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New Anaheim Ducks Jersey ft Dia De Los Muertos

By Dipak BK / 9 November 2023 09:08 AM

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Anaheim Ducks Dia de los Muertos specialty jerseys were announced on October 27, 2023. These jerseys are made available at Anaheim team store.

The Ducks hosted the Dia de los Muertos Night on November 1, 2023, which featured a crewneck sweater giveaway designed by local artist Jordan Yescas. The giveaway was received by the first 10,000 fans in attendance and presented by Herdez brand Salsa.

The game against the Coyotes ended in a 4-3 victory for the Ducks, including a second career hat trick scored by Troy Terry. 

They did not don a specialty jersey during the game. Still, the team stated that Dia de Muertos merch and " limited edition Día de Muertos specialty jerseys featuring designs from last season and this season" would be available in the team store and at the Puck Drop Patio.

The merch is available but what is yet to be seen on the Team Store is the jerseys promised to be made available. 

The Ducks' New purple-themed 30th-anniversary Jersy with the classic Ducks logo in the Center was unveiled in June this year. 

Anaheim Ducks Dia De Los Muertos Night

Anaheim Ducks Dia De Los Muertos Night was held on November 1, 2023. The Ducks hosted the Arizona Coyotes to get the 5th one in their winning streak. 

Dia de los Muertos(DDLM) is a holiday observed most commonly by creating ofrendas (home altars) with food and beverages that were the departed's favorites in remembrance of friends and family who have passed away. The holiday generally lasts for 2 days after beginning on November 1.

Marigold Flowers and Calaveras, a skull made with sugar or clay are used along with ofrendas to honor the dead. Ducks took part in that celebration this year as well with the night including numerous activities and performances. 

The 2022 celebration included a special jersey worn by the players during the warmups designed by Anaheim-based artist Gustavo Jaimes. 

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The 2023 celebration began at 5:30 with exciting activities and performances like face painting, food trucks, Mariachi performances by Mariachi Nuevo, and more. They also gave chances for fans to view ofrendas in multiple areas in their home Honda Center.

The game began after the national anthem performed by the members of the Mariachi Nuevo Jalisciense. It featured a live audio broadcast in Spanish available in their Alternate Language Stream. 

The play-by-play for their Spanish broadcast was done by Jesse Beltran, who is in his fourth year doing the DDLM broadcasts for the Ducks. He was joined by Colombian National Ice Hockey team Head coach Sam Uisprapsassorn, making his debut as the Color analyst.

The Ducks were going into the home game against the Coyotes with a 4-win streak on the road, looking to extend that streak to 5, which they were successful in doing. Terry Troy got the game-winning goal at 64' in overtime after scoring two at 4' and 10' in the first period. 

The streak now stands at 6 wins after the 4-2 win against the 2023 Stanley Cup champions Vegas Golden Knights. The Ducks won the game with a comeback in the third period, scoring 4 goals and overturning the Knights' 2-0 lead.

Anaheim Ducks 25th Anniversary Jersey

Anaheim Ducks 25th Anniversary Jersey which features the Ducks' old logo was unveiled in July 2018. The Jersey featured a black and green heavy color scheme. 

The Ducks were heading into their 25th NHL season in 2018/19 and to celebrate that fact they unveiled a new Third jersey that featured "the Mighty Duck" their first logo. This jersey was the Ducks' way of paying homage to their Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Days. 

The crest featured in the jersey was the team's primary logo from 1993 to 2006 when they were still known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They became the Anaheim Ducks in 2006 and their logos and uniform were redesigned in a rebranding effort. 

The current primary logo which is the "webbed D" is featured in the shoulder pads for this jersey. The words "Anaheim Ducks 25 Silver Season" are written on the interior of the collar to denote their 25 Anniversary celebration.

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The team described their Jersey as, "Anchored in black, the third jersey features the original ‘Mighty Ducks’ crest with eggplant and jade striping from the Ducks iconic look of its inaugural 1993-94 season." 

The duck-shaped mask and the crossed hockey sticks are on top of a black circle on top of an inverted triangle which is changed from the original green to be silver colored.

