful without their support.

Does Connor Bedard Have Siblings?

Yes, Connor Bedard has siblings whose name is Madisen Bedard. Madisen is 20 years old as of 2023.

The young athlete considers Madisen as his role model. He feels that she does everything perfectly and handles every situation effortlessly.

Bedard's sibling further helps him in academics and other stuff. Moreover, he never gets tired of appreciating his sister and her remarkable traits. 

Madisen Bedard 

Connor Bedard sister Madisen Bedard is a student at Simon Fraser University. She studies kinesiology and is currently in her third year.

The Player Received WHL Exceptional Player Status Back In 2020
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According to the National Post, Madisen has helped her brother to reply to fan emails. As an Upper Deck NHL 2023 prospect, he has a gigantic fan following.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Connor wanted to play for the HV17. His sister accompanied him to Sweden and stayed there for 2 months.

Madisen's university was giving online lessons during that time. As a result, she could study and complete her assignments from anywhere.  

Does Connor Bedard Have A Brother? 

No, Connor Bedard does not have a brother. He only has a gorgeous sister who was formerly a nationally-ranked gymnast.

The athlete is related to James Leo Bedard. Late defenseman James is his great-granduncle who competed in 22 games of the National Hockey League.

Leo played on behalf of the Chicago Black Hawks during the 1950-51 season. He spent most of his playing career with the New Westminster Royals of the WHL. 

Connor Bedard Height and Weight

Connor Bedard height is 5 feet 10 inches. He might grow even taller by the time he turns 18 and become an adult.

Connor Bedard weight is 84 kg which is 185 pounds. He has a lean yet muscular body. In 2022, he hit the gym for 2.5 hours to work on his body.

The player worked with the trainer for four days a week. He mainly focused on building lower-body strength and balancing the body.

Moreover, the young athlete completed at least one on-ice session during the afternoons. His hard work has paid him well as he looks healthier than he was earlier.

With his transformed body and skills, Connor has a high chance of being drafted this year. Besides, he has more control over his body than ever.

Connor Bedard Age

Connor Bedard age is 17 years old. He was born on 17 July 2005 in Lynn Valley of North Vancouver in British Columbia.

The player spent his childhood playing ice hockey in the front yard of his home. However, his shots started getting harder with time and broke neighbors' windows. 

One of his neighbors built him a wooden edifice for his target practice in the backyard. When he was 5, a local coach named Jon Calvano started mentoring him.

Top NHL Prospect Signed The Jersey For A Fan On 8 February 2023
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Though Jon could not see the stardom on Bedard's face, he definitely knew that he was a hard-working boy with unshakeable ethics. Connor participated in the 2015 Brick Invitational Tournament where he secured a game-winning goal.

Calvano was impressed to see his dedication at the match. The coach revealed to The Athletic that it was an individual effort since Bedard snatched the puck from the opponent and slide it into the net all on his own.

Connor Bedard Salary And Net Worth 2023

Connor Bedard salary is around $80,000 a year. He will bag over 5 times more than the current paycheck if he gets drafted into the NHL.

Connor Bedard Net Worth 2023 is approximately $1 million. His fortune will significantly increase when he signs a deal with the NHL team.

If the player gets selected by a team, he will sign an Entry Level Contract of three years. As per The U.S Sun, he can earn an annual salary and bonuses with a cap hit of $4.45 million.

The Upper Deck NHL Draft 2023 will be organized at the Bridgestone Arena on 28 and 29 June. As per the projection, the player will be selected first overall by the Black Hawks.

Where Did Connor Bedard Play Minor Hockey?

Connor Bedard played minor hockey at the West Van Academy Prep of the Canadian Sport School Hockey League(CSSHL). 

He represented the under-15 and under-18 teams for two seasons. He played 32 games with the Elite 15 and Bantam Prep team during the 2018-19 regular season.

Moreover, the athlete was a member of the Midget Prep team in the following season. He scored 118 goals, made 66 assists, and had 176 point score in 68 games.

For his record, Bedard earned the title of Most Valuable Player of the Year in both years. Following that, he represented the Swedish Hockey League team HV71 in 5 games.

Connor is a WHL player with exceptional status and an impressive record. The prospective NHL draft will increase the value of the club that drafts him. 

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