The hockey sticks in the Ducks logo were changed to orange colored from their original yellow to represent the team's current color scheme which is orange, metallic gold, silver, and black. 

The first of its kind to subtly incorporate each of the seven colors(Eggplant, Jade, Orange, Gold, Silver, White, and Black) the Ducks have worn throughout the club’s 25-year tenure.

The jersey also features silver as a primary accent color in both the triangle of the crest and yoke, paying tribute to the team’s generational milestone.

Anaheim Ducks Reverse Retro Jersey

Anaheim Ducks Reverse Retro Jersey released in 2021 by NHL and Adidas features their old Wild Wing logo and white and green heavy colour scheme. 

Reverse Retro Jerseys for 31 NHL teams were announced by Adidas and the NHL before the 2020/21 season. The jerseys which were said to be "NHL teams' throwback jerseys with modern twists" were unveiled on December 20, 2020.

The only jersey to feature a team's mascot is a white version of their ducks' 1996 "Wild Wing" Alternate Jersey.

Located at the center of the jersey is a cartoon duck breaking out from the ice, a hockey stick in hand, and wearing a duck-shaped goalie mask and a hockey sweater that sports the old "mighty ducks" logo. 

Source : twitter

The return of the Wild Wing was a surprise as the crest had faced heavy criticisms for a cartoonish design and was considered ill-conceived for a professional sports team. The responses received were also a surprise as it was not expected to be a crowd pleaser. 

The Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management for the Ducks Merit Tully said that There are going to be jerseys that people don’t like. You can’t please everybody. You can’t make everybody happy. But for nostalgia’s sake and just pay homage to the history and the handful of games they wore the uniform, hey, go for it. Let’s have fun with it".

The Reverse Retro line made its return last season with the teams' jerseys featuring a "design rooted in the franchise's origins". This for the Ducks meant the return of their old "Mighty Ducks" logo which is featured in the Center of the white jersey. 

The Ducks jersey from the 2023 line released by NHL and Adidas features modern colors on their original uniform. The Reverse Retro will not be coming back for a third time as the NHL and Addidas will not be partnering up anymore. 

Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jerseys History

Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jerseys History includes eight Third Alternates released in the 30 years the team has been active in the NHL. "Wild Wing Jersey" was the original Third Jersey.

The first Alternate Jersey released by the Ducks featured a Cartoon Duck breaking out of the ice sporting hockey gear that features the "Mighty Ducks" crest. The Jersey featuring the team's mascot was retired after a few games, it had faced heavy criticism for its design choices.

The Ducks added a jade Alternate Jersey in 1997/98, which retired after two seasons. The jersey was jade-heavy with a horizontal eggplant stripe located near the neckline. 

The inverted version of the jade jersey remained as the team's alternate until 2000. The Alternate Jersey of the Ducks before their rebranding in 2006 features their "Mighty Ducks Crest".

The only jerseys released during the Team's Mighty Ducks era to not feature their old crest are the Wild Wing and the one released in 2003/04 in which the old crest was replaced by the words "Anaheim" and "MIGHTY DUCKS" written on top of it. The Ducks went three seasons without an alternate jersey. 

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The team was purchased by Susan and Henri Samueli in 2005 from the Walt Disney Company and would be rebranded as the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks' new uniform debuted in the 2006/07 season, the one where they lifted the Stanley Cup featuring their current color scheme. 

The first alternate jersey post-rebranding released in 2010/11 featured the Ducks' new colors with the orange being more prominent in this one and the logo at the center was the Webbed-D that would become their current logo. 

In 2015, the Ducks introduced a new alternate jersey with orange as the base color and a recolored version of the old logo. The jersey retired in 2017, was unveiled without a press release, teaser, or an unveiling ceremony by the team, and they would reinstate it in 2019. 

They introduced a single-season Alternate Jersey that featured the team's original color scheme and logo in 2018/19. The jersey was introduced to commemorate the team's 25th season in the NHL. 

This season marks the 30th Anniversary of the Ducks and to celebrate that they brought back the jade and eggplant color scheme and the old crest. The jersey unveiled earlier in 2023 will be worn for a single season in 2023/24.

